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Found 4 results

  1. Is it better to use WebWalking methods or Walking methods while making scripts? Attempting to create my first script. Advantages/disadvantages?
  2. Hi, new person here. I've been trying out the different types of scripts and noticed that the pathing of several different types of scripts always seems to be messed up. My character just randomly gets stuck or walk between two places. I have not found a script that has been successful from getting me one place to another. I've tried cowhide, fighting, mining, fishing, and more but to no avail, it never works. Is there one script that is guaranteed to work that I can test or is it something I am doing wrong? I've tried reinstalling and restarting as well.
  3. I just recently started botting again after a break (it worked fine before) and decided to bot some cannonball smelting. So far i've tried every single free script (and one I paid for) and every single one walked to the same locations. When in falador, the scripts would generally be able to access the bank/take out all the necessary items. After that they would walk up to the haircut shop or down to the pub and stand still. In Al Kharid they would generally walk northwest to the agility shortcut and stop. I'm sorry, i'm still kind of a noob at botting and don't understand why the client would mess with the scripts to make them do this. Random info: I use a proxy, but it is quite fast and shouldn't make a difference. PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong location on the forums. Thank you for your time.
  4. - Credits to Sea Shepard for path Drawling methods public RSTile[] CirclePathGenerator1(Positionable CenterPositionable, Positionable DestinationPositionable, int radius){ ArrayList<RSTile> ReturnTiles = new ArrayList<RSTile>(); ArrayList<RSTile> ReturnTilesReverse = new ArrayList<RSTile>(); double CurrentAngleFromCenter = Math.atan2(Player.getPosition().getY() - CenterPositionable.getPosition().getY(),Player.getPosition().getX()-CenterPositionable.getPosition().getX()); double destinationAngleFromCenter = Math.atan2(DestinationPositionable.getPosition().getY() - CenterPositionable.getPosition().getY(),DestinationPositionable.getPosition().getX()-CenterPositionable.getPosition().getX()); double counter = CurrentAngleFromCenter; DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat("0.0'0'"); for(counter = CurrentAngleFromCenter; !fmt.format(counter).toString().equals(fmt.format(destinationAngleFromCenter).toString()); counter = counter + .1){ if(counter>Math.PI){ counter = 0 - Math.PI; } double x1 = CenterPositionable.getPosition().getX() + radius * Math.cos(counter); double y1 = CenterPositionable.getPosition().getY() + radius * Math.sin(counter); RSTile PotentionalRSTileToAdd = new RSTile((int) x1,(int)y1,CenterPositionable.getPosition().getPlane()); if(!ReturnTiles.contains(PotentionalRSTileToAdd)){ ReturnTiles.add(PotentionalRSTileToAdd); } } for(counter = CurrentAngleFromCenter; !fmt.format(counter).toString().equals(fmt.format(destinationAngleFromCenter).toString()); counter = counter - .1){ if(counter< 0 - Math.PI){ counter = Math.PI; } double x1 = CenterPositionable.getPosition().getX() + radius * Math.cos(counter); double y1 = CenterPositionable.getPosition().getY() + radius * Math.sin(counter); RSTile PotentionalRSTileToAdd = new RSTile((int) x1,(int)y1,CenterPositionable.getPosition().getPlane()); if(!ReturnTilesReverse.contains(PotentionalRSTileToAdd)){ ReturnTilesReverse.add(PotentionalRSTileToAdd); } } RSTile[] returnArray2 = new RSTile[ReturnTilesReverse.size()]; returnArray2 = ReturnTilesReverse.toArray(returnArray2); RSTile[] returnArray = new RSTile[ReturnTiles.size()]; returnArray = ReturnTiles.toArray(returnArray); if(returnArray.length>returnArray2.length){ return returnArray2; } else{ return returnArray; } } http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=qPhJ8Pga Needs severe cleaning up, for anyone that is up to the task. Core logic is all in place. Warfront1
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