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Found 5 results

  1. Script name: Butter MakerScript author: StraxerCurrent version: 1.00 #[1.00] - First public releaseCurrent efficiency: 240+ butter per hour ( 10K Cooking XP/PH ) Requirements: Chef's hat + 38 Cooking + Buckets of milkDescription: Churns milk into butter at the cooking guild. Banks at varrock west. Start in varrock west bank. Make sure you wear a Chef's hat and have Buckets of milk in bank. Script requested by "kennno". Source code: HERE | Constructive criticism is appreciated! My skype: straxer4 Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1874-butter-maker/ 1 hour progress picture:
  2. Script name: EmptyVinegarScript author: StraxerCurrent version: 1.01 #[1.01] - Removed leftover debuging code - Speed impovements, now 3900 jugs per hour!! #[1.00] - First public releaseCurrent efficiency: 3900+ Jugs per hour Requirements: Rag and Bone Man quest started (NOTE: no requirments to start the quest!)Description: Buys vinegar for 1 coin each from the Wine Shop in Draynor. Empties the vinegar to obtain Jugs. Banks.Start in Draynor bank with coins in either bank or inventory. Features: Empties vinegars while going to bank Hops world when shop out of vinegars - Avoids PvP worlds GUI with Run Time, Jugs banked, and Jugs per hour Normal distributed sleep times as AntiBan measure Multiple failsafes to avoid getting stuck Source code: http://hostcode.sourceforge.net/view/5562 | Constructive criticism is appreciated! My skype: straxer4 Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1871 1 hour progress picture: "A Friend" inspired me to make the script Here is the video that inspired me:
  3. The chances that you'll catch a rat with a kitten are minimal and it takes a ton of time to get spices.So I've made this script. Summon your kitten/cat and start this script at hell rats.The script will kill rats and loot spices,script will stop if you run out of inventory space. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/da2affescp0zv38/evilDave.class Source: http://pastebin.com/mrdjZpeD I was not sure where to post this.Please move this topic,if needed.
  4. Only supports Dharoks, and please babysit for now. REQUIREMENTS: - Prayer potions - Varrock teleports for emergency - Super sets (optional) - Piety (optional) - Rock cake to lower HP WHERE TO GET: - Use this class file attached. - Source code: http://pastebin.com/htcxpsfp Changelog: - V1.0 - Initial release - RSArea.class flexxMonkeyGuardsDH.class
  5. Want to learn to script? Firstly read the "Getting Started" and the "Script Layout" threads that are linked in my signature. Then come back to this thread. I pretty much implemented the entire tutorial inside of this Fishbowl Humidifier. (Casts humidify with an empty fishbowl is in your inventory. Then it will empty the fishbowl and repeat. Good magic xp with lower requirements, less supply gathering, & lower ban rate than alching). This may be a snippet of code in some people's opinion, however like I said, I implemented the tutorial into the code. There's more notes than there are code. Just read the code from top to bottom after reading my first 2 guides, then make your own PERSONAL copy to play around with. After that, you'll be ready to start making scripts. This will show you how to do things the right way when it comes to making a script. I would've started off SO much better if I had a tutorial explaining things like this. READ ALL THE NOTES. If you know your Java, there's some notes you can skip. However, a majority of the notes are explaining basic functionalities that many scripts will need. The only major functionality that isn't covered in this tutorial is walking. That's very simple though. After finishing the tutorial and making your own fishbowl humidifier using the notes I've given you in my code, I would recommend experimenting for a while longer until you've gotten the hang of things. Then go ahead and take a look at the TRiBot API (link is my signature) So here it is. I'll just copy and paste it to make it easier on you: package scripts;import java.awt.Graphics;import org.tribot.api.General;import org.tribot.api.Timing;import org.tribot.api.input.Mouse;import org.tribot.api.rs3.Login;import org.tribot.api2007.GameTab;import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces;import org.tribot.api2007.Inventory;import org.tribot.api2007.Skills;import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSItem;import org.tribot.script.Script;import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Painting;@ScriptManifest(authors = { "Cloudnine" }, category = "Magic", name = "FishbowlHumidifier")// Script manifest - how the script will show up when you go to start it uppublic class FishbowlHumidifier extends Script implements Painting { /* * extends Script means that its an extension of the class "Script" and * implements Painting implements the interface "Painting" so that the * client knows what to paint onto the screen */ private long startTime = 0;// = 0 just to make the paint look pretty on // start private boolean running = true;// script will stop when this is false private int startXp;// start xp will get set after confirming that ur ingame private String status = "Getting started";// status of the script private final boolean DEBUG_MODE = false;// if true status will be painted /* * Instead of getting the below 2 variables inside of the paint, they're * defined inside of getHourly() which is ran inside of the loop. This * lowers the CPU because the variables aren't constantly being ran inside * of the paint. They're given some sleep time. You should also do this when * you're getting other variables such as an amount of items, amount of * health, etc.. */ private int xpGain = 0; private int hourly = 0; /* * For beginner java programmers: "private final int". "private" means that * it can only be accessed within this class. "final" means that the number * will never ever change. "int" means that the variable is a number. When * naming a "final" variable, the naming conventions are * CAPS_AND_UNDERSCORES_BETWEEN_WORDS rather than * firstWordLowerCaseAndOtherWordsCapitalized You should also remember that * "static" means that the variable can be accessed by other classes, you'll * be using this when you do things such as passing over variables from a * GUI. A GUI is a graphical user interface, basically a window. You can use * a GUI for selecting options when the script is started. They also server * many other purposes. */ private final int EMPTY_FISHBOWL_ID = 6667; // empty fishbowl id private final int FULL_FISHBOWL_ID = 6668; // full fishbowl id private long lastCastTime = System.currentTimeMillis();// stores the last // time the humidify // spell was casted /* * The onPaint() void uses the Graphics class, which is represented by the * letter g(Graphics g) to paint data, text, shapes, pictures, and whatever * you want onto the screen. This runs very quickly, and I don't believe it * has any sleep time. So try to avoid defining variables from the client * inside of the paint. Instead, define them at the top of the class, and * then update them inside of the loop. */ public void onPaint(Graphics g) {// Paints pics/text on screen g.drawString("Fishbowl Humidifier v1.0 by Cloudnine", 300, 285);// msg, // x, y long runTime = 0;// to make the script look pretty while waiting... if (startTime != 0) {// for the player to be logged in runTime = System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime; } // Below, Timing.msToString() converts the time to a string such as... // 00:00:00 (hours:mins:sec) g.drawString("Time Ran: " + Timing.msToString(runTime), 300, 300); g.drawString("Magic XP Gained: " + xpGain + "(" + hourly + "/hr)", 300, 315); // hourly and xp gain are set with getHourly() which is ran inside of... // the loop to keep CPU down if (DEBUG_MODE) {// if debug mode is enabled... g.drawString("Status: " + status, 300, 330);// paint the status } } public void run() {// initialized once, when the script starts while (Login.getState() != Login.STATE.IN_GAME) { // Waiting for player to be logged in // in case the script is started at login status = "Waiting for login"; sleep(100); } startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();// Now that it's logged in - it startXp = Skills.getXP(Skills.SKILLS.MAGIC);// sets these vars while (running) { // this repeats over and over while running sleep(loop());// sleeps for the # of ms returned by the int loop() } // running = false, so the script is about to stop // lets bid our user farewell & give them some info about how // the script did println("Thanks for using Cloudnine's Fishbowl Humidifier v1.0"); long runTime = System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime; println("Time Ran: " + Timing.msToString(runTime)); println("Magic XP Gained: " + xpGain + "(" + hourly + "/hr)"); // now lets beg for proggies so that more ppl buy the script println("Please post proggies! (Simply snapshot the last 4 lines of debug & post the snapshot to the main thread)"); } public int loop() {// whatever this # returns is how long, in ms, that the // script will sleep for b4 initializing loop() again if (Login.getState() != Login.STATE.IN_GAME) { status = "Not logged in"; // Give the login bot time to do its thing return 100;// wait for 100ms then start loop() again } Mouse.setSpeed(General.random(50000, 100000));// Mouse speed (min, max) // a normal speed would // be around 100 - 150 if (Inventory.find(FULL_FISHBOWL_ID, EMPTY_FISHBOWL_ID).length > 0 && Inventory.find("Astral rune", "Fire rune").length == 0) { /* * This assumes that you will always have a fishbowl to make sure * that the inventory items are actually being detected. On very * rare occasion the inventory items aren't detected even though the * inventory is there, you ARE logged in, and you are NOT in a * random. Idk why that happens, but to be on the safeside I did * this. The downside is that the script wouldn't detect loosing * your fishbowl, however you shouldn't ever loose your fishbowl. If * you did loose your fishbowl, the script would eventually stop * after for 10 of being idle. Which will keep you from getting * reported, and will stop you from wasting CPU that other bots * could be using. This is where you learn that when using a * provided API, you may be limited as to what you can do, and have * to make sacrifices & determine what choice to make. */ running = false;// stops the script println("Out of supplies. Script stopped."); return 0; } if (lastCastTime > 10 * 60 * 1000) { /* * if the last time the spell was casted is greater than 10 minutes, * then abort the script, it has stopped working */ println("Idle for more than 10 minutes. Stopping script."); running = false; return 0; } getHourly();// sets variables for xp, xp gain & hourly xp /* * An array holds multiple variables. In this case the array is not an * int, boolean, or String, instead it is a RSItem. To define an array, * simply do int[] nameOfTheArrayHere. You can also do int * nameOfTheArrayHere[], but it's conventional to do the brackets with * the variable. The only reason the brackets can be put on either side * is to help C programmers get used to Java. Below, the array(group) of * RSItems called fullBowl holds all of the items inside of your * inventory that have the same id as FULL_FISHBOWL_ID. You can also go * by name, but in some cases, such as with the fishbowl, there are * multiple names for that one item. Regardless of if the fishbowl is * empty or if the fishbowl is full, the fishbowl will always have the * name "fishbowl" but the id will always be different. Don't worry * about item ids changing, in order to do that Jagex would have to loop * through MILLIONS of accounts in their database and change the item id * everywhere, and they would have to change it in their code as well. * That will never happen. */ RSItem[] fullBowl = Inventory.find(FULL_FISHBOWL_ID); if (fullBowl.length > 0 && fullBowl[0] != null) { /* * The above if statement ensures that there is more than 0 * occurences(occurences meaning "things" inside of the array) of * FULL_FISHBOWL_ID inside of your inventory. If so, it makes sure * that the first occurence is not null. In an array, the first * occurence is represented by a 0, the second occurence is * represented by a 1, the third is represented by a 2, and so on... */ if (GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY) { /* * The above if statement basically says "if the currentTab is * not INVENTORY then do the following { }" The current tab is * stored in an enum. An enum simply holds a bunch of different * possibilities. These possibilities are called states. A STATE * is exactly what it's called. It's just the STATE, phase, or * stage that something is in. Think of state of matter, MATTER * could be the name of the enum(an enum holds all of the * different states), and the different possibilities(aka * states) would be GAS, LIQUID, and, SOLID. States and enums * are both capitalized and words are separated by underlines, * JUST_LIKE_IN_A_FINAL_VARIABLE. */ status = "Opening inventory"; GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY);// Clicks the inventory tab // now you've clicked the inventory tab, time to wait for it to // open with this next while loop... int count = 0; while (count < 5 && GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY) { count++;// after 5 times, it will stop sleeping - to prevent // the script from hanging & to prevent wasted time sleep(100);// if it sleeps for 100ms UP TO 5 times, then it // can sleep for UP TO 500ms. (remember 1000ms = // 1 second) } return 0;// now that you've already slept until EITHER the game // tab is opened, OR it's been 500ms and it's still // not opened you will now return 0 because it's // either time to do something else or the inventory // failed to open, you've waited 500ms, and it's now // time to try again. } // so the inventory IS open, and you need to empty the fishbowl { status = "Emptying fishbowl"; if (!fullBowl[0].click("Empty")) {// fullBowl[0] pulls up the array // fullBowl and gets the very // first value (the very first // value of an array is // represented by a 0, like I // said earlier) return 100;// if the click() boolean returns false, then it // failed to click the bucket, and instead of // continuing, we'll go back, sleep for 100ms, and // then try the loop() again } // okay it's now sucessfully clicked empty fishbowl now that we're // waiting for the fishbowl to be emptied, lets go ahead and save // time by immediately opening up the spell book if (GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.MAGIC) {// if the spell book // isnt open status = "Opening spellbook"; GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.MAGIC);// open the spell book /* * wait for the spell book to open/load for up to 500ms */ int count = 0; while (count < 5 && GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.MAGIC) { count++; sleep(100); } } /* * now lets wait for up to 1500 ms (1.5 seconds) for the full * fishbowl to become emptied */ int count = 0; while (count < 15 && Inventory.getCount(FULL_FISHBOWL_ID) > 0) { count++; sleep(100); } return 0;// done waiting OR it's been over 1.5ms and the fishbowl // still isn't empty } // okay so at this point we're no longer working with the full fish bowl // the below is just the same as when we were working with the full fish // bowl, except we're now working with the empty one RSItem[] emptyBowl = Inventory.find(EMPTY_FISHBOWL_ID); if (emptyBowl.length > 0 && emptyBowl[0] != null) { if (GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.MAGIC) { status = "Opening spellbook"; GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.MAGIC); int count = 0; while (count < 5 && GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.MAGIC) { count++; sleep(100); } return 0; } // now the spell book is open & we have an empty bucket so it's time // to click on humidify status = "Clicking humidify"; if (Interfaces.get(430) != null && Interfaces.get(430).getChild(7) != null) { /* * If parent interface 430 exists and its child interface 7 * exists then click the option "Cast" on the child interface 7 * which is located inside of the parent interface 430. (Parent * id 430 is the spellbook, child id 7 is the spell "Humidify" */ if (Interfaces.get(430).getChild(7).click("Cast")) { /* * If we sucessfully clicked "Cast" on the spell Humidify, * lets go to the inventory and hover over the empty * fishbowl while we're waiting for it to fill up (saves * time & is humanlike) */ lastCastTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); if (GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY) { status = "Opening inventory"; GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY); int count = 0; while (count < 5 && GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY) { count++; sleep(100); } } // okay we have now opened the inventory, lets make sure // it's open if (GameTab.getOpen() == GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY) { // okay good, it's open now lets hover over the empty // fishbowl while we wait for it to fill up emptyBowl = Inventory.find(EMPTY_FISHBOWL_ID); if (emptyBowl.length > 0 && emptyBowl[0] != null) { emptyBowl[0].hover();// hovers over the empty // fishbowl /* * now lets wait up to 3 seconds for the fishbowl to * fill up */ int count = 0; while (count < 30 && Inventory.getCount(EMPTY_FISHBOWL_ID) > 0) { count++; sleep(100); } return 0;// done waiting OR the 3 second timeout is // up, lets go back, don't sleep at all // b/c we already have slept somewhere // from 100ms to 3000ms, and then lets // do loop() again } } } else {// somehow failed to click Humidify (maybe a misclick or // something) return 100;// sleep for 100ms and try the loop() again } } } status = "Doing nothing";// you've now reached the end of the loop() // int, lets set the status to // "Doing nothing", sleep for 100ms, and run // the loop again return 100; } public void getHourly() { int xp = Skills.getXP(Skills.SKILLS.MAGIC);// Gets the current magic xp. xpGain = xp - startXp;// gets the GAINED magic xp since the script has // started long time = System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime;// gets the time // since the script // started (in // milliseconds) /* * The below formula gets the amount of XP made per hour, it's useful * for many other things as well */ hourly = (int) (((double) xpGain * 3600000D) / (double) time); }}Have fun. I hope you learn something. If you find this helpful, please leave some feedback and maybe a like. See it in action
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