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Found 3 results

  1. It may be impossible for some users to purchase credits via the repository due to the limited payment methods or you've being blacklisted (fairly or unfairly), therefore I am offering a cheap alternative at near cost price for you to purchase credits via RSGP! Effortlessly purchase credits from a verified re-seller (Also a long standing TRiBot Premium scripter and Support member!) Current price: 1.2M per credit (minimum purchase of 5) Contact me Via PM or Skype (druid.tb) for a quick response!
  2. Arctic's TRiBot Credit Store OVER 10,800 Credits Sold as of the 18 January 2018! PRICING 5 Credits or more price: 1.3M 07 GP per credit. 2 Credits or less price: 2.5M OSRS GP per credit. . I ONLY ACCEPT OSRS GP. If you fail to read this I will personally tell you on Skype that you are an idiot. I will not go first to anyone. DO NOT SEND ME A PM TO START A TRADE. I DON'T READ THEM REGULARLY. ADD MY SKYPE. To add my Skype, click here. OR. Click here to visit my Discord. My largest Credit sale transaction. Why Choose Me? Being in the RS Blackmarket for 5 years now, I know what customers want. They want a service which is fast and friendly and mostly importantly, trustworthy! Over my time trading I have handled $80,000+ dollars worth of goods and I wish to continue providing the high quality services I am known for. Interested in buying LoL/WoW/Steam/iTunes/XBL/PSN products? Click here!
  3. Click here to Order TRiBot Credits! Trade your Runescape Gold for TRiBot Credits TRiBot credits can be used to buy VIP Subscription & Scripts We also accept Bitcoin & PayPal*! *For qualifying purchases Buy now from only: ~1.25M Oldschool GP/Credit 5 credit minimum We also sell via Bitcoin, Contact for rates Why Trade With Me?: •#1 In Trader Feedback score at TRiBot •Thousands of successful trades, Billions of GP handled. •Over 10 years of black market experience •Professional, smooth trades Click here to Order TRiBot Credits!