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Found 16 results

  1. Im kinda new to botting and i am currently botting on my laptop and playing regularly on my main on my computer, since i've heard of chainbans there's a risk my main gets banned. How does proxies work with VIP-E to stop this?
  2. Scripters Attitudes towards scripts

    I Would like to ask the community, and to know their position towards scripters. I dont want to mention all the scripters, but am I the only guy who notices that most of the premium scripters, are currently just selling their scripts without any maintenance or support? They are not answering questions or bugs in their threads, ignoring user complaints, ignoring PM messages due being online and so on... I think the community could name several scripts, that are currently being sold in the repository, but are not functioning or fully working. Is there a way to prevent paying for scripts, and afterwards fighting for your money? I want to repeat myself, I am not talking about all the scripters or all of their scripts! Waiting for your opinion.. For a couple examples check these threads ant user complaints:
  3. [HELP] VPN's and VPS's doubt

    Hello everyone, I don't know too much about linux and configurations and probally Im making something wrong but that is a copy of a message that a sent to one guy with the problem. ps: Sorry if I made any language mistake Hey, I have a project that I need hundreds of VPS's unflagged's, but they're all flagged (I used virmach to test) So my plan was to run VPN's on them... but to my surprise, I'm not allow to run VPN's on they servers I dont know fucking why and virmach dont support about it. Ok, I dont have many options, do you know any VPS product that can be not flagged or do you know how can I use VPN on virmach VPS's? (I followed tutorials on the internet to install it but they all didnt work, I guess that a root problem) My best regards, Chakal.
  4. My client is just blank white after it loads. The loading screen is just normal, its only when it has finished that it doesnt work. I have to run old school runescape under Windows XP, otherwise it will not work. I do not know if that is the issue but I havent seen any solutions for that, if it is the issue. Below is a screencap of what it looks like.
  5. Hi all, New to botting. Trying to use free woodcutting scripts and combat leveling scripts (USA Fighter, Auto Woodcutter, a bunch of others). None of them seem to be working. I was hoping that someone could help me work out WHY this is occurring. I have some coding experience and debugging experience and I just do not know how the system works well enough to do so myself. I am able to... -Log in to my account and play like a normal client I am not able to... -Scripts run but do not do anything. It appears that they fail because they are unable to recognize data (e.g chicken coop "You are not in the chicken coop! Script end" or "WALKING TO COOP x infinity" or not recognizing NPC's in my area to add to list.) Hoping someone can help! thanks
  6. Hi everyone, It seems that nobody is replying to my messages on tribot. I contacted a mod and the admin and have received no messages back. It's been a few days. Also, I still didn't get a message from emails I sent to tribot support days ago.

    I accidentaly bought the wrong script and it was 25$ is it possible to get a refund??
  8. I powered off a virtual machine that was running tribot without closing tribot first. I opened the virtual machine again and tried running a script on tribot but it says im already running an instance but i'm not..?
  9. Please Delete

  10. Hello, I've got a macbook, I've got a macbook pro. Im wondering why the once the client is download, i put my username/pass in click login then the client just says error? hoping someone could help with it?
  11. Fluffee's VPS Setup Services Have you just bought your brand new Linux VPS, only to find out that botting on this new server, is not as easy as you had once been told? Need a hand in getting this server up and running? Want to start a goldfarm but not run the bots on your computer? I am offering to setup any and all Virtual Private Servers, to help eliminate that problem! A VPS setup includes: - Changing the SSH and VNC port as to avoid port scans - Disabling root access to avoid potential hacking - Installing all major bots (OSBot, TopBot, TRiBot, RSBot, EpicBot) for Oldschool Use - Installing OSBuddy and RuneLoader - Installing a Desktop Environment and a Web Browser - Installing the latest JDK - Setting up Looking Glass - Troubleshooting any and all issues you have with my setup Price: 1M/VPS (SALE!) 1.50USD (BTC) per VPS If you are interested in my services, or have any questions add my Skype, or post here on the thread! I am also beta testing a script that sends an email alert should one of your bots close while you are away! -- Notes -- I will require SSH access to the server (PuTTy Access) I will require root (administrative) access to the server The server MUST be a fresh install I may ask you to reinstall the Operating System I do not support RS3, I only do setups for Oldschool Bots I promise to provide friendly, and polite service all the time
  12. script can't type numbers

    Hey, I've had this problem for a long time now. When I run a script such as a smithing one, it selects smith X sets (as usual) but then it won't select how many, as in it just stays there and doesn't type an amount of sets to make. This is really frustrating. Thanks for helping.
  13. hi, support question.

    would there be any one atm to can support loan for me? im broke still few months and i would need a vip in tribot atm and maybe 07 gp "10m" . im planning atm to goldfarm 07 with 20 accs and suicide all. see how mutch i can make about it and pay back all with gp what i made or pay with graphic designs what i make my self. leave your options comment and if want to partner up.?
  14. Need Help Port Forwarding

    I have tried to open a port over and over on my router and even after the settings of the router show that it is opened, it remains closed. Any suggestions?
  15. Script Not Starting/Freezing on startup? You need to add these to your Tribot firewall! Rune Scape Leaderboards (Rank 4 and 6 in hiscores) Longest Proggy: From @dimidejong10 FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE IN REPOSITORY! Simply click the thread. The trial should be right next to the purchase options. _________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE BOT (READ THIS!!!) Picture of GUI HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT Click Here
  16. So today I was hacked :/ Not very mad because it was a new account and didn't have much on it. Untill 3hours before getting hacked I decide to move half of my items on to this account. What are the odds.. Using Trilez Delta chopper I get signed out and unable to sign back in, whats going on? I try the main site, everything, I can't sign in. At first I thought I had been banned but after 10-15minutes time, I could sign in again. I was in varrock and now i'm at lummy bank, now I knew I had been hacked. Lost around 2m and a bunch of runes and arrows. Not much but a big impact for an account at my level. So what happened, was I key logged? I believe I was, whether the virus is still on my pc, I don't know (i've done 4 scans) But what I wanted to ask was whether scripts on Tribot can contain keyloggers, might sound stupid but maybe it's true, i'm worried to open Tribot to then go and see my account be hacked again. Reasons why I think it had something to do with Tribot scripts: 1. I was signed out, I don't think you can sign in when the account is running on a different pc If I could get some feedback from this incident that would be great, not bashing on tribot used them for a while now but I need to know whether it's safe or not. Thank you, Classy