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Found 23 results

  1. Fluffee

    Fluffee's Rune Mysteries

    Fluffee's Rune Mysteries Update (February 28th, 2016): Updated Door Handling, shouldn't fail there anymore - Completes the Rune Mysteries Quest - Supports Client Starter/Script Queue - Can be started from any point in the quest (Items must be in inventory, homeport usable) - Open Source Click to add script Source
  2. Spiker Rune Runner Purchase Plans What is rune running? Basically, you have one master (crafter) staying at the altar of your choice, making runes, and trading slaves. You also have many slaves (runners) running pure/rune essence back and forth between the bank (or store) and the master. The slaves have little to no requirements, so you can make a lot of gp fast. For more info, see: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rune_running Statistics Up to 50K+ xp/hr Up to 3M+ gp/hr Features Clean GUI & Progress Report Saves & Loads GUI Settings Fastest Paths Possible Lightning-Fast Crafting Tiara & Talisman Support All Runes (except death & chaos) Support Sophisticated Anti-Ban Flawless Essence Swapping In Shops Accurate Profit Tracking Requirements Talisman or Tiara of Your Choice (Master, [slave For Natures]) Pure or Rune Essence In Bank (Slave) Start Near Mysterious Runes of Your Choice (Master) Start Between The Master and The Bank or Shop (Slave) Have Noted Pure Essence & Coins in Your Inventory (For Natures) (Master) Note: Astral running is unsafe for low level slaves! (Hostile level 110 mobs on running path) Note: Nature running is also potentially unsafe for low level slaves. (Recommended 20+ hp for slaves) Locations (Picture From http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Runecrafting) Progress Reports 12 slaves 6 Slaves 6 slaves 4 slaves 3 slaves Thank you Flamekiller999 for the amazing progress report paint! Please post your progress reports, bugs, and suggestions. Bug Report Form Role (Slave or Master): Rune: Tiara or Talisman: Problem (in detail):
  3. warfront1

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    OUT OF DATE: Replace by Auto RuneCrafter Elite Version: 0.60 Alpha Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Pouches/Repair [✓] All Obstacles [✓] Emergency Teleport [✓] All Food Supported [✓] All Runes Supported [✓] Mounted Glory (POH) Support [✓] Glory Support [✓] Super Energy Support --------------------------------------------- [✓] Supported [✓] Coming Soon Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have Obstacle Items( ) equipped [x] Start at Edgeville Bank [x] Have Pure Essence and Teleport To House Tablets [x] Have Food (of your choosing) [x] Start The Script and Fill out the GUI accordingly --------------------------------------------- Download: --------------------------------------------- Repository --------------------------------------------- REQUESTING TEST ACCOUNTS, to streamline this script. Contact me via skype to arrange something! Client Must be in Lite Mode Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  4. michaelpwn

    Botting RC

    Quick question, I see a lot of level 40ish accounts with 94+ Runecrafting, is the ban rate on RC very low at the moment? Thanks in advance, Michael
  5. iAbyss Runerafter by iant06 Activate iAbyss Runecrafter by iant06 My abyss runecrafting script that I have been working on lately and have decided to release to the public to help hammer out the rest of the bugs. The script currently supports ALL craftable runes, however at the moment only two obstacles are passable with the script and they are Squeeze-through passage and Mine rocks(No need for tinderbox or axe). To Use This Script You Need: Quests: Rune Mysteries Quest Abyss Miniquest Levels: 47 Construction(Mounted Glory) 40+ Defence(Recommended) 40+ Agility(Recommended) 40+ Mining(Recommended) Items: House Tabs Pure Essence Food Bronze Pickaxe Decent Armor Runecrafting Pouches(Recommended) (DON'T RISK ANYTHING YOU AREN'T WILLING TO LOSE) Features: Teleports from PKers! Pouch Repairing! Mounted Glory Only(Amulet of Glory coming soon!) Obstacle Passing(Passage and Rocks only!) All Rifts/Runes Available Gets Small Pouch If You Don't Have It! Starting The Script: Locations to START SCRIPT: House, Edgeville, Inside Abyss, Inside Altar Area Upon starting the script the GUI will load up giving a selection of all the different rune types you can craft, as well as a selection of which way the camera will face when clicking your Mounted Glory inside your house(North, East, South, West). Example, if your Mounted Glory is on the southern wall of the room then you would choose South. East wall, east etc.. You can then set the prices of all the different items you will be using(House tab, food, ess) or leave them set to the G.E. prices. The last thing to enter before starting the script is the ID and Heal Amount of the food you will be using(Set to lobster). After you have entered the last piece of information you can click the Start button and let the script do its magic! Update List: Update 1.3Rewrote banking a bit to be a lot smoother when withdrawing and depositing items.Rewrote ditch crossing to be more efficient.Rewrote Mage of Zamorak teleport to be more efficient(Will teleport as soon as it sees him).Rewrote Mounted Glory teleporting to be cleaner more human looking.No more mass clicking(Home Tab, etc.)Update 1.4Made ditch crossing a lot smoother/faster.Withdraws more house tabs randomly if you are below a certain amount(Instead of just at 0 everytime).Fixed food eating bug.Mage of Zamorak tile fixing.Update 1.5Reworked crafting runes at the altar a bit as well as teleporting home.Now repairs pouches with the 'repair' option instead of talking.Reworked obstacle finding.Fixed GUI BugIf you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  6. drg96

    Best Runecrafting Script?

    Hi, I'm looking for a solid runecrafting script to do nature runes. I've used aMiner v2 and aAgility v2, and I was very pleased with those two. They're solid scripts with great anti-ban features. I'm hoping to find a similar script for runecrafting that has great anti-ban mechanics. Thanks
  7. dingo1339

    Lava Rune crafting bot!!

    Anyone know of any privet or good premium bot with low ban rate to do lava rune crafting with binding necklace and will use magic imbue ? trying to get my runecrafting up and lava runes are the best solo xp in game and would really like to see a well made lava runecrafting bot that can use magic imbue and binding necklace.
  8. I am currently using a free, f2p script, but want to know if there are any other scripts. I went to the premium section and only saw 3 scripts all posted over 2 years ago..
  9. warfront1

    Astral RuneCrafter

    By Warfront1 Version: 0.52 Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Regular Walking to the Astral Altar and Back to the Lunar Bank [✓] Walking to Astral Altar and MoonClan Teleport to Lunar Bank [✓] All Food Support [✓] Pouches --------------------------------------------- [✓] Supported [✓] Coming Soon Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have runes within inventory if teleporting [x] Have a Seal of Passage Equipped [x] Start anywhere within the Astral run --------------------------------------------- Download: --------------------------------------------- Repository: --------------------------------------------- Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  10. Slobo

    Great Orb Project

    I'd love to see a Great Orb Project. Or a tutorial on how to make a bot / great orb project bot. With kind regards,
  11. Hey whatsup guys! I want to show you guys the profit that ive made in just 1 week using only 2 RC accounts (89,72). (cant wait till they are 91,75!!!). I wanna use more accounts, getting them up to 43 rc, 50 ish agil, 50 ish def and 50 ish mining is the hardest part tho, banrate is high in the early fase. Anyone knows how to bypass that? Im currently just buying rc accounts to bypass it. https://youtu.be/gGynGiSlATs Hope i can motivate some of you guys to start botting (again)!
  12. Node

    nAirWalker [FREE]

    I'm pleased to announce the release of nAirWalker 1.1, available on the repository here. Current Features: ABCL 10.Up to 40 trips per hour.Supports rune essence and pure essence.Tiara & Talisman support.Extensive stats.Togglable paint. Start the script anywhere, preferably Falador West bank. The script will equip a tiara for you if available, or withdraw a talisman. Upcoming Features: Energy / super energy potionsEssence pouchesScreenshots:
  13. warfront1

    Cosmic RuneCrafter

    By Warfront1 Version: 0.53 Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Regular Walking to the Cosmic Altar and Back to the Fairy Bank [✓] Pouches [✓] 46 Agility Shortcut [✓] 66 Agility Shortcut [✓] Cosmic Tiara () And Talisman Support --------------------------------------------- [✓] Supported [✓] Coming Soon Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have Cosmic Tiara() equipped [x] Start anywhere within Zanaris --------------------------------------------- Download: --------------------------------------------- Repository --------------------------------------------- Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  14. gbaelement7

    Auto Lava Crafter [LAVA] [BETA]

    Introduction: Paint: Requirements: 82 MagicLunar spellbook23 RunecraftingBinding necklaceRing of duelingFire tiaraPure essenceEarth runesAstral runesFire runes/fire staff/steam runes/steam staffWater runes/water staff/steam runes/steam staff Features: Uses ring of dueling to bank at Castle WarsUses ring of dueling to teleport to fire altarFast runecrafting expPaintInstructions: Start with binding necklace equipped and everything else in inventory. Ring of dueling must be in inventory. Script is in early beta. Post bugs on this thread or through PM. DOWNLOAD To Do: Pouch support - will only add if there's enough demandChangelog: Version 0.1 (1/6/2015) - Beta release
  15. It would be really awesome if someone made a bot that makes tiaras. Thanks.
  16. Anti-ID change? This bot works even if IDs are changed by an update. Crafts fire runes. Simple bot to get your Runecrafting started! General Instructions: - Have a fire tiara equipped. - Put Rune/Pure Essence, Fire runes (and duel rings, if used) to first slots of your bank. - Have essence pouches in inventory if you wish to use them. - Run in lite mode and have max brightness in RuneScape settings - Try setting slower mouse speed if encountering problems. - Don't touch rune essence, pure essence and ring of dueling ID unless they are changed. Castle Wars Instructions: - Start at Castle Wars - Have Ring of Dueling (8) equipped. Fully charged, or 6,4,2. IMPORTANT! AL-Kharid Instructions: - Start at Al-Kharid bank Features: - Withdraws Rune and/or pure essence according to your choice on GUI. - Banks crafted fire runes. - Fills and empties essence pouches. - Opens duel arena gate if closed. - Teleports using rings of duelling, withdraws another ring when one is destroyed. - Walks the path between Al-Kharid and Fire Ruins if chosen to craft without rings. - Custom mouse speed according to your choice on GUI. - Running snippet by [nathan] - Reverse path snippet by Mat - Supports pouches and degraded pouches, but does not repair them when degraded. - Will not be broken if Jagex changes ids! Problems? - Please post in this topic and I will fix them. SOURCE (v1.20, 15th June 2013): http://sparta.rs/wFireRunes.java Feel free to modify. download both files! wFireRunes.class wFireRunes$wFireRunesGUI.class
  17. Medifox

    [DEV] mLavaCrafter

    ( 2/11/2014 ~9:30pm EST ) There is currently a lack of a standalone Lava Rune crafter in the repository and iirc it has been heavily requested. So, Krome and I decided we would release one. We are currently in the late stages of the project and should be done coding within the next few hours and hopefully will be done with bug testing sometime tomorrow evening. Features: Binding Necklace & Fire Tiara SupportRing of Dueling teleport or WalkingRunecrafting Pouch SupportSexy Paint & GUITODO: Add Magic Imbue Support If you'd like to see something added to this script just let me know in this thread. Updates will come as the project progresses. Expected release date: Whenever I run out of hash. I have a lot of hash.
  18. What does it do? This script crafts astral runesAbility to use pouches (see limitations)Walks from bank to alter What requirements to use this script? Users must have completed Lunar diplomacyUsers must have the appropriate level to craft astral runes How do I start this script? You must start this script in the bank on the islandIf you'd like to use pouches, have them in the inventory alreadyYou must have pure essence visible in the bank Limitations Script will not repair pouches Please babysit, in no way do I claim this is flawless. I rid myself of any responsibility if you die from randoms (it's a client issue, not mine). If you feel uneasy, you may use a ring of life, or simply don't use the script. If you find any major bugs, please let me know on this thread or on Skype. TexanAstralRC.class
  19. warfront1

    Air RuneCrafter

    Version: 0.39 Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Regular Walking to the Air Altar and Back to the Falador East Bank [✓] Pouches [✓] Air Talisman() & Air Tiara () Support --------------------------------------------- [✓] Supported [✓] Coming Soon Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have Air Tiara() equipped Or Air Talisman() Within Inventory [x] Start anywhere --------------------------------------------- Download: --------------------------------------------- :https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/70829568/AirCrafter/CurrentVersion/AirCrafterByWarfront1.tribot --------------------------------------------- Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  20. warfront1

    Law RuneCrafter

    Features: [✓] Walking Back And Forth to the Law Altar And Dranyor Bank [✓] Walking To Law Altar, Home Teleport Tabs, and Mounted Glories [✓] Balloon Method: Requires Enlightened Journey [✓] Pouch Support [✓] More Features Coming Soon! Setup: Balloon Method: - Start At Castle Wars Bank With Full Ring Of Dueling Equiped - Make sure Law runes, Regular Logs, And Essence is Visible in the bank Normal Walking Method: - Start at Dranyor Bank - Make sure Law Runes, and Pure Essence is Visible in the bank House Glory Method: - Start at Dranyor Bank - Make sure Law Runes, Pure Essence, House Teleport Tabs are visible in the bank - Have a stack of House Teleport Tabs within your inventory - Make sure your house is set up in the configuration displayed in the Top Path Map *Important*: This Will Not Run Unless Your Client is In "Lite mode"!! - File--->Settings--->Lite Mode - You must restart the client afterwards! Download V0.60: Repository: Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  21. warfront1

    Nature RuneCrafter

    Still In development! Setup: Start the script inside the General Store with only three things in your inventory: - 1st slot: Money - 2nd slot: NOTED Pure Essence - 3rd slot: Nothing or Nature runes (doesn't matter) Press start and let it go. Planned Updates: - Finish Photoshop work on main post [50% done] - Finish Stress testing on Script Top Progress Report: -Uploaded by jacomob V0.60: Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/70829568/naturecrafter/CurrentVersions/NatureCrafterByWarfront1.tribot Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features? Donations: - Evwin $5 - zZz $1 - Brinks $5 - benisbeast15 $1 - nopeidontbot $0.69
  22. I'm handing in my notice, I am going to stop updating this script due to me having real life issues, I don't have time for it anymore. If you have purchased in the past two weeks, contact me for a refund. Other than that, I will not be giving refunds. Requirements 40+ Defence 40+ Range // Ideal for Dragonhides 30+ Thieving 30+ Mining 30+ Agility **Obviously the higher the better Terms of service: - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/14960-premium-script-tos-that-all-premium-scripts-must-use/ Purchase One Auth Code - $14 Purchase Five Auth Codes - $60 Buying via RSGP - 8m: Please pm us! Please purchase by sending the following to either myself or JoshBeaver via private message. His profile link is: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/15740-joshbeaver/ Purchasing Form: Paypal Email: Paypal Transaction ID: ** Please don't send more than 1 PM, we will contact you within 24 hours Note - If you wish to pay in paypal, please message ITryNotToTroll. If you wish to pay in rsgp, please message JoshBeaver. This will make things easier for us. FAQS Q) How many Accounts per Auth Code? A) Each Auth Code is limited to one account at a time. Q) I have sent a PM what happens now? A) You will recieve a detailed explanation on how to get the script along with your AuthCode Q) What loader/authentication system do you use? A) We use Exloader which can be found here: Q) Does this use mounted glory? A) Yes! Please place the room directly next to your entry portal! ** More to follow