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Found 58 results

  1. When can the RS3 window size be fixed?. I'm willing to pay $100 a month for this RS3 feature. I believe a lot of people like me, please fix it. It's even a small problem.
  2. RS3 Why not update?

    Why not update? RS3 tribot Window load exception.
  3. Creating account question

    Hi, so Ive read in various posts that one way to avoid a chain ban is to create new accounts on DIFFERENT IP addresses. So my question is, if I use a simple SSL proxy on mozilla to create the Account from the website, am I g2g or does Jagex also trace the IP that the account used to initially login to the client with? Since you HAVE to login to the Rs3 client before you can even login to the OSRS client. Does jagex consider the IP that was used to create the account on the website the IP of origin for said account or does it figure the IP used on first login to the Rs3 client the original IP for the account? If it is the latter, can anyone lead me to a post or explain how I can login to the client with a proxy? Also, I am aware of the resetting your box trick. I have tried it and I think my box is the type that must be turned off for an entire night to get a new IP. I live with my family, and thats not an option for me.
  4. Hey guys. My ironman has 1k total level. It got banned in early December 2016 according to my offences. Now I actually have never botted in my Runescape career. I thought about appealing my ban but I have come to realize that they may take action against my main. I know Jagex will never review bans so why bother appealing lol? So earlier today, I tried to login to my ironman and I realized I was banned for botting. I never actually botted (nor even used AHK/Mousekeys/Autoclicker) on any of my accounts at all yet they banned my ironman. The problem is I attempted to login on my ironman earlier today on the same computer as I'd normally play on my main. Because of this, doesn't this symbolize a red flag for Jagex? Am I on the hot seat because they found a match between my ironman and my main on the same device and same IP? What makes me wonder why they didn't touch my main is I remember playing both my main and my ironman in October from the "free 2 week member promo". I played them both at the same time. If they caught my ironman, how come they didn't take action against my main? A friend of mine was banned 5 years ago not for botting but for some gambling activity. Guess what? His other accounts gradually got banned over the course of that year and eventually all 4 accounts got banned. The reason I'm asking it in this forums is I thought since everyone bots here, you might know how the banning works. So will I get "chainbanned"?
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  6. Selling $25 RS Prepaid Cards

    I have 2 $25 prepaid cards for sell, osrs gp or paypal accepted. add my skype, alex234323
  7. Needs to be trusted if i have to go first. No shitty rates.
  8. Selling at $0.21/mil [Bitcoin or Playerauctions ONLY] Current stock: ~10B Min order: 1000m my skype: joc213808 I will require everyone on skype to send me a pm to confirm who I am talking to.
  9. RS3 Auto Typer/Spammer

    Hey, I'm looking for someone experienced in scripting to make me a rs3 auto typer/spammer bot, it can be very simple. If interested, add me on skype at "live:r5vtrades" Payment can be made in BTC/07/RS3. Thanks, R5V
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  12. Run RS3 through Proxy?

    I need to log into some accounts on Rs3 but it is a must that I do not link them to my home IP address. Does anyone have a method for loading rs3 through a proxy without risking my IP address leaking? I need to do this as soon as possible. I do have private socks 5 proxies to use for this btw i just cant figure out how to use them on Rs3. Thanks in advanced
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  14. DragonDyce (www.dragondyce.co.uk)

    Go to www.dragondyce.co.uk/center of page click 'Connect' then your in our chatroom to start gambling. Ask for a rank in there, they will tell you their world/location, trade them your bet then play in our I R C chatroom.We Created Runescape gambling back in Feb 2011, we were located @ juliets house next to west varrock bank, then moved to Ge Spirit Tree world 2 . After dice bags were removed we began hosting in I R C.
  15. Hi guys, I am selling Runescape 3 Gold at a relativelly low prices compared with others. Great Customer service and price guaranteed! www.RSGoldUniverse.com Current RS3 Selling price: 0.23$ Payement Methods PayPal Moneybookers BitCoin Bank Transfer Website: www.RSGoldUniverse.com
  16. Rs3 Bot Clients?

    I'm not sure why but on tribot I can't open multiple rs3 clients. I'm really just trying to get a bot for rs3 of auto type and have multiple accounts logged in and spamming the messages. This doesnt seem hard but cant find any clients that scripts that do this. Nothing fancy just simply line messaging on multiple accounts. If any1 has any solution that would be nice. Also, if you have a good auto script I might pay. Thanks
  17. Selling 68 Credits.

    Hello, i wanted to start botting and bought 100 credits for good scripts. I purchased VIP-E and a few Premium scripts. My Account got banned after 1 day, now im sitting on my credits and looking to sell them. Because i want to sell them as quick as possible im selling them for 0.80/ea. Im also accepting RS3 / 07 gold. Message me, Post here or in Skype (name: freundrs)
  18. RS3 why can not log on?

    code: package scripts;import org.tribot.api.rs3.Login;import org.tribot.script.Script;import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;@ScriptManifest(authors = { "boter" }, category = "0_Test", name = "~Test", version = 1.00, description = "this is a test.", gameMode = 2)public class Test extends Script{ @Override public void run() { println(Login.getState()); Login.login(true); while(true){ sleep(500); } }}client: why can not log on? please tell me why. thx.
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