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Found 44 results

  1. DOVIS GOLD SHOP Buying OSRS Gold $0.48-0.50/m (BTC, ETH, Skrill, Revolut, PayPal) Better rates for bigger trades and loyal customers! Get one mil extra for every 100m! Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 | add me on Skype Discord: DovisGold#3723 Discord ID Unique: 569672499537903616 add me on facebook Make sure to ask for a PM before any transactions
  2. DOVIS GOLD SHOP Buying RS3 Gold 0.08-0.11$/M (BTC, ETH, Skrill, Revolut, PayPal) Better rates for bigger trades and loyal customers! Get 1M extra for every 100M! Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 | add me on Skype Discord: DovisGold#3723 Discord ID Unique: 569672499537903616 add me on facebook Make sure to ask for a PM before any transactions
  3. DOVIS GOLD SHOP Selling RS3 Gold $0.10-0.13/m (BTC, ETH, Skrill, Revolut, PayPal) Better rates for bigger trades and loyal customers! Get one mil extra for every 100m! Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 | add me on Skype Discord: DovisGold#3723 Discord ID Unique: 569672499537903616 add me on facebook Make sure to ask for a PM before any transactions
  5. Free Berserker Ring for all rs player on www.rs2hot.com The Sixth Anniversary of OSRS in 2019! Time: 22nd Feb----11st Mar Recommended Features Lowest Prices; Fastest Delivery; 100% Safe Transaction; 24/7 Online Service; Full Refund Policy; Welcome you to buy Runescape 07 Gold with the big discount online -WWW.RS2HOT.COM Focus on RS2HOT.COM facebook PAGE ,MORE ACTIVITIES , MORE DISCOUNT SHARING ,EVERYDAY facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rs2hotstore-259316664775300/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  6. i accidentally posted same thread twice, please delete this, sorry
  7. Welcome to My Tribot Credits/VIP Shop! 1 credit: ~525k 07/ 4.2m Rs3 1 Tribot VIP (6.5 credits): 3.8m 07/ 36.5m Rs3 We can work out a better rate if you are purchasing 10+ credits My Only Skype: BurntishSwap If you dont have a Skype feel free to Pm me on Skype or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! Once the payment has been received I will transfer the credits to your Tribot Account. Order Form: How many credits are you buying: Have you added me on skype?: Are you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?:
  8. Looking to buy 80-100m for around 1.10$ per mill (since im buying sorta bulk) will use MM i got cash in bank ready so i can use basically any payment method. I will pay fees
  9. We Sell RS3 and OSRS Gold, Visit our Site to place an order www.RuneWealth.com Today's Price: $0.26/M RuneScape 3 and $1.45/M Oldschool We are online 24/7 for 5 Minute Delivery! Fast! Cheap! Reliable! We always have stock to fulfill orders. Skype: Rune.Wealth Please watch for impostors, always ask for PM or contact us on Live Support to avoid all impostors and immediate response @ RuneWealth.com If you need ANY help at all Feel free to message us on skype or chat through Live Support!
  10. OUT OF STOCK. ~ Flax' TRiBot credit store ~ STOCK: 0 Price per credit: 1.1M, 1M each if you buy more than 10! Flax.TB I'm currently only accepting RSGP. (No PayPal!) Minimum purchase amount is 5 credits. Terms of Service: I will never go first. Always ask for a PM before trading me, I will never refuse to PM you to confirm my identity. You must leave a feedback once the trade has been succesfully completed. Order form:
  11. >>>WELCOME TO RS Packs the #1 RUNESCAPE PACK SELLING WEBSITE<<< What are runescape packs you ask? Runescape packs are when you purchase a "pack"of specific items for IRL $ for a chance to win money! How do you make money you ask? It's simple, all you do is go to RS Packs and choose a pack you want to buy, lets use the 3rd age pack as an example, all you do is click to purchase the pack, pay for it, then open the pack and see what you get! There is a variety of 3rd age items in the 3a pack, some items may be worth 20m 07, others may be worth 50m+, its a gamble on what you receive, but you will ALWAYS get something, and if your lucky, you can win big at rspacks.com >>>How can you pay?<<< -Paypal/Debit/Credit -Skrill -Bitcoin -Rsgp -More! How do I claim my gold I won from my pack? That's easy! All you do is open our 24/7 zopim livechat and tell the agent you'd like to pickup ur pack winnings! What are the odds of me making money? Great Question! Each item in each pack is weighted slightly rarer then the item before it, basically meaning its like any standard gambling, the more you can win(like a jackpot/slot machine) the lower the odds, but you are ALWAYS guaranteed to win something. Have a pack you want to see added? Just message us on our site or email us, we'll get back to you with a response ASAP and if theres enough interest, we'll name the pack after you! What are you waiting for? Buy your packs at RS Packs today!
  12. The Brand New Store HT&Co OUR SITE Two days old and already sold out of gold. The buy price is subject to change but will always offer the highest rate possible 85p - 95p current buy price PayPal payment system protects buyer and seller eBay shop; 2014whib take a look if you don't like the website
  13. Looking to buy 4 credits for 07GP.
  14. I have off work until the 11th! Looking to make some os rsgp for services. I will go first on trusted members of the tribot community of course. Shoot me some tasks! In need of GPs!
  15. Go to [ www.zedrs.com ] to swap your RS3/07/Deadman/Darkscape GP safely Swapping Deadman GP to Rs3/07 and vice versa Fast and Easy swaps - Safe Locations - Fluent English Support IF YOU HAVE ANY BETTER OFFER FROM SOMEONE, DO ASK US BEFORE SWAPPING - WE WILL TRY OUR BEST TO BEAT THE RATE! Visit our website by clickin www.zedrs.com
  16. Add my skype "colorz7". Im the one with a fairy pic. If fast, I could do 2 creds for 4m, but if you sell 1 hour after this post, it's 3m.
  17. Please let me know if this is not allowed and i will take this thread down. Yes,i actually know what i am talking about on bodybuilding INBOX FOR IG as proof that i actually can lift
  18. Hello! I am looking to buy more gold for my escapades, and such! Looking to pay $1.20/m will pay more if you sell bulk
  19. Hello I have returned! After getting very tied up with some work irl I am back! Which that work fortunately made me some money and I am looking to buy 250m (or maybe a little more if you have it) 07 to get a ridiculous farm going! I am wanting to pay $1.15/m unless you can sell all or nearly all then we can discuss rates! Feel free to pm me
  20. - Always Ask For PM; I will never deny a PM Request ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Swap History: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  21. Scammer's Username: AlexJohnson Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=146271&st=0#msg261655 Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: osbjoe Describe in detail in your words what happened: Originally this guy was going to do some account leveling for me but due to mules getting banned I didn't have the extra money. He messaged me on skype today and asked if he could buy some gold, I said yes, we agreed on $1.4/m, we met, in lumbridge, I gave him the gold, he asked for my paypal, I gave it to him, he asked if I wanted to sell more, I said after the money from the first trade shows up, he said yeah sure, then logged off of skype. No money was sent to my paypal, and he now has my 15m. Evidence**: Images below (sorry the last 3 are poor quality, had to take them on my phone as fast as possible) Other: Sucks that he scammed for that gold, I actually kinda needed that money irl :/
  22. >>>>>> The Cheapest PRİCES EVER >>>>>> !!!!HUGE OFFSİTE VOUCHES !!! NEW AT TRIBOT ADD ME VIA SKYPE ! #Always come and ask for current rate Current Price : #1.45$ / M Current Stock : #100m+ Current Payment methods : #Skrill (From everyone ) #Btc (From everyone #Paypal (From everyone mostly trusted people at sythe and require id ) = ONLY ACCEPTİNG PAYPAL VERIFIED USERS ! ORDER FORM : #How much are you buying ? #Payment method ? TOS : #You will go first otherwise we can use mm your FEE! CONTACT #SKYPE = Dobi.Sythe #Sythe Private message or tribot private message !
  23. This is a pretty popular method that has been out for a while, but surprisingly a lot of people are clueless where to begin. So here's a guide in case you wanted to make some quick cash botting or quick-lvling This is not a Nightmare Zone guide, but a guide on how to train NMZ boosters to sell for cash which can earn you anywhere from 1-20m per day deppending on your speed I'm looking for a permanent supplyer. meaning if i need 10 accounts for the set price if your okay with it, than that's the deal. IF you pay for bond+Supplys Innitial cost of 2mill+500k price would be deducted from final price If you provide proof of past transactions similar to this, arrangements could be made for me to pay the starting fees If you HAVE a host that you would like to sell. please PM i'd be happy to discuss -Quests: Haunted Mine, What Lies Below, Lost City, Vampire Slayer, and Tree Gnome Village. Stats; 36 Crafting, 35 WC, 35RC 15agility Pm me on skype or here to discuss price skype; ilovemybooby
  24. Offerring my signature space to anybody who wants to advertise his website or anything else. About other things - will discuss on PM or Skype .
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