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Found 16 results

  1. Script determine if stunned

    How can I determine if the character is stunned? Any methods out there for this? I'm currently checking something like "currentHP < previousHP" after a certain action but it is not ideal for every occasion.
  2. Premium Scripts or VIP?

    Hello! I am slowly preparing a good number of bots so I can buy a money making script later and will have the bots available to be using the script 24/7. I am not in any rush so trying to get them done as fast as possible is not a concern for me. I'm considering buying some lifetime scripts, or just buying VIP to use free scripts but I'm not sure what would be more sensible in the long run! Any input is more than welcome! (I've been away from botting for awhile so I'm not sure about the meta these days) ~VapeGod
  3. Is there a way? Thank you for any help in advance.
  4. Is this allowed?

    I want to make multiple bots, but dont want to do tutorial island on each one by myself. Is anyone willing to do this for me as a service? Am i even allowed to request this service on the tribot forums? If so, please send me a quote. I am willing to go first. (Nice guys finish last?) Edit: typos, grammar.
  5. I just want to know a reliable buying of OSRS accounts, mainly pure ones. The more details info given the better.
  6. question

    if my membership finishes and im standing on a members area..... would i get automatically teleported to lumbridge or na?
  7. Need Help With a Question

    Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forums, but I couldn't find a "banned" section so I decided to post my query here. In any case... did jagex update the osrs banning system? I just made 3 fresh accounts in f2p and ran a tutorial island script and as soon as they finished, they all got banned right out of tutorial island instantly. All 3 at different times but all at the same time upon completion of tutorial island. is this a client or script issue? or did jagex update the ban system?
  8. I got spam on my Thread for services after I did quests for a client. Apparently I'm a needy spastic? I would like it removed please. And if so how do I do so. Report? How long does it usually take for it to be removed? Or what does it take to meet qualifications of " Spam "/ " means of deletion " Edit: Post has been Deleted. Thread can now be deleted if any Admin/Mod wants to delete it.
  9. Script que

    Can anyone tell me the point or way of using the script que? I mean I understand the basic idea, you can run scripts back to back if you want to bot multiple things. That being said pretty much every script that's worth using has a GUI setup so if you have to be there to fill it out then wouldn't that ruin the point of using a script que?
  10. When does vip end?

    Is there any way to know how much longer your vip lasts, like any way to check? Thanks for the help!
  11. How Much Am I Looking At?

    Sup guys, So I just have a quick question. As I've been starting to see a decent amount of money coming in from my farm I'm thinking about hiring someone to write a private script. How much would you guys estimate the cost of hiring someone to do this? Obviously that is a very unclear and broad question, but as far as a gold farming script with a nice anti-ban that only does one task; what am I in the ball park for? $30-$40? $50-$70? $100-$150? Let me know. Thanks everyone.
  12. When attempting to load the client using Looking Glass, it tells me "You must run TriBot using the Java JDK in order to use Looking Glass." I have no idea what that means, and I appreciate anyone who can help me figure out how to get past this error. Thanks.
  13. Currently Bought VIPE @YoHoJo hes Page states 24-48hours but could someone give me an experience estimate? my excitement is worse than a kid getting N64 for first time in 1996 I sent Him 2 Pms, Skype Message, Call, and Posted on his Page. Any Suggestions?
  14. hi, support question.

    would there be any one atm to can support loan for me? im broke still few months and i would need a vip in tribot atm and maybe 07 gp "10m" . im planning atm to goldfarm 07 with 20 accs and suicide all. see how mutch i can make about it and pay back all with gp what i made or pay with graphic designs what i make my self. leave your options comment and if want to partner up.?
  15. Need Help Port Forwarding

    I have tried to open a port over and over on my router and even after the settings of the router show that it is opened, it remains closed. Any suggestions?
  16. Chain Banning Via Authenticator?

    Hey all, new botter here. I've been playing it incredibly safe with my bots, using VPNS/VPS, proxies, and mixing up skills that I train every once and a while. I also babysit my bots. I have a question regarding Runescapes official Authenticator, which I use for each and every one of my accounts. Since I use different IP's for almost all of my bots, I feel that I am pretty safe when it comes to chain banning. However, I was wondering if it was possible for Jagex to notice that all my bots were connected to the same mobile device, and chain ban through that. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Tunkles.