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Found 1 result

  1. I've been a tribot user for less than a month and I can't say I'm going to renew my VIP. My problem stems from the inactivity of scripters and the lack of quality control. The fact that there are so many scripts available for purchase that are either completely broken or broken enough that they are a risk to your account is absolutely mind boggling as well as how long they have not been working for. It feels to me like nobody cares. There are staff replies to announcements about new features yet I see little to no policing of scripts which are available for purchase. Just through trials, I have found quite a few busted scripts that are available for purchase. daxCombat AIO - Barely working at all, A lot of features are just flat out broken and there are numerous reports SINCE 2018 on the thread It's an autoclicker on a good day. xHerblore Premium - Extremely outdated and broken, bug reports since February 2019 Optimus Tzhaar Fighter - Doesn't do its job, gets 1 kill and gets broken, numerous complaints over months, no replies. ExNightmareZone - Absolutely broken, numerous complaints since early 2019. Wasted Chopper - Struggles banking and often crashes at draynor village. It seems to get errors often at draynor village. (Mostly/Semi working) Gods Orbs - Doesn't start anymore. Just slows down your game and then makes it unclosable without task manager (recent) Optimus Pest Control - Can get stuck in two different cases, one being a door being half way destroyed can cause it to get stuck trying to open the door and can get stuck climbing up to the top of the watch towers and trying to attack monsters below without a ladder climbing failsafe (still works very well but these are bugs that should be noted.) TL;DR: The lack of updates, variety in scripts, lack of quality control, and lack of support have made me decide to take my business elsewhere after my VIP ends. If something were to change, I'd prefer to use this client but I simply cannot and will not support a business that does not seem to support us back.
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