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Found 44 results

  1. TOS: * I'll do all trades, excluding account trades. * * Add my Skype or Discord before doing any trades and verify it's me by inboxing me on TRiBot. * Disord: Matt.#3235 "Matt.TRiBot" * Online daily. * * Always ask for a PM before trading with me. * * Vouch not necessary but appreciated if given. * * Both seller & buyer must agree to use me as a Middleman. * * I am not responsible for any charge backs received from a member you're purchasing from but if somebody was to charge-back, your Paypal would be blacklisted and you will be banned. * Times Available: 7:00AM-8:00AM > 6:00PM-1:00AM (Click Here for my current time if you're not in GMT timezone) Time available will differ, usually online from 11AM-11PM on Weekends.
  2. EROS GAMING A new beginning, we are a group of friends of 6 people which we have experience in the game, we are trained to do all kinds of osrs07 service, we are Venezonalos we are not scammers we have worked for the comfort of you our services are 100% by hand we do not use bot, We guarantee responsibility, security and speed with the services. WE OFFER THE BEST 100% HAND DONE TRAINING SERVICE! hello guys, I'm offering services BGLOVES FROM LVL3 / MGLOVES / BGloves zerker. SKILLS QUEST AND MORE... we thank you for the great opportunity! for more inmorfacion MY DISCORD : EROS#1104
  3. BACK AND AVALIABLE! Questing/Minigames and much more! why use my service? [$50] Donator on sythe -Trusted with high ranked accounts trusted with banks and high QP pics under proves everything! NMZ ACCOUNTS , MTD, guthans or demon Quests ( Pricing depends on the stats) Torso or firecape ( no void) ( Pricing depends on the stats) Skype: Live:leoshiro55_1 or add me here -Can Stream/Take screenshots or even record the whole progress for you if requested. trusted with bank! -done torso for ironmen low stats -done desert treasure for many accounts with low stats, EVEN IN DMM! -done many quests for pures and they trusted me with their stats and 1 def! Terms of services ~:
  4. Hello if you are reading this I have a great opportunity open for you. -If you are picked for the job. I am currently looking to hire a video editor. Requirements: They must have adobe after fx and the ability to make a 30-second intro. They must also have a recent video editing program. And able to show previous work. There really isn't a limit on how much I am willing to pay. And yes I am willing to pay first if they have the right amount of vouchs. The video will be sponsored on Sythe. And the creator will have the luxury of adding a created by to the end of the video. The deadline Wednesday 14th of March. If you didn't know already Sythe is throwing a community event this Saint Patricks day and all of you are invited. If you have any questions about how the video should look. Or what needs to be included let me know. 370+ Vouchs are on sythe on the username: Mentarley Or you can click this link: https://www.sythe.org/threads/mentarleys-vouches-300-vouchs-100-000-usd-traded-500-donor-rank/ Reply to this thread or on sythe instead of adding me on skype.
  5. I have discord now!Fabrii#0516 Workers @Rx7xr Is currently working for me with a deposit. (on osbot) Profile link on osbot https://osbot.org/forum/profile/281558-ibomeister/ Order form What do you need? : Payment method? : Going first or middleman? : What is your Skype? : Do you agree to the TOS? :
  6. I am 100% willing to do any kind of account you could want, just message me what you're looking to have done and we can discuss the price and time estimate! I've been playing Runescape for about 11 years or so now, and I am entirely addicted. I find that training new accounts is fun for me and I love the grind so this seems like a nice fit for me! As I am newer to this and not entirely sure on standard pricing, all prices can be discussed in pm's! Standard prices will come later! Things to note: I will not go first unless you have enough feedback for me to feel comfortable doing so, sorry it's just too risky! All time estimates are exactly that, estimates. I will try my best to stick to the time frame but it's not always guaranteed All items will be supplied by me! All accounts will be done by me, by hand. (Unless otherwise instructed to use a bot by the account holder for a lesser price) I will only deal in OSRS GP to help prevent charge backs. All accounts will be done on fresh clean proxies unless you would like me to use a proxy of yours to prevent your account from being locked due to location changing! Terms & Conditions: I am not responsible for any bans on your accounts after my service is completed You may not log into the account mid way through the service for my safety and yours Your account should have no valuables in the bank for the sake of nobody trying to claim I stole from them If I am using your proxy for your account, I will not ever use for any other account, and it will be deleted from my client after the service is complete! If your monkfish go missing, blame @TRiLeZ If you see any ways my thread could be improved feel free to comment or pm me!
  7. Fire Cape's: >> Click to add my Skype << Skills: Hand Done: Rock/Sand crabs: 1-50 Att/Str/Def/Range/Mage 24gp/exp 50-70 Att/Str/Def/Range/Mage 18gp/exp 70-99 Att/Str/Def/Range/Mage 15gp/exp NMZ: 70-99 8gp/exp Att/Str/Def 8gp/exp (When 70+ str/att) 70-99 7gp/exp Range Magic: 18gp/exp (Splashing) 15gp/exp (Alching) 6gp/exp if autoclick 10gp/exp (bursting/barraging) Runecrafting 1-44 - 70gp/exp 44-99 50gp/exp Agility 1-40 80 gp/xp 40-99 50gp/xp Hunter 1-30 80gp/exp 30-60 50gp/exp 60-99 40gp/exp Farming 1-30 70gp/exp 30-99 45gp/exp Mining 1-30 40gp/exp 30-99 28gp/exp Fishing 1-30 50gp/exp 30-48 28gp/exp 48-99 25gp/exp Woodcutting 1-36 30gp/exp 36-99 15gp/exp Cooking 1-99 6gp/exp Fletching 1-55 12gp/exp 55-99 9gp/exp Firemaking 1-50 12gp/exp 50-99 10gp/exp Crafting 1-36 15gp/exp 36-99 9gp/exp Smithing 1-30 20gp/exp 30-99 8gp/exp Herblore 1-50 9gp/exp 50-99 7gp/exp Construction 1-38 35gp/exp 38-99 18gp/exp Prayer 1-99 6gp/exp Slayer 1-50 120gp/exp 50-99 80gp/exp Thieving 1-53 35gp/exp 53-99 20gp/exp BOTTED IS USUALLY HALF THE PRICE! 50% Service costs are refunded when banned Account is lost and wont be refunded Quests: Black Knights' Fortress - 250K Cook's Assistant - 100k Demon Slayer - 400K Doric's Quest - 100K Dragon Slayer - 1500K Ernest the Chicken - 400K Goblin Diplomacy - 150K Imp Catcher - 100K The Knight's Sword - 300K Misthalin Mystery 300k Pirate's Treasure - 250K Prince Ali Rescue - 500K The Restless Ghost - 100k Romeo and Juliet - 300K Rune Mysteries - 250K Sheep Shearer - 100k Shield of Arrav - 500K Vampire Slayer - 250K Witch's Potion - 100K Animal Magnetism - 1500k Another Slice of H.A.M. - 1750k Back to my Roots - 2000k Between a Rock... - 1750k Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 600k Biohazard - 600K Cabin Fever - 1500k Clock Tower - 500K Cold War - 1200k Contact! - 2200k Creature of Fenkenstrain - 1400k Darkness of Hallowvale - 3250k Death Plateau - 600k Death to the Dorgeshuun - 1600k Desert Treasure: 43+ pray 60+ range - 4000k 43+ pray 30+ range - 6000k -43 pray 60+ range - 10000k Devious Minds - 2400k The Digsite - 1250k Dream Mentor - 3000k Druidic Ritual - 100k Dwarf Cannon - 500K Eadgar's Ruse - 1250K Eagles' Peak - 750K Elemental Workshop I - 500k Elemental Workshop II - 750k Enakhra's Lament - 1800k Enlightened Journey - 1400k The eyes of glouphrie - 1200k Fairytale IGrowing Pains - 1000k Fairytale II Cure a Queen - 1600k Family Crest - 1500k The Feud - 2000k Fight Arena - 250k Fishing Contest - 150k Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - 1250k The Fremennik Isles - 1800k The Fremennik Trials - 1500k Garden of Tranquillity - 2500k Gertrude's Cat - 500K Ghosts Ahoy - 1750k The Giant Dwarf - 750K The Golem - 750K The Grand Tree - 800K Grim Tales - 1250k The Haunted Mine - 2800k Hazeel Cult - 500K Heroes' Quest - 2500k Holy Grail - 700K Horror From The Deep - 1750k If barcrawl done 1250k Icthlarin's Little Helper - 1800k In Aid of the Myreque - 1500k In Search of the Myreque - 1600k Jungle Potion - 350k King's Ransom - 2500k + 1000k for knight waves Legends' Quest - 3250k Lost City - 250K Lost Tribe - 500K Lunar Diplomacy - 3500k Making History - 500K Merlin's Crystal - 750K Monk's Friend - 100K Monkey Madness 43+ pray 60+ range/mage - 2500k 43+ pray 30+ range/mage - 5000k -43 pray 60+ range/mage - 10000k Monkey Madness II 7-20m depending on stats. Mountain Daughter - 1000k Mourning's Ends Part I - 3800k Mourning's Ends Part II - 3500k Murder Mystery - 800K My Arm's Big Adventure - 1500k Nature Spirit - 500K Observatory Quest - 900K Olaf's Quest - 1600k One Small Favour - 3500k Plague City - 350k Priest in Peril - 500K Rat Catchers - 2000k Recipe For Disaster Intro: Helping the Cook - 100K Freeing the Mountain Dwarf - 500K Freeing the Goblins - 500K Freeing Pirate Pete - 500K Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - 500K Freeing Evil Dave - 1500k (3000k if still kitten) Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - 750k Freeing Sir Amik Varze - 1250k Freeing King Awowogei - 2000k The Final Fights - 1500k Recruitment Drive - 1000k Regicide - 2750k Roving Elves - 900K Royal Trouble - 1250k Rum Deal - 800K Scorpion Catcher - 500K Sea Slug - 400K Shades Of Mort'ton - 1000K Shadow of the Storm - 700K Sheep Herder - 800K Shilo Village - 800K Slug Menace - 1250k A Soul's Bane - 1800k Spirits of the Elid - 1500k Swan Song - 1250k Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 2500k - 4000k if not 25+ hp A Tail of Two Cats - 1600k Tears of Guthix - 500K Temple of Ikov - 700K The Great Brain Robbery - 1400k The Hand in the Sand - 800K The Tourist Trap - 800K The Underground Pass 3000k if above 60 agil if not 5000k Throne of Miscellania - 1500k Tower of Life - 500K Tree Gnome Village - 500K Tribal Totem - 750K Troll Romance - 750K Troll Stronghold - 750K Wanted! - 1750k Watchtower - 1500k Waterfall Quest - 750K What Lies Below - 900K Witch's House - 400K Zogre Flesh Eaters 900K Order Form: - What is your Skype?: - What service do you need?: - Payment method? (rsgp/btc): - Do you agree to my TOS?: (feel free to order over skype aswell)
  8. Hi, I was paying someone to do DT and they got all the way up to the diamond parts, He finished 1 out of the 4 diamonds. The person that was doing it went offline and has yet to respond to me multiple hours later. I will be paying in 07 gold. Please message me on here or skype me asap. Skype is druhirchak i need this done very soon.
  9. Desert treasure only for accounts with No Overheads & 1 Defence with atleast 25 Hitpoints Minimum. 1Prayer-1Defence-25HP = 15M OSRS 1Prayer-1Defence-50HP+=7.5m OSRS I do not contact through skype. Please PM on here we can go over terms over there.
  10. Hey guys looking for someone to hand-train custom accounts for me: Account 1: 99 ATK, 99 STR, 99 DEF Account 2: 99 RANGE (Also give me price quota for 94 range) Account 3: 99 MAGE (Also give me price quota for 94 mage) PM ONLY
  11. VapeGod's account leveling and questing service! Account prices: Cannon ball maker - 35 smithing, dwarf cannon completed - 2m Green Dragon Killer - 60 attack, 60 strength, 50 defence, lost city completed - 10m Tutorial island service (you provide the account) - 500k Air orb runner - 66 magic, 20 defence - 4.5m Wine grabber - 33 magic - 1.5m Nature runner - 44 rune crafting, 30 agility - 6m Abyss runner - 41 attack, 30 strength, 40 defence, 30 agility, 44 runecrafting, 41 mining - 15m MTD host - all quest stats, all quests completed, all done by hand - 8m Note: These are just ideas, if you have any other requests for power leveling or want a quote message me! For a quote on quests, message me! Things to note! I will not go first unless you are trusted in the community or I personally know you In the event of a ban during a service, depending on the account type I will try once more, if not you will receive a partial refund depending on how much work was done I will not make the accounts for you, you must create them You cannot log into the account during the service without getting my approval first, if you do the order is cancelled If I give you a time estimate, it is purely an estimate and not an exact time All supplies will be provided by me and are included in the price. I will do accounts by hand upon request, although the price will be higher I will not use any items in your bank without permission You cannot change the password during a service If you give me access to your bank, I will not take anything from you. Having a less valuable bank is better for both of us for safety reasons I will do all of this work on my own and will not have anyone else helping me I will use a proxy of yours if you would like There are discounts for bulk orders!
  12. Many people added my skype today night because of quests so now i need workers. I am looking for some workers that can take work under press. What will i offer you as a worker? Good workers. Respect as a worker, from me and the other workers. And make some good money Application form : Do you agree to the TOS? : How much are you depositing? : What is your Skype ID? : What is your experience like? : Positions: Powerleveler Quester Firecape (fine if you only can on main. Better if you can on both) T.O.S. I can cancel any order i wan't to. A 5 deposit fee will be required before you are hired as a worker. (Not refundable) The worker will be paid 90% of the quoted price for the service being done. You are not allowed to work on any other services or orders other than mine. If you do, you will be kicked out You must be able to get back to me/customer on a daily basis with progress reports. You are to inform me if you are going to be away, for how long and for what reason. If you don't inform me and become inactive for over 5 days you will be kicked You are not allowed to accept orders or take any payments from customers. You must have 100% Positive Feedback. Any negative feedback/disputes against you. Need to be resloved within 48 hours. You must be respectful and polite to all your co-workers, customers, and myself and must show maturity and punctuality. Can get you kicked without and refund from service or anything you work on The order MUST be completed if you have accepted it and within the given time frame. If not, this will result in a kick You must never use any form of botting/Auto clicking on any service you are doing unless requested to do so. Any violation of these terms will result in a kick You can not order service from other service. On account i need you to do. Can get you kicked without and refund from, service or anything you work on. You can not disrecpect me These terms may be changed at any point in time so please re-check them every so often.
  13. Hello, I need accounts leveled to 60/60/50 plus lost city completed (so those skills as well) or 70/60/50 without lost city depending on price difference, we can negotiate through skype or pm. Thanks!
  14. The requirements to work for me : You will pay a sum of 10M oldschool RSGP. You must have a clean reputation across other sites You must not be banned on any other sites You must be able to use Skype to discuss orders You must speak English Open Jobs: * 1 Skiller Application form : What job are you after? : Do you agree to my TOS*? : Do you agree to 10m deposit? : What is your Skype ? : Do you have any experience with a service? : TOS: 1. You cannot use any form of botting or auto clicking while working for me. (unless the client agreed to use bots) 2. If you disrespect me or any of the workers you forfeit your deposit. 3. You will never scam in any situation. If you do you forfeit your deposit and will face the consequences. 4. Orders always have to go through me. 5. You can advertise but always put my skype below. 6. You must complete any order you take. If not completed you will not be paid for the order. 7. You must notify me when your gonna be away for a while. 8. You are not allowed to take any payment from costumers on your own. Doing so will make you responsible for it. and can lead to a kick from the service.
  15. Hey looking to get an account or two the proper quests to host demon NMZ games. Can pay in OSRS gold or btc. If you are not highly trusted don't even bother assuming I would pay you first.
  16. Hello, I would like to have some accounts leveled! Each account would be starting from level 1 and needs 33 magic as well as level 20 combat in any way you see fit. Pm me if interested and we can discuss price!
  17. Services Ranged 28-99 Str/Att/Def 1-99 Magic 55-99 NMZ point farming (imbues) Any other skills can be discussed. Rates My rate will be around 3-6GP/EXP for 70+ and 10-12GP/EXP for -70 All prices will be discussed in Skype/PM (in-detail if requested) Requirements I train all stats with NMZ (except magic) therefor, you will need certain quest requirements: You need to be able to use Demon or MTD hosting. You need access to a Dwarven rock cake (10 minute quest) You need 40+ defense Basic gear Methods I use a variety of methods ranging from cheap to expensive, You can pm me with a skill you need training and I will provide suggestions on how I would go along training these. TOS (Terms of Service) 1. Once the order has been given, you are NOT allowed to change the email OR password until the order is completed. 2. You may NOT log into the account before sending me a PM (I might be on it.) 3. I am not HELD responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during or after the order is complete or when the order is cancelled and refunded. 4. If I do not confirm an order via my post or PM you're probably getting scammed. 5. I have the right to decline/cancel any orders if I cannot complete in time. If this happens in the middle of an order a refund will be negotiated (more than reasonable). 6. You must provide at least a 2-day time frame. 7. You will pay first. 8. Always ask for a PM, if the PM is not confirmed, I am NOT held responsible if you get scammed by an impostor. 9. If you decide to cancel an order while the order is being worked on, You will most likely not receive a refund. 10. Everything will be done by hand using the OSBuddy client. (auto screenshot on level enabled AND full screen so NO LG!) 11. If you made an order and didn't read the requirements, I will not refund. 12. Depending on the length of the service I might take most of the NMZ points I earned (I will leave you with more then enough for imbues!) Order form Leveling needed? Have you pmed me on Skype? (c0ngs.be) Do you agree to the TOS? Any Additional notes? Do you have 40+ defense? Add me on skype! Name = c0ngs.be Vouches 80K exp/H average since creation!
  18. - Same TOS applies for this service. - Price's are deals currently - Order quick before new price's come up!
  19. I have way enough money to purchase VIP and many scripts but it isn't letting me purchase. help?
  20. Hello Welcome to my account "leveling" service topic. As mentioned in the name of this topic, I'm botting accounts for you. You supply me with account. Goldfarming/starter/staking accounts, you name it, I do it! I grantee you the following: Proxies are used VPS is used do bot whenever No delays In some cases, quests are done. I'm responsible for any offences 3 hours after giving finished product* *Accounts botted from scratch usually get banned during leveling process, but not afterwards. This obviously depends on botting locations/methods etc. I do not complete the service before receiving at least 50% of the pay beforehand, unless you seem trusted to me (More recent vouches will do the trick). Example package: 60/60/60/ account, with ~10 days membership left - 7/M Usually Completed in 3 days. Price: Depends on how long botting takes to achieve your desired levels. Example above could give you ideas. Quests can be ordered as well. Contact me: sales.johannes Add me directly clicking on this Skype button:
  21. Hello! I am doing questing or power leveling for fair prices! Message me with your requests and how much you're willing to pay, if you don't have a price in mind I will give you a quote! Often purchased account builds with prices! (These are just ideas not the only accounts I will do!) Cannonball (gets the level required, runs the quest, gets the ammo mold) - 2m with bond 5m without Blast furnace (gets the level required, will be placed in keldagrim) - 2m with bond 5m without Green Dragon Killer (gets 70/60/50, also will do a few simple quests) - 12m or 15m whip ready Motherlode Miner (41 mining and a rune pickaxe) 1.5m Air orb runner (66 magic, 30 defense, about 35 hitpoints) 3.5m or 6.5m without bond Nature runner Pm to discuss which specific stats you would like All orders can be rushed for a fee, which is negotiable! Package deals! Max profit cannon ball makers (Two cannonball makers and one blast furnace account) - 5m Message me for bulk rates! Things to note! I will always supply the accounts with the items they need at no extra cost unless it is going to be something big. I will always beat competitors if I am not terribly busy with orders! I haven't been in the community all that long but have picked up a lot of things very quickly and am trying to build a name for myself as a trusted service! Thanks for the orders! Terms of service 1. If the account gets banned in my hands and I was botting it, the bond will be refunded and I will try one more account for each of the original ones ordered that sees a ban. Otherwise, I will offer a 75% refund. 2. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed. 3. Orders need to be finalized in private message or on skype. 4. Payment must be given prior to the order being started unless you have a very good reputation! ALWAYS CONFIRM WE HAVE ADDED THE RIGHT SKYPE THROUGH TRIBOT PRIVATE MESSAGE!
  22. Hello! I need somebody who can complete several pain in the ass quests for me. I can't be bothered to do them on my own! If you are interested send me a pm or add me on skype (hunter.rhoads), and we can work from there! Note this is not an account I am doing for my service this is a personal account that I am far too lazy to quest on:P Found somebody to do it, thank you to those who got in touch with me!
  23. Doing almost all kinds of services except firecapes and torsos. Skype : Mjkm41
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