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Found 4 results

  1. I saw something somewhere about account selling being forbidden on TRiBot. Is that correct? I didn't see it anywhere in the rules and regulations post.
  2. Hello everyone (: as some of you may know i was permanently banned from tribot, for a good reason. the tribot staff decided to unban me, because i am a very active tribot user who helped a lot of tribot users. i was banned for using multiple accounts and interacting with them. this was like 6 months ago, right when i started on tribot. i was trying to gain positive feedback as a kick-start ( terrible idea, NEVER DO IT !^ ) the name was dusty 125 (inspiriert by a high ranked runecrafter) anyway this can be found here you can click on the text. last but not least.. Fake sale topic in which i interacted with exhobit32 . long... long time ago but should not be forgotten. This is an apology to everyone. special thanks to J M C, Montreal. and of course the whole tribot staff :*
  3. I'm looking to start a botting subreddit and would love for some people to check it out and contribute. Looking for people to do some script reviews or progress reports of their farms or just one or two accounts. Check it out at http://www.reddit.com/r/ScapeRune/. Its brand new but I really would like if people would contribute. For every script review, progress report, or anything else I deem constructive I will offer 25% off any of my scripts.
  4. Hello fellow TRiBot users. In correspondence with the new trader system, this thread will cover the guidelines in what falls under content that is able to receive a positive or negative feedback. Failure to comply with these rules will result in an infraction. Q: What sort of trade is permitted to receive feedback? A: Only trades with some sort of monetary risk involved are eligible for feedback. This is for Black Market/Services. Feedback is NOT to be left for script writers for purchasing their scripts. (amended 3/24/14 for clarity) Q: How much feedback can be left in regards to one trade? A: Only one positive or negative feedback may be left in regards to a single transaction. If fraud is suspected you will be expected to provide proof of each transaction. Q: How quickly must feedback be left in regards to one trade? A: After a transaction both users are permitted 3 days to respond to the trader system with a positive or negative feedback. This is to prevent fraud on both party's ends. This goes into effect for any new transactions after this thread's creation. Q: A user left with me a false negative feedback what do I do? A: If you have received a non-deserved negative feedback you may file a dispute in the black market section in the board called 'Feedback Disputes'. You are not allowed to require feedback. There will be consequences for abusing the system. This is just the ground rules for the trader system, if needed these rules may be adjusted to deal with future obstacles in the feedback trade system. Thank you for your cooperation, Bradsta & TRiBot Staff
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