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Found 9 results

  1. As per @bradley-s's request over here - here is a free script that will sell items at the West Ardougne general store. For those that don't know - the general store in West Ardougne buys items for a higher amount that regular general stores - making it a good place to sell off your bulks items, or any unwanted items if you're an Iron man (more GP). This can result in a decent GP/H when selling multiple items per world (aim for 5). The script is basic and probably not perfect but works well. Unfortunately the script uses JOptionPane for prompts because I can't seem to get JavaFX to work with Tribot (any tips?). It also implements some ABC2 (I doubt it's ABCL10, though). Script also uses the API world hopper, which includes logging out, selecting world, and logging back in as I have not yet created a method for in game world hopping. Jagex keeps changing the world hopper interface making it difficult to keep up. Start the script anywhere in West Ardougne or at the general store itself. When prompted for the item IDs, if selling more than one item seperate IDs with commas, no space. For example: 63,29,109 Script is open source: https://pastebin.com/gBXwr0Ww If you wish to make changes/improvements to the script and make it public, please do not upload to repo and take full credit. Please let me know. I will review and update the repository - giving you credit. Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2489
  2. Add my discord for communication (worthy#2076) Paypal is for select users, only if you have a decent amount of risk in the runescape community (such as many private / premium scripts, donations, etc.); I will ask you some questions and evaluate your risk. You can also build trust by trading with me in small increments (using the same PayPal email). So even if you don't have a lot of risk in the community, we can gradually build up payments over time for example: 50m today to start, 100m next week, 300m the next week, etc. Interac E-Transfer is for Canadians only! This method is always accepted TRiBot Credits - always accepted. NEW LOW PRICE OF: $0.96/M (25 - 49m) $0.93/M (50m+) $0.90/M (100m+) PLENTY IN STOCK Regards, Worthy
  3. In Stock: 0m Price: $1.00 / M Accepted payment methods: ETH / LTC Only accepting BTC, if youre willing to pay fees (Currently $15.43) Chatting with me: Just private message. Fast PM's guaranteed.
  4. Selling ArteroRSPS tickets Price: Depends on market talk over skype. Stock: 1000k tickes. Payment: BTC/rsmills Skype: real.sysm ✯Sysm Gold✯
  5. Selling deadman mills Price: Closed as for now swapping Closed as for now Stock: Closed as for now Payment: BTC Skype: real.sysm ✯Sysm Gold✯
  6. We offer 24/6 Deliverys and the safest way to deliver gold on Runescape 2007. We're currently only looking for payments in PayPal and Ikov Gold ( GP ). At the moment we're having issues with PayPal so paypal is not available right now, but Ikov is. When trading on Ikov we're using over 20 different ways for each trade a different, this is for our safety and yours. How much IKOV gold do we buy you may ask? We're buying over 1T+ On ikov gold. Each person will get a other way then the other, This even increases the security. What does this mean? That we use over 20+ ways to deliver RS07 Gold and to receive payments from others. Current 07RS GP Stock: 645M -;-'- Ikov Gold-;-'- -- 1M OSRS / 1B IKOV -- 500K OSRS / 500M IKOV -- 250K OSRS / 250M IKOV -- 100K OSRS / 100M IKOV Our website is coming up soon so there's no link for it yet. Current FAQ- Q- What do you mean by "Undetected"? A- We're using multiple ways of trading gold between RS and Ikov. Q- I'm messaging you on skype but you do not answer?? A- If I'm not answering you at the time you message me,I could be eating or watching a movie. Q- If I get banned on any of those games will i get refunded on the other? A- Unfortunately there are no ways to stay 100% safe and so either there are no refunds. Q- Are you going first with trading the gold? A- Yes we will go first for the moment, But you must been active for an month here or we use an middleman. Q- What does the Middleman require to have? A- Atleast high feedback and must been around for atleast 1 month. I'm always available through skype. Skype: frizzer-rs Or use this url if you're not sure ; http://hatscripts.com/addskype?frizzer-rs Thanks for reading, Frizzer's 07 Gold Shop. Vouches-- http://prntscr.com/6ivz95 - other website http://prntscr.com/6ivzjh - other website This thread will be updated with loads more information & layout when we get our paypal issue resolved.
  7. Bustey

    13ustey's bonds!

    Hello Tribot and Welcome to my shop! OUT OF STOCK FOR A WHILE Bonds can be used for ONE of the following: 8 Squeal spins 14 Days of Membership 160 Runecoins Current stock: NONE Current prices : 1.1M 07GP 8m RS3 3$ PP Contact me at: Skype : Live:jradgb Buying Layout: Bond(s) you're buying: Skype: Have you added me on skype: Do you agree to my TOS: Will you FB after trade is complete: Terms of Service: You will go first unless i deem youre trusted. I'm not responsible for any mutes/bans.
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