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  1. Auto Trader and banks all items

    I will pay for a simple script request for private use only. The bot will wait at Lumbridge world selected. When a person trades it with multiple items, and the user clicks 'Accept' the bot will then 'Accept' trade and bank all items in invent, then re-wait for a trade again. If nothing has been selected in the trade for 15 seconds, the bot will end the trade. This is a very simple script. Please reply if you can do this. Regards
  2. [P] [R] Trading Script

    Request:Some kind of trading script that trades with accounts Description:: Need a Script for trading items from my mule to my bots (or opposite). For example giving them quest items or other crafting items automaticly. Could be a spot in Lumbridge bank for example, where the bots trade my mule (or other way around) and get the items traded. Payment Amount: can be declared with the person via PM. Time: ASAP Additional: Should have ABC2 i know there is LAN Bot Manager in developement, but i dont know how to use it. lel
  3. Grand Exchange Item Volume - Most Traded

    Hello, This may be obvious to some but its been a while since I've played runescape again .. When looking at Grand Exchange most traded items found here: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/top100?list=0 Is volume the total amount in coins value traded over the period of time, or is it representing the number of items / units traded over a period of time .. There is no way 650 M Fire runes are traded in a week right? Thanks!
  4. [B] RS3GP For CS:GO Keys

    Buying CS:GO keys 5,5M/key. also buying skins with a value over 20€ 17 pages of + rep on steam! Add me on steam to talk: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TwixnessTrade/
  5. [S] RS3GP For CS:GO Keys

    Buying CS:GO keys 5,5M/key. also buying skins with a value over 20€ 17 pages of + rep on steam! Add me on steam to talk: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TwixnessTrade/
  6. Drop Trading Vs Staking?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering which of the two trade methods in the title are the least detectable by Jagex when it comes to RWT, as I recently started a bot farm and farmed 10m yesterday, but my mule immediately got banned (I was careless as the mule botted Tutorial Island, is F2P and I didn't trade anything in return for the 10m worth of items transferred, making it easily detectable by Jagex). Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks! -Alzimondo
  7. Welcome to my 07 AIO Service. Still to come : Minigames, firecapes, powerleveling. Workers : Dbuffed - Skype [ Dbuffedwinz ] - | Service owner & 07 Quester | What do you need done? :Your skype? :Going first or middleman? :Do you agree to my TOS? :Will you vouch once done? : Minigame Prices - Animal Magnetism - 700KAnother Slice of H.A.M. - 1MBack to my Roots - 800KBetween a Rock... - 800KBig Chompy Bird Hunting - 300KBiohazard - 450KBlack Knights' Fortress - 100KCabin Fever - 1MClock Tower - 200KCold War - 700KContact! - 850KCook's Assistant - FreeCreature of Fenkenstrain - 1MDarkness of Hallowvale - 3MDeath Plateau - 400KDeath to the Dorgeshuun - 1MDemon Slayer - 100KDesert Treasure -5MDevious Minds - 850KThe Digsite - 500KDoric's Quest - 100KDragon Slayer - 450KDream Mentor - 3MDruidic Ritual - 50KDwarf Cannon - 300KEadgar's Ruse - 350K (100k per extra herb)Eagles' Peak - 350KElemental Workshop I - 300KElemental Workshop II -750KEnakhra's Lament - 1.2MEnlightened Journey - 550KErnest the Chicken - 150KFairytale IGrowing Pains - 750KFairytale II Cure a Queen - 1MFamily Crest - 800KThe Feud -1MFight Arena - 100KFishing Contest - 75KForgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - 900KThe Fremennik Isles - 1.2MThe Fremennik Trials - 800KGarden of Tranquillity - 2.5MGertrude's Cat - 100KGhosts Ahoy - 800KThe Giant Dwarf - 750KGoblin Diplomacy - 100KThe Golem - 500KThe Grand Tree - 300KGrim Tales - 550KHazeel Cult - 600KHeroes' Quest - 1.5MHoly Grail - 550KHorror From The Deep - 800K (1.5M without barcrawl)Icthlarin's Little Helper - 1MImp Catcher - 100KIn Aid of the Myreque - 1.1MIn Search of the Myreque - 1.1MJungle Potion - 100KKing's Ransom - 2.5MLegends' Quest - 3.3MLost City - 100KLost Tribe - 200KLunar Diplomacy - 3MMaking History - 500KMerlin's Crystal - 650KMonk's Friend - 100KMonkey Madness - 2.5M (must have 43+ prayer)Mountain Daughter - 1MMourning's Ends Part I - (to be spoken about)Mourning's Ends Part II (to be spoken about)Murder Mystery - 600KMy Arm's Big Adventure - 1MNature Spirit - 500KObservatory Quest - 500KOlaf's Quest - 650KOne Small Favour - 2MPirate's Treasure - 200KPlague City - 200KPriest in Peril 200KPrince Ali Rescue - 550KRat Catchers - 2M Recipe for Disaster Part 1: Helping the Cook - 300KSub-quest 1: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf -300KSub-quest 2: Freeing the Goblins -300KSub-quest 3: Freeing Pirate Pete -500KSub-quest 4: Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - 500KSub-quest 5: Freeing Evil Dave - 700KSub-quest 6: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - 700KSub-quest 7: Freeing Sir Amik Varze - 1MSub-quest 8: Freeing King Awowogei - 1MPart 3: The Fights - 1M Recruitment Drive - 500KRegicide - 1.3MRomeo and Juliet - 100KRoving Elves - 750KRoyal Trouble - 1.4MRum Deal - 700KRune Mysteries - 100KScorpion Catcher - 600KSea Slug - 250KShades Of Mort'ton - 500KShadow of the Storm - 500KSheep Herder - 500KSheep Shearer - FreeShield of Arrav - 100KShilo Village - 700KSlug Menace - 1MA Soul's Bane - 1.7MSpirits of the Elid - 1MSwan Song - 650KTai Bwo Wannai Trio - 750KA Tail of Two Cats - 1.3MTears of Guthix - 600KTemple of Ikov - 500KThe Great Brain Robbery - 1.2MThe Hand in the Sand - 700KThe Knight's Sword - 250KThe Restless Ghost - FreeThe Tourist Trap - 650KThe Underground Pass 3M (Agility 60+, if not then 4-5M depending level)Throne of Miscellania - 2MTower of Life - 600KTree Gnome Village - 300KTribal Totem - 600KTroll Romance - 800KTroll Stronghold - 500K Vampire Slayer - 250KWanted! - 1.5MWatchtower - 1MWaterfall Quest - 350KWhat Lies Below - 700KWitch's House - 100KWitch's Potion - 100KZogre Flesh Eaters 650K
  8. |w| Merchant Assister

    Merchant Assister By Worthy Make trading in world one - or any crowded area - incredibly easy. Demo: (hyperlink to YouTube) Features Easy trading in world oneHighlights players that you're looking to trade withRefreshes player list every minuteFiltering (buying, selling), keywords, etc.0% Ban Rate (script never directly interacts with the game)No idsSteps Type in the key word(s) you're looking for (separated with a comma)Press "Start"!In the display GUI, you can filter the results that are buying or selling by checking the corresponding boxCheck the box on the chat message you would like to see in game!Turning off "Public" helps with visibilityAll steps above demonstratd in the demo video. Click to add: Enjoy!