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Found 2 results

  1. Nice, the other old school bot seems to support most/all randoms. I've probably made the switch, not 100% sure yet. Suggestion A lot of people have been complaining about randoms, so I think that we should have a new member group for random solvers on the TRiBot forums. Description This member group would consist of scripters, obviously, who are willing to watch out for Jagex randoms updates, and immediately begin working to program the fixes for them. If this member group had at least 5 people, randoms would be patched within a day after they were updated. I would even wish to help out and join the member group myself, I would agree to put all else aside as soon as a random patch is needed, and I'm sure many others would as well. Why should randoms be script-sided? Obviously the group wouldn't have access to the TRiBot client source files, but that isn't needed. Rather, the random fixes can be script-sided so that they can be added to scripts immediately. TRiLez would have even less to worry about with all of the crap he's constantly having to update aside from randoms. The random fixes would obviously only work on the TRiBot API, so it wouldn't really matter if they were released publicly to VIP Members or Scripters only. Thus we would be able to apply the updates to our scripts immediately rather than waiting for TRiLez. I'm sure he is very busy and unable to constantly dedicate his life to constantly fixing randoms. If this isn't agreed upon, then we can always code the randoms in script form and then send them to TRiLez so that he can add the patch to the client based off of the code sent to him. Conclusion This would benefit the community, as well as TRiLez. As I'm sure it is very hard for 1 person to constantly look out for updates made by an entire team of Jagex programmers. If this plan is put into action, Jagex will have a lot more competition. I'm sure eventually they'll slow down on the randoms updates after they realize that they aren't slowing us down at all. Yes, I understand that this plan has a few difficulties, but that can all be worked out very easily. For the most part however, this plan would be very successful and would definitely benefit everybody (except Jagex of course ) Please leave feedback, support, and ideas for this plan. I hope that this can be seen out. Thanks.
  2. This is a ScapeRune random event solver. By Platinum Force I hope it is helpful, the only thing that is not complete in this script is finding the id of the balloon animal we need to pop. When the animal we need to pop in shown in the interface (#237) we need to be able to get an id from that. I can't find anything helpful in any of the interfaces. Add a solution for this at line #158 of my script. /** * ScapeRune Solver - By Platinum Force (5/17/2013) * Edit the function findTargetBalloon() to find the target balloon's id * **/package scripts;import java.util.ArrayList;import java.util.LinkedHashMap;import java.util.Map;import org.tribot.api2007.*;import org.tribot.api2007.types.*;import org.tribot.script.*;@ScriptManifest (authors={"Platinum Force Scripts"}, category="Random Solvers", name="ScapeRune Solver")public class ScapeRune extends Script { public Map<String,Object> INFO = new LinkedHashMap<String,Object>(); public ArrayList<Object> BARRIER = new ArrayList<Object>(); public ArrayList<Object> BALLOON = new ArrayList<Object>(); public final RSTile BUILDING_CENTER = new RSTile(2086,4466); public String NEXT_STEP = "pullLever"; public int TARGET_BALLOON = 5320; //The balloon animal the player needs to pop (Default: first balloon) public boolean IN_SCAPERUNE = true; class Object { public int id; public String name; public String option; public RSTile location; public Object(int id, String n, String o, RSTile l){ this.id = id; this.name = n; this.option = o; this.location = l; } } @Override public void run(){ INFO.put("prisonPete", new Object(5349, "Prison Pete", "Talk-to", new RSTile(2093,4466))); INFO.put("lever", new Object(26191, "Lever", "Pull", new RSTile(2093,4466))); INFO.put("key", new Object(6966, "Prison key", "Return", null)); BARRIER.add(new Object(3645, "Energy Barrier", null, new RSTile(2098,4466))); //First BARRIER.add(new Object(3646, "Energy Barrier", null, new RSTile(2099,4466))); //Second BARRIER.add(new Object(3647, "Energy Barrier", null, new RSTile(2100,4466))); //Third BALLOON.add(new Object(5350, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Skinny balloon with bubble tail BALLOON.add(new Object(5351, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Fat balloon with horns BALLOON.add(new Object(5352, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Fat balloon with small head BALLOON.add(new Object(6200, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Skinny balloon with straight tail Walking.control_click = true; Camera.setCameraAngle(80); while(true){ //If the player has a key, skip to step "returnKey" if(Inventory.getCount(INFO.get("key").id) > 0) NEXT_STEP = "returnKey"; switch(NEXT_STEP ){ case "pullLever":{ pullLever(); break; } case "findTargetBalloon":{ findTargetBalloon(); break; } case "popBalloon":{ popBalloon(); break; } case "returnKey":{ returnKey(); break; } case "canPlayerLeave":{ canPlayerLeave(); break; } case "leaveScapeRune":{ leaveScapeRune(); break; } } //Finish random solver if player is not in ScapeRune if(!IN_SCAPERUNE) break; } } /** STEP 1 **/ private void pullLever(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } Camera.setCameraAngle(80); Camera.turnToTile(INFO.get("lever").location); if(Math.abs(Player.getPosition().getX() - INFO.get("lever").location.getX()) >= 8) Walking.blindWalkTo(INFO.get("lever").location); RSObject[] lever = Objects.findNearest(30, INFO.get("lever").id); int cnt = 0; //This loop will check if interface 273 is visible within 4 seconds //If not, it will pull the lever again while(Interfaces.get(273) == null){ lever[0].click(INFO.get("lever").option+" "+INFO.get("lever").name); cnt = 0; while(Interfaces.get(273) == null){ cnt++; if(cnt == 40) break; sleep(100); //The first time you pull the lever Prison Pete will talk to you if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("That's right, pull it.")){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } } if(cnt < 40) break; } NEXT_STEP = "findTargetBalloon"; } /** STEP 2 **/ private void findTargetBalloon(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } while(Interfaces.get(273) == null) sleep(200); /* * * TODO : Find the id of the balloon animal in the interface window, * then store that id in the variable "TARGET_BALLOON" below * */ //TARGET_BALLOON = ???? Interfaces.get(273,4).click("Close"); NEXT_STEP = "popBalloon"; } /** STEP 3 **/ private void popBalloon(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } RSNPC[] balloon = NPCs.findNearest(TARGET_BALLOON); //If the target balloon is not visible while(balloon.length == 0 || !balloon[0].isOnScreen()){ Walking.blindWalkTo(BUILDING_CENTER); sleep(1000); balloon = NPCs.findNearest(TARGET_BALLOON); } int cnt = 0; //This loop will check if the player has found a key, within 4 seconds //If not, the player will pop another balloon while(true){ //All balloons have the same option : BALLOON.get(0) balloon[0].click(BALLOON.get(0).option+" "+BALLOON.get(0).name); cnt = 0; while(true){ //Prison Pete will notify the player once a key has been found //or will scream at the player if a key is already in the inventory if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && (NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Great, now you've") || NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Hey, bring me"))){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } cnt++; if(cnt == 40) break; sleep(100); } if(cnt < 40) break; } while(true){ if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Ooh, thanks!")){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } sleep(200); } NEXT_STEP = "canPlayerLeave"; } /** STEP 4 : Optional (If player still has not returned the key) **/ private void returnKey(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } RSItem[] key = Inventory.find(INFO.get("key").id); int cnt = 0; while(Inventory.getCount(INFO.get("key").id) > 0){ key[0].click(INFO.get("key").option+" "+INFO.get("key").name); cnt = 0; //This loop will check if the key has been returned to Prison Pete, within 4 seconds //If not, try returning the key again while(Inventory.getCount(INFO.get("key").id) > 0){ if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Ooh, thanks!")){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } cnt++; if(cnt == 40) break; sleep(100); } if(cnt < 40) break; } NEXT_STEP = "canPlayerLeave"; } /** STEP 5 **/ private void canPlayerLeave(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } NEXT_STEP = "leaveScapeRune"; while(true){ //The player can leave ScapeRune if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("You did it")) break; //The player found the wrong key, try again else if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && (NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Aww, that was") || NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Hooray, you got"))){ NEXT_STEP = "pullLever"; break; } sleep(200); } } /** STEP 6 **/ private void leaveScapeRune(){ Walking.blindWalkTo(BARRIER.get(2).location); int chats = 2; //After completing ScapeRune the player chats with the npc //The npc talks once, then the player talks while(chats > 0){ sleep(200); if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); chats--; } } //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } //COMPLETE!! } private boolean inScapeRune(){ if(Game.getBaseX() == 2040 && Game.getBaseY() == 4416) return true; return false; }}
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