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Found 29 results

  1. [Beta]Jannes Witch's House

    Hello! I'm releasing my Witch's House quest script. It's not fully tested yet but works great for me as it is now. Please make sure to babysit while running. And please write here if you get any errors It safespot after two first monsters and all my testing has been at level 3 accounts. Req: none; Items needed: 3 Cheese 1 Leather gloves 1 Staff of air 500 Mind runes 18 Trout You can start the quest everywhere Dax walker function. I recommend starting at Falador either with the items in bank or all of them in your inventory. Click here to try it now! :) Thanks to: Dax for his Webwalker and all the people helping me at tribots discord. EasyAsPie for helping me with packaging errors
  2. I have discord now!Fabrii#0516 Workers @Rx7xr Is currently working for me with a deposit. (on osbot) Profile link on osbot https://osbot.org/forum/profile/281558-ibomeister/ Order form What do you need? : Payment method? : Going first or middleman? : What is your Skype? : Do you agree to the TOS? :
  3. Savage Squad Questing Services [FREE]

    Howdy everyone, I am fairly new to the forums and my hobby in my free time is to quest. I have been playing Runescape for over 7 years now and questing has always been my thing; I know all quests by memory already and would like to help the community with my services. Application Combat Level: Quests: Contact Vouches
  4. Need the last HALF of DT finished!

    Hi, I was paying someone to do DT and they got all the way up to the diamond parts, He finished 1 out of the 4 diamonds. The person that was doing it went offline and has yet to respond to me multiple hours later. I will be paying in 07 gold. Please message me on here or skype me asap. Skype is druhirchak i need this done very soon.
  5. Hi, I need Desert Treasure completed on my pure who only has 15 pray. I will be paying in 07 gp. Let me know, the sooner this gets done the more I'll pay! Either private message me, skype me, or reply on here with your price. My skype is druhirchak ***UPDATE STILL NEED HELP, GOT ALL THE WAY UP TO DIAMOND OF THE BLOOD**
  6. Quest Service Request

    I need Dwarf Cannon quest completed by hand. Send me a PM with your quote per account. I'm new here so I'm willing to go first. (Nice guys finish last?)
  7. FC Questing FC Questing is here for all to enjoy! This script is built on a framework which allows for easy chaining of quests, as well as new quests to be added with minimal effort. I will consistently add new quests to the script. Suicide Farm Edition: In addition to the full FC Questing script, I'm also offering a cheaper edition specifically for suicide farmers. The suicide farm edition will include the following: Tutorial Island Cook's Assistant Romeo & Juliet Sheep Shearer Pricing options are below. Features: Start anywhere Grand exchange support for quests that should utilize it Quest chaining Clean and detailed paint 14 quests supported and counting (GE indicates grand exchange support, GA indicates manual gathering support, SR indicates that the script will achieve skill requirements on it's own) Tutorial Island Doric's Quest GE GA Sheep Shearer GA Cook's Assistant GA Romeo & Juliet GA Rune Mysteries GA Imp Catcher GE Goblin Diplomacy GE Druidic Ritual GE Witch's Potion GE Prince Ali Rescue GE The Knight's Sword GE SR Ernest the Chicken GA The Restless Ghost GA Script Arguments: profile_name Simply type in the name of a previously saved profile, and it will be used! 7qp Romeo & Juliet Sheep Shearer Cook's Assistant all All supported quests, random order tut-ge Tutorial island Walks to GE after tutorial island tut Tutorial island Account Queue: FC Questing supports an account queue, meaning you can run many accounts through the script with ease. Simply create a file in the directory which is opened by the "load accts" button, and format it like so: username:password Each account must be on it's own line. The accounts will all be ran with the same settings that you have selected. If a banned / locked / invalid account is provided, it will skip over it. GE Support / Gathering: The script currently features Grand Exchange support for quests that should utilize it. Also, the script supports gathering items manually as well. Check the quest list above to see what each quest supports. Here are some things you should know: If supported, the script will attempt to purchase items from the GE first before gathering manually If the player doesn't have enough gold for all of the items, it will then resort to manually gathering the rest of the materials (if gathering is supported for the quest) The script will attempt to purchase items < 2,000 GP for double their market price, to try and avoid waiting. >= 2000 GP will be bought at 1.3 times their market price (this can be changed if you have suggestions) If the quest does not support manual gathering, and the GE process fails, the script will end The script will abort & resubmit any offers that don't sell instantly, for 15% higher (if the character has enough gp to do so). This helps avoid waiting around for items to sell. General Notes: As this is a quest script, there are a lot of moving parts. This almost ensures that bugs will pop up now and then. Please report them when they arise, provide a detailed description, and I will fix it as fast as possible. The script generally should be able to start in the middle of a quest, however please be aware that this may result in questionable script behavior and / or the quest not completing properly. Bug Reports / Suggestions / Questions: Please see the thread here on how to report an issue or suggestion. Direct posts on the thread or private messages will be redirected to here. Please join my discord channel here for other miscellaneous inquiries. This is the fastest way to contact me. Pricing for FC Questing (FULL): 1 hour free trial (resets on the first of every month) $3.99 per month, 10 instances (great for the casual user) $9.99 per month, 30 instances (great for the large bot farmer) $14.99 per 6 months ($2.50 per month), 10 instances (great for the long term user) $39.99 per 6 months ($6.67 per month), 30 instances (great for the long term large bot farmer) Pricing for FC Questing Lite (TUTORIAL + 7QP): 1 hour free trial (resets on the first of every month) $0.99 per month, 10 instances $2.49 per 3 months ($.83 cents per month), 10 instances $3.99 per 6 months ($.67 per month), 10 instances $9.99 per 6 months ($1.67 per month), 30 instances Images: Time Lapse:
  8. [P] Starter Quester

    Request: Quester Description: This quester needs only to be able to do ernest the chicken and romeo and juliet in a chain and collect all items Payment Amount: Negotiable. Time:It would be nice to have it asap. Additional:it would also be nice if it could also kill some chickens and cook them before doing ernest the chicken and then use the chicken to heal during ernest the chicken
  9. Need quests done please!

    Looking for someone to do Mith gloves for rfd. I have all pre req quests and stats done. All you have to do is continue and finish RFD. Then I need desert treasure done. Once again, all pre req stats and quests are finished. Let me know what you charge. Someone popular and with references is preferred. I have 15 prayer. Combat 59. Thanks!
  10. Doing cheap NMZ and RFD for Mithril Gloves Quests NMZ (2M OSRS): Imp Catcher Witch's Potion Witch's House Waterfall Quest Lost City Fight Arena Vampire Slayer Mithril Gloves (4M OSRS): Cook's Assistant Goblin Diplomacy Fishing Contest Big Chompy Bird Hunting Witch's Potion Witch's House Imp Catcher Waterfall Quest The Golem Demon Slayer Gertrude's Cat RFD Cook RFD Goblin RFD Dwarf RFD Pirate RFD Ogre RFD Evil Dave PM or Skype me. Skype: superwomenpb
  11. BACK AND AVALIABLE! Questing/Minigames and much more! why use my service? [$50] Donator on sythe -Trusted with high ranked accounts trusted with banks and high QP pics under proves everything! NMZ ACCOUNTS , MTD, guthans or demon Quests ( Pricing depends on the stats) Torso or firecape ( no void) ( Pricing depends on the stats) Skype: Live:leoshiro55_1 or add me here -Can Stream/Take screenshots or even record the whole progress for you if requested. trusted with bank! -done torso for ironmen low stats -done desert treasure for many accounts with low stats, EVEN IN DMM! -done many quests for pures and they trusted me with their stats and 1 def! Terms of services ~:
  12. I been doing essence bots for the past 2-3 days. But the quest is just taxing when you set up bots for essence mine only. So is there currently a Q script that is available, or at least on in the making?
  13. Zippyfox's questing service! Do you need quests done? cant be bothered to do them yourself, or maybe are too difficult for you to do? You've come to the right place! Zippyfox's quest service! will do any quest as long as you have the items and stats required! MM? DT? Lunar diplomacy? easy! leave everything to me! Add me on skype to discuss more! There will be no refunds if a ban occurs by any means More Information! _________________________________________________________ Reminder! Alls you need to do is go to my service any time AEST/AEDT which is UTC+10 ( that is not too late or too early ) Since I live in Australia (Currently closed for personal reasons) Updated: 2/18/2016 07 Questing There is a rare chance I will die. For example a level 3 account with 10 HP? Obvious deaths are going to be acquired. I will try my best not to die with the required stats given, But it may happen. If this happens. I will refund the total death amount after quest is completed. I will be taking the amount of GP that I died with off of the service cost. * Does NOT apply to free offers * _________ ** For quests involving a Partner(s)! ** An additional fee of 500k will be added to the quest.. Quest(s) Legend's quest Shield of arrav ( might not need to pay ) Heroes quest Shades of mort'ton _________ Pricing! 150k - per Novice 300k - per Intermediate 600k - per Experienced 1.2m - per Master Short - 75k / Medium - 100k / Long - 150k / Very Long - 175k These prices would be added to the quest amount, Rating from Short-Very Long An additional fee will be added based on Combat Level, Levels 30CB and lower Will have to pay an additional fee of 100k-200k depending on Defence level and HitPoints level. Desert Treasure 1.5m Monkey Madness 1.5m RFD Mith/Barrows Gloves 4.5m for Mithril - 8m for Barrows For gloves you get all Skill/Stat requirements We quest from bronze-Mithril/Mithril-Barrows _____________________________ As of NOW I ask you to remove all GP/Valuable items off the account I am working on. Leave me with enough GP/Items to complete the quest(s) given. I also ask you get ALL the required Skill stats/Items for the quest. _________________ The quest(s) Pricing is a based number! It does not include a workers fee for large orders! __________________ PM me or Skype me for more information . Mine <> Skype: julzrulz1111 _____________________________ Accepting Paypal/OSRS GP ______________________________ I have a right to refuse any offer. You will pay before the service You will not log in during the service ______________________________ Quest's Difficulty/Length/Quest Points/Free-Members Guide is below. Prices already added by rating, Short-Very Long Animal Magnetism Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Another Slice of H.A.M. Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Between a Rock... Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Big Chompy Bird Hunting Intermediate Short 2 Members --375k Biohazard Novice Long 3 Members --300k Black Knights' Fortress Novice Short 3 Free --225k Cabin Fever Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Clock Tower Novice Medium 1 Members --250k Cold War Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Contact! Master Medium 1 Members --1.3m Cook's Assistant Novice Short 1 Free --225k Creature of Fenkenstrain Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Darkness of Hallowvale Intermediate Long 2 Members --450k Death Plateau Novice Medium 1 Members --250k Death to the Dorgeshuun Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Demon Slayer Novice Medium 3 Free --250k Desert Treasure Master Long 3 Members --1.5m Devious Minds Experienced Short 1 Members --675k Digsite, The Intermediate Long 2 Members --400k Doric's Quest Novice Short 1 Free --225k Dragon Slayer Experienced Long 2 Free --750k Dream Mentor Experienced Short 2 Members --675k Druidic Ritual Novice Short 4 Members --225k Dwarf Cannon Novice Short 1 Members --225k Eadgar's Ruse Experienced Medium 1 Members --700k Eagles' Peak Novice Short 2 Members --225k Elemental Workshop I, The Novice Short 1 Members --225k Elemental Workshop II, The Intermediate Short 1 Members --375k Enakhra's Lament Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Enlightened Journey Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Ernest the Chicken Novice Short 4 Free --225k Eyes of Glouphrie, The Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Fairytale I - Growing Pains Experienced Long 2 Members --750k Fairytale II - Cure a Queen Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Family Crest Experienced Long 1 Members --750k Feud, The Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Fight Arena Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Fishing Contest Novice Short 1 Members --225k Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Fremennik Isles, The Experienced Long 1 Members --750k Fremennik Trials, The Intermediate Long 3 Members --450k Garden of Tranquillity Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Gertrude's Cat Novice Short 1 Members --225k Ghosts Ahoy Intermediate Long 2 Members --450k Giant Dwarf, The Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Goblin Diplomacy Novice Medium 5 Free --250k Golem, The Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Grand Tree, The Experienced Long 5 Members --750k Great Brain Robbery, The Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Grim Tales Master Short-Medium 1 Members --1.3m Hand in the Sand, The Experienced Medium 1 Members --700k Haunted Mine Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Hazeel Cult Novice Medium 1 Members --250k Heroes' Quest Experienced Long 1 Members --750k Holy Grail Intermediate Long 2 Members --450k Horror From The Deep Experienced Short 2 Members --675k Icthlarin's Little Helper Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Imp Catcher Novice Medium 1 Free --250k In Aid of the Myreque Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k In Search of the Myreque Intermediate Short 2 Members --375k Jungle Potion Novice Short 1 Members --225k King's Ransom Experienced Medium 1 Members --700k Knight's Sword, The Intermediate Medium 1 Free --400k Legends' Quest Master Long 4 Members --1.350m Lost City Experienced Medium 3 Members --700k Lost Tribe, The Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Lunar Diplomacy Intermediate Long 2 Members --1.5m Making History Intermediate Medium 3 Members --400k Merlin's Crystal Intermediate Long 6 Members --450k Monk's Friend Novice Short 1 Members --225k Monkey Madness Master Very Long 3 Members --1.5m Mountain Daughter Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Mourning's Ends Part I Master Long 2 Members --1.350m Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light) Master Long 2 Members --1.350m Murder Mystery Novice Short 3 Members --225k My Arm's Big Adventure Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Nature Spirit Novice Medium 2 Members --250k Observatory Quest Novice Short 2 Members --225k Olaf's Quest Intermediate Short 1 Members --375k One Small Favour Intermediate Long 2 Members --750k Pirate's Treasure Novice Short 2 Free --225k Plague City Novice Long 1 Members --300k Priest in Peril Novice Medium 1 Members --250k Prince Ali Rescue Novice Medium 3 Free --250k Rag and Bone Man Novice Short 1 Members --225k Rat Catchers Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Recipe for Disaster Master Long 10 Members -- 4m (mith gloves) 8m (barrows gloves) Recruitment Drive Novice Short 1 Members --225k Regicide Master Long 3 Members --1.350m Romeo and Juliet Novice Short 5 Free --225k Roving Elves Master Short 1 Members --1.275m Royal Trouble Experienced Medium 1 Members --700k Rum Deal Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Rune Mysteries Novice Short 1 Free --225k Scorpion Catcher Intermediate Short 1 Members --375k Sea Slug Intermediate Short 1 Members --375k Shades Of Mort'ton Intermediate Short 3 Members --375k Shadow of the Storm Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Sheep Herder Novice Short 4 Members --225k Sheep Shearer Novice Short 1 Free --225k Shield of Arrav Novice Medium 1 Free --250k Shilo Village Experienced Long 2 Members --750k Slug Menace Intermediate Medium 1 Members --400k Soul's Bane, A Novice Short 1 Members --225k Spirits of the Elid Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Swan Song Master Medium 2 Members --1.3m Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Intermediate Long 2 Members --450k Tail of Two Cats, A Intermediate Medium 2 Members --400k Tears of Guthix Intermediate Short 1 Members --375k Temple of Ikov Experienced Long 1 Members --750k The Restless Ghost Novice Short 1 Free --225k Throne of Miscellania Experienced Medium 1 Members --700k Tourist Trap, The Intermediate Long 2 Members --750k Tower of Life Novice Short 2 Members --225k Tree Gnome Village Intermediate Long 2 Members --750k Tribal Totem Intermediate Medium 1 Members --700k Troll Romance Experienced Medium 2 Members --700k Troll Stronghold Experienced Medium 1 Members --700k Underground Pass Experienced Long 5 Members --750k Vampire Slayer Novice Short 3 Free --225k Wanted! Intermediate Short 1 Members --375k Watchtower Intermediate Long 4 Members --750k Waterfall Quest Intermediate Long 1 Members --750k What Lies Below Intermediate Medium 1 Members --700k Witch's House Intermediate Medium 4 Members --700k Witch's Potion Novice Short 1 Free --225k Zogre Flesh Eaters Intermediate Long 1 Members --750k
  14. Fire Cape's: >> Click to add my Skype << Skills: Hand Done: Rock/Sand crabs: 1-50 Att/Str/Def/Range/Mage 24gp/exp 50-70 Att/Str/Def/Range/Mage 18gp/exp 70-99 Att/Str/Def/Range/Mage 15gp/exp NMZ: 70-99 8gp/exp Att/Str/Def 8gp/exp (When 70+ str/att) 70-99 7gp/exp Range Magic: 18gp/exp (Splashing) 15gp/exp (Alching) 6gp/exp if autoclick 10gp/exp (bursting/barraging) Runecrafting 1-44 - 70gp/exp 44-99 50gp/exp Agility 1-40 80 gp/xp 40-99 50gp/xp Hunter 1-30 80gp/exp 30-60 50gp/exp 60-99 40gp/exp Farming 1-30 70gp/exp 30-99 45gp/exp Mining 1-30 40gp/exp 30-99 28gp/exp Fishing 1-30 50gp/exp 30-48 28gp/exp 48-99 25gp/exp Woodcutting 1-36 30gp/exp 36-99 15gp/exp Cooking 1-99 6gp/exp Fletching 1-55 12gp/exp 55-99 9gp/exp Firemaking 1-50 12gp/exp 50-99 10gp/exp Crafting 1-36 15gp/exp 36-99 9gp/exp Smithing 1-30 20gp/exp 30-99 8gp/exp Herblore 1-50 9gp/exp 50-99 7gp/exp Construction 1-38 35gp/exp 38-99 18gp/exp Prayer 1-99 6gp/exp Slayer 1-50 120gp/exp 50-99 80gp/exp Thieving 1-53 35gp/exp 53-99 20gp/exp BOTTED IS USUALLY HALF THE PRICE! 50% Service costs are refunded when banned Account is lost and wont be refunded Quests: Black Knights' Fortress - 250K Cook's Assistant - 100k Demon Slayer - 400K Doric's Quest - 100K Dragon Slayer - 1500K Ernest the Chicken - 400K Goblin Diplomacy - 150K Imp Catcher - 100K The Knight's Sword - 300K Misthalin Mystery 300k Pirate's Treasure - 250K Prince Ali Rescue - 500K The Restless Ghost - 100k Romeo and Juliet - 300K Rune Mysteries - 250K Sheep Shearer - 100k Shield of Arrav - 500K Vampire Slayer - 250K Witch's Potion - 100K Animal Magnetism - 1500k Another Slice of H.A.M. - 1750k Back to my Roots - 2000k Between a Rock... - 1750k Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 600k Biohazard - 600K Cabin Fever - 1500k Clock Tower - 500K Cold War - 1200k Contact! - 2200k Creature of Fenkenstrain - 1400k Darkness of Hallowvale - 3250k Death Plateau - 600k Death to the Dorgeshuun - 1600k Desert Treasure: 43+ pray 60+ range - 4000k 43+ pray 30+ range - 6000k -43 pray 60+ range - 10000k Devious Minds - 2400k The Digsite - 1250k Dream Mentor - 3000k Druidic Ritual - 100k Dwarf Cannon - 500K Eadgar's Ruse - 1250K Eagles' Peak - 750K Elemental Workshop I - 500k Elemental Workshop II - 750k Enakhra's Lament - 1800k Enlightened Journey - 1400k The eyes of glouphrie - 1200k Fairytale IGrowing Pains - 1000k Fairytale II Cure a Queen - 1600k Family Crest - 1500k The Feud - 2000k Fight Arena - 250k Fishing Contest - 150k Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - 1250k The Fremennik Isles - 1800k The Fremennik Trials - 1500k Garden of Tranquillity - 2500k Gertrude's Cat - 500K Ghosts Ahoy - 1750k The Giant Dwarf - 750K The Golem - 750K The Grand Tree - 800K Grim Tales - 1250k The Haunted Mine - 2800k Hazeel Cult - 500K Heroes' Quest - 2500k Holy Grail - 700K Horror From The Deep - 1750k If barcrawl done 1250k Icthlarin's Little Helper - 1800k In Aid of the Myreque - 1500k In Search of the Myreque - 1600k Jungle Potion - 350k King's Ransom - 2500k + 1000k for knight waves Legends' Quest - 3250k Lost City - 250K Lost Tribe - 500K Lunar Diplomacy - 3500k Making History - 500K Merlin's Crystal - 750K Monk's Friend - 100K Monkey Madness 43+ pray 60+ range/mage - 2500k 43+ pray 30+ range/mage - 5000k -43 pray 60+ range/mage - 10000k Monkey Madness II 7-20m depending on stats. Mountain Daughter - 1000k Mourning's Ends Part I - 3800k Mourning's Ends Part II - 3500k Murder Mystery - 800K My Arm's Big Adventure - 1500k Nature Spirit - 500K Observatory Quest - 900K Olaf's Quest - 1600k One Small Favour - 3500k Plague City - 350k Priest in Peril - 500K Rat Catchers - 2000k Recipe For Disaster Intro: Helping the Cook - 100K Freeing the Mountain Dwarf - 500K Freeing the Goblins - 500K Freeing Pirate Pete - 500K Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - 500K Freeing Evil Dave - 1500k (3000k if still kitten) Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - 750k Freeing Sir Amik Varze - 1250k Freeing King Awowogei - 2000k The Final Fights - 1500k Recruitment Drive - 1000k Regicide - 2750k Roving Elves - 900K Royal Trouble - 1250k Rum Deal - 800K Scorpion Catcher - 500K Sea Slug - 400K Shades Of Mort'ton - 1000K Shadow of the Storm - 700K Sheep Herder - 800K Shilo Village - 800K Slug Menace - 1250k A Soul's Bane - 1800k Spirits of the Elid - 1500k Swan Song - 1250k Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 2500k - 4000k if not 25+ hp A Tail of Two Cats - 1600k Tears of Guthix - 500K Temple of Ikov - 700K The Great Brain Robbery - 1400k The Hand in the Sand - 800K The Tourist Trap - 800K The Underground Pass 3000k if above 60 agil if not 5000k Throne of Miscellania - 1500k Tower of Life - 500K Tree Gnome Village - 500K Tribal Totem - 750K Troll Romance - 750K Troll Stronghold - 750K Wanted! - 1750k Watchtower - 1500k Waterfall Quest - 750K What Lies Below - 900K Witch's House - 400K Zogre Flesh Eaters 900K Order Form: - What is your Skype?: - What service do you need?: - Payment method? (rsgp/btc): - Do you agree to my TOS?: (feel free to order over skype aswell)
  15. [Open Source] FC Cook's Assistant

    Removed, check signature for FC Questing Source is still available to view (click open source scripts in signature)
  16. [Open Source] FC Sheep Shearer

    Removed, check signature for FC Questing Source is still available to view (click open source scripts in signature)
  17. Need a quest done

    Hello! I will pay someone to do monkey madness asap. Message me with prices. My accounts has 77 attack, 75 strength, 77 defense, 45 prayer. Only dealing with people that can be trusted.
  18. ✯[Fast/Cheap]✯ ✔Questing, ✔Power-Leveling services ✯ ✯Tutorial island 50k-75k per account - Hand Done.✯ Here is my T.O.S and Order Format, T.O.S I will not go first.If you do not want to go first, we will use a VMM at your expense. I am not responsible if your account gets banned/muted during my service( Bans are not refundable ). If I am unable to finish your service your money will be reimbursed. You will not log into the account until the service is completed, if you log in and interrupt the service your money will not be refunded. Orders will not be placed until You agree my T.O.S Order Format:Skype:Order Type:Do you Agree to my T.O.S:Payment rs07gp: What Quest/Desired level You Need:
  19. need questing service!

    i need some quests dont for osrs, you got to make the quests without my bank, so you will need a mule. 7 quests needed, paying in osrs gp, send a pm with skype or comment below The digsite The gigant dwarf The lost tribe Death to the dorgenshuun Recruitment drive Wanted Another slice of ham
  20. Welcome to my Questing services. All prices are Negotiable so please don't hesitate to contact me about them. I've gotten 2 quest capes on both of my own accounts so i've done these quests before. Either post below or add me on skype we can get to work! note- This is great for botters to get some novice quests done to avoid being banned-. - Novice Short: ~500k 07 - Novice Medium: ~900k 07 - Novice Long: ~1.1m 07 - Intermediate Short: ~1.3m 07 - Intermediate Medium: ~1.6m 07 - Intermediate Long: ~2.0m 07 - Experienced Short: ~2.2m 07 - Experienced Medium: ~2.4m 07 - Experienced Long: ~2.7m 07 - Master: Varied - GrandMaster: Varied skype : "henry.rodrigues1" Terms of Service: Payment will be given 50% at first and 50% after service has been provided (this might vary from customer to customer, vouches etc). Always ask for a pm before sending / trading payment. All equipment and resources or money to buy resources required for quest, should be in your bank before ordering. You may not log in to your account before the order is finished, unless discussed in advance. You may not cancel the order once we have started, only a partial refund will be given IF WE HAVE JUST STARTED. We are not responsible for any infractions to your account during or after our service is provided.
  21. 1)Our Purpose:During this time, we are currently serving runescape quests for our customers at unbelievable prices! Whether it be simple or difficult, we are hoping that our service will enable you enjoy 'scaping while saving you time and money! TALK ABOUT A STEAL! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 2)Quests and Prices ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 3)The Team:Current Accepted Members: 2Current Trial Members: 1Think you got what it takes to be a part of the team? See Below for more information! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 4)Terms of Service:1. You are not allowed to log on to the account during the order unless contraindicated by quester.2. We are not responsible for any infractions (bans, mutes, etc.) that may occur during and/or after the service.3. You must have the necessary recommendations, such as skills, prior to order. 4. You must provide a temporary password for your account, and must be changed upon completion of our service. With that, we are not responsible for any lost goods after the order is completed.5. If you choose to suddenly withdraw from our service, you will not be refunded.6. If any information on the account is changed during the service, the order is instantly cancelled and you will not get a refund.7. Prices are subject to change depending on the stats & equipments that are linked to the account.By ordering from our service, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Interested in being part of the team? Follow these steps:1) Fill out the form below2) Submit the form via Private Message or Comment Below3) Wait & Relax. I will soon contact you pertaining to your interest Requirements:Active Forum MemberAble to work with team; Team Player ; CooperativeAvid/Experienced GamerPresents himself/herself with a positive & friendly attitude towards our customers Coming Soon: http://www.gamingservant.com
  22. So what is this script? This script is pretty simple. Basically, it does everything in RS for you. It's designed to let you choose to bot ANY method using a task system. For you, that means you can set it up do one method after another. For example, you could make it fish shrimp at draynor until 20 fishing, then kill chickens using the bronze sword and shield in your bank while looting feathers, then once you get over 1000 feathers, it can automatically go to edgeville and fly fish until 40 fishing. All with 1 press of the start script button. But it goes beyond that. You don't just have to train an army of fishers, or an army of woodcutters. This script will allow you to train an army of fishing, woodcutting, questing, dragon killers. Not only will it train you in any stats, but it also does high end methods, such as Dragon Killing, Magic tree chopping, fishing guild fishing, etc. Lets say you don't need to train accounts. Maybe you just want to use it on your main. It's perfect for that, too. It's been long thought that botting in 1 spot was very detectable by Jagex's antibot. Evidence has suggested this. With this script, you can make it do different tasks. So maybe you want your main to fish for sharks for 1-3 hours, then cook sharks, then do BDK for 2-5 hours, then take a 6-9 hour break, then WC magics with a dragon axe. This script can make that happen. Features: Woodcutting (Banking, powerchopping, picking up nests, auto-upgrade axe, auto-buy axe from shop if needed): Lumbridge NormalsVarrock West NormalsVarrock East NormalsDraynor NormalsLumbridge OaksVarrock West OaksVarrock East OaksDraynor OaksLumbridge WillowsCatherby WillowsDraynor WillowsCatherby YewsSeers YewsLumbridge YewsSeers MagicsFishing (Banking, powerfishing, Auto-buy equipment, option to drop tuna): Lumbridge small netDraynor small net Edgeville/Barb Village Fly FishingCatherby LobstersCatherby HarpoonFishing Guild LobstersFishing Guild HarpoonMining (Banking, powermining, all ores): Lumbridge MineVarrock West MineVarrock East MineAl Kharid MineSmelting: All bars, including cannonballsAl kharid furnaceFalador FurnaceRing of Forging supportShop Buying: 100% customBuys from any shop (npc or object)Banking supportStops buying at certain stocks (custom)F2P supportBuy 1 at a time support Flax Picking: SeersQuests: Cooks Assistant (credits to gef30)Other: Custom Antiban that you decide onABCL 10Universal banking system that "remembers" your bank at all timesTravels using teleport tabs if you have themSwitches tasks based on level, time ran, or by items. So you can make it stop when you are running low on something, or make it stop when you get a certain amount of an items Future Features: AIO Combat with presets, banking, etc.Specific combat (BDK, GDK, Rock Crabs, Chaos Druids, Hill Giants)AIO MerchantingAIO FletchingAIO CraftingAIO Hunter+ More GUI: Planned Pricing: ** Need suggestions here Beta Testing: I'm currently looking for beta testers. This script should be released within the next few weeks. The more people involved, the less time it will take. Please add my skype (wastedbro) Post any suggestions or comments here.
  23. AIO Herblore

    I'm currently working on an AIO herb, heres the GUI : Features: -You will never have to restart the script to perform other tasks. -You can perform tasks such as Cleaning then mixing, then decanting in queue. -You can make potions from scratch to full. -Will complete drudic ritual for you for a true 1-99 experience. -Every single potion supported. -Ability to make different numerous potions in one go.
  24. Seems a shame that none of the quest scripts are getting updated... I would pay a good deal of money to get a premium script that has antiban and works, even if it were only 10 quests/f2p) it would add a lot and give our accounts a much more legit account. Could any script writers comment on here as to why nobody has continued on them? I mean, a fair deal of work has already been done on 2 scripts as far as i can tell. And if charging it as premium it could make it worth your while