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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to write a simple draynor willow cutter, here is what I have so far: https://github.com/TRiHerpDerp93/scripts/tree/master/scripts/src/scripts There's few things I noticed at the moment: 1. Would throw ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when starting script logged out, maybe solution is to check if it is logged in & at the tree area beforehand? 2. Clicks more than once when clicking on a tree, anyone advice what to do for this? 3. Spams click when webwalking to tree area & bank too, any recommendation for this? I was thinking to check if it is moving until timeout before clicking again. Any reviews/feedbacks/tips would be appreciated too, thanks in advanced!
  2. Requirements An axe (equipped or in inventory) A knife in inventory (if fletching) Progress Reports (Post yours!) Thank you Flamekiller999 for the amazing progress report paint! Setup Tutorial Video Click here to watch the video if it does not load. Please post your progress reports, bugs, and suggestions.
  3. Hi I just bought tri bot this weekend and have been using it quick frequently let me tell you for the most part I LOVE IT! I even bought my own proxy server from botprox.com just to keep myself from getting banned well anyway here is my story I started with one character and got him all around stats combat level 15 - and then all around skill stats and I'm talking like woodcutting fishing crafting cooking smithing mining all of the etc skills to 40+ NOW While all this was going on I was making the same people as him! They were almost indentical except different names and like -1 +1 skills so they weren't identical but anyway I mean human like kinda identical and all 5 got banned! Except the first guy! So I made 5 more and this time was more careful and setup a break manager with the break handler feature, seemed good at first until when I tried to log in at night ( night time bots ) they were already banned from the previous night -.- , now so I thought okay guess night doesn't work , I WATCHED THEM ALL NIGHT. Always watch my bots , so when I awoke I went and made 5 more now this is up to 14, had them all going doing different things and such watching all the chats and such to make sure no one talked I made sure to have my proxy on and to make sure I had break handlers on, and I even switched there routines like almost every hour to do something different These bans happend no matter what I do it seems like. The bots get me banned even if I talk back to people all day. I WAS ALWAYS USING PREMIUM SCRIPTS USUALLY - FTW NEW AIO fisher premium - banned - master chopper AIO premium - banned - A's miner premium - banned The only free scripts I used were for crafting which they would world switch and I watched all the time And the master combat bot aio , and a master walker bot ALL ACCOUNTS 14/14 banned one account had 40+ all skills , and he had 65 wc and WAS close to 50 fishing before banned I MADE THESE ACCOUNTS ALL AROUND SO THEY WOULDNT GET BANNED EVEN IF THERE LOGGED OUT LATER THEY GET BANNED PLEASE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO? What am I doing wrong. How do I avoid the ban hammer on every single account even when there doing different things and I'm using a proxy! Don't want to pay for tri bot and or scripts if I'm just going to get banned every day and not even be able to transfer the goods. I lost 10k gold bars in this ban hammer Please help
  4. How is Delta Wc? Just bought it and dont want to bond accts, etc if it is unstable or highban. Any experiences? And yes... I bot smart.
  5. B.O.T.H OAK Cutter [Free] What does it do?· This script will cut Oaks for you-- ANYWHERE!· Simply start near one Oak tree, Or a cluster of Oaks and it will Cut them down Requirements to use this script?· Level 15 WCER· You may have the axe in your inventory. How do I start this script?· You may start this script at your desired spot you'd like to start chopping that has OAK trees **Please babysit; if you find any bugs, please let me know on this thread. I DONOT claim this is flawless.** Recommended Locations:(Pick a location and Start the bot up)-Verrock West bank- North of Falador-Draynar Village (East of bank)-Between Falador and Draynor Manor (Near the wall of Falador)- Draynor Jail-Tree Gnome Stronghold- And, around the bank of Seers Supported exes:-Bronze-Iron-Steel-Black (Coming soon)-Mith (Coming soon)-Addy-Rune-Dragon (Coming soon) This bot will get a full inventory and will drop all the Oak logs when Full. Its not built for profit, its built for some "ok" experience. **Should be available soon.
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