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  1. Title says it all really, Looking to buy a premium, high quality rock crab bot.
  2. Hello everyone. The question is, where else can I bot str at when I'm at 1 prayer and 1 att pure? Yes this is a very popular question, however, everything I've read has been posted in 2014 or before...and I wanna know how things are since ABC2 came out this year. Experiments require prayer and yaks require def. So what about bandits, fight caves, chaos druids, skeletons or big spiders and so on. I wanna bot without being in a high banend area so I wanna find somewhere else. Idc if it's slow or not. Just want a safe area. Also, I've been reading that people get banned within one hour at rocks crabs. Even with ABC2 and bot 1-2 hours and bot safe, how likely is it I'd get banned? Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  3. Rock crabs

    I needed 60 attack for dragon weaponry. I tried 2 combat scripts and one specifically for rock crabs. All of them a) stole from other players and did not 'wake' crabs, rather relying on other players. I was babysitting, and I counted at least 3 people on different words refer to me as a bot for this. One of the scripts managed to get stuck in the Keldragrim cave. My observation of rock crabs is that it is not worth it. Maybe it's not the botwatch that gets people banned at rock crabs, but the multitude of player reports as a result of stealing. I decided to train at flesh crawlers instead. I've seen one other person on a members world. Thoughts?
  4. Ok, so today I got banned on an account I made 2 days ago. I was banned while using a rock crab script, and I WAS NOT using a proxy. My question is, I still need to level/max my rune pure. Will it be safe to bot that account using the same rock crab script or will I get banned because of my IP? Should I get extended vip and use a proxy? I just need to know what will be the safest step from here on out, i realllllly don't want my rune pure banned. I've put a lot of legit work into it. I just cba training, and I am too poor to use prayer pots at nmz
  5. did i just waste my money?

    so I just got tribot and i got the rock crab script and when i start it all it does is click randomly everwhere... is there a way to fix this or is the bot just totally useless?.....
  6. This script is an all in one combat script that can fight every monster in Runescape safely with extensive features Combined with a premium all in one magic trainer that can train your magic up using nearly every magic training method available! The script is now capable of training on all monster within this map! And additional monsters in dungeons such as the stronghold of security, slayer dungeon, taverly dungeon and many more places! Features Overview: AIO Combat Features: VIP is not required! 10 Hour free trial on the repository Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape including but not limited too: Everything in the stronghold of security *NEW* Sand crabs (automatically resets aggressiveness) *NEW* Rock crabs (automatically resets aggressiveness) Dragons Giants Goblins Ghouls Dagganoths Druids And hundreds more different monsters! Can bank at every bank in Runescape Can use all teleports Supports all food types Guthans healing Dwarf multicannon support Supports all weapons and special attacks Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank Supports all potions Automatically uses the Looting bag and Herb sack Customisable looting Full prayer support Resets Rock crabs and Sand crabs aggro Safe spotting optional Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met Bones to peaches support Herb cleaning and dropping ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating Telekinetic grab support Progressive training (Upgrade gear, switch training spots & more) Can bury bones Load & save GUI settings Profit calculations and xp tracking Start the script from anywhere AND MORE! AIO Magic Features: This script isn't just an AIO combat script, it's also an All In One Magic script! The script can train magic using the following methods: Every single combat spell available, from air strike to ice barrage; It's all supported Every single curse spell available Stun/combo alching! This is the best magic xp in the game, you cast a regular combat spell or curse, quickly followed by a high level alchemy spell. This can earn you up to 180k magic xp/hour! Splashing! All alchemy spells All enchantment spells Superheat item All teleport spells The script can also train with the following lunar spells! Humidify Plank make Superglass make Tan leather Spin flax and More! Purchase info and script trial info: Packages: ~Free Trial~ Price: $FREE Every month you're allowed a free 10 hour trial with the script, enjoy Complete access to all features ~2 Week Package~ Price: $6 VIP is not required to run the script The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 2 weeks Complete customer support via skype and the TRiBot forums I am more than happy to help first timers set the script up ~1 Month Package~ Price: $10 VIP is not required to run the script The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 1 month Complete customer support via skype and the TRiBot forums Customer support priority over the 2 week package ~Lifetime Package~ Price: $25 VIP is not required to run the script The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for a lifetime! Complete customer support via skype and the TRiBot forums Top priority on customer support To purchase the script or activate your free trial, click the image below: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-tri-aio-combat-magic/ ~---><--~ Gallery Click show on the spoiler to view images of the script running FAQs
  7. Rock Crab Script Please?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to see if any scripters out there are interested in making a rock crab script for combat. I used rCrabs for quite some time but now it is outdated and it was the only rock crabs script out there! I will admit, I know basically nothing about bot making/scripting, though I'm sure what I'm asking for is easier said than done. But it seems that the person who made rCrabs has gone inactive for over a month now and isn't updating it.. Perhaps someone could simple modify that script just to get it working again, rather than make a whole new one? The script seems to work fine, it will even walk from the Seers bank to the crabs, but once it is at the crabs it doesn't detect them.. So it just stands there, unless one of the crabs gets up and starts walking, then it will attack it (sometimes).