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  1. Proxies and so?

    Hello there,, I'm new to botting and I want to run like 15 bots. Do you maybe got any tips regarding to which bots I can/can't use and how to play them on different proxies? Since my main is on my standard IP and I don't want that one to get banned. I already saw this page, but I don't know how to use different proxies for the accounts. Thanks in advance, Bram
  2. Title says it all, I was thinking because the price of a proxy, seems to be the price of a bond. 1m gp = 0.8$ Dedicated sock for a month $2-$3 Bond $2.3 Total gp needed to bot to break even: 6M GP ~ Only reply if you actually have had a farm/have - Thanks!
  3. Im kinda new to botting and i am currently botting on my laptop and playing regularly on my main on my computer, since i've heard of chainbans there's a risk my main gets banned. How does proxies work with VIP-E to stop this?
  4. I'm confused on how TRiBot handles mulitple proxies for one client with multiple tabs. When I start the client I select a proxy from the Proxy field (shown below) and login. To check to make sure my proxy was correct I go to View -> Runtime Information and it shows me the proxy I just selected. This works as expected. Now if I wanted to run 3 "tabs" under 1 client... I would start the client like above, then go to Client -> New Client Advanced and select my proxy. After each client loads up, I check View -> Runtime Information and it shows the Proxy from the inital login. If I right-click on each tab it shows the proxy I entered into the Advanced Client Setup. Not sure which proxy each tab is using? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I have vip extended but how do i setup the proxy???? i have the ip and port but i dont know what the username and password is. please help i need proxy.
  6. Several fresh accounts LOCKED

    Hello dear botters / scripters, Does any of you know the solution or are familiar with new fresh accounts getting LOCKED right after you log out? 3 out of the 4 accounts I created ALL with different proxy were locked the first time after I logged out, now i'm afraid to bot on them because I have the feeling they are watching me! THE WAY I MAKE MY ACCOUNTS: [ 1. setup PROXY 1.0 on Maxthon browser (on local PC)2. Setup PROXY 1.0 on Tribot Client. (on a private server i hired somewhere in Europe.)3. Create RS-account on Maxthon browser With PROXY 1.0 (on local PC)4. PLAY (not bot) Runescape for several HOURS on that server in Europe with PROXY 1.0 on the Tribot client before logging out] WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? is not removing the cashe the problem, if that is NOT the problem, what is? I am going through tutorial island without touching a bot, i am playing runescape without using a bot. However, I am using the Tribot client, but Runescape doesn't detect that. Also, all the 3 accounts are member. Thank you guys <3
  7. Has anyone had success getting SOCKS5 proxies to authenticate in TRiBot using an IP vs. Username / Password? If so, any access to a walk-through? Currently able to authenticate with Username / Password with no problem, but receive an error when trying to use IP. Thanks!
  8. I've recently been banned on 7 accounts due to me running 10 on the same IP address and i need to know if it is possible to use socks 5 proxies on 10 accounts or more spread out on different IP's on the same computer?
  9. Proxies? HELP!

    Hello TriBotters! I'm brand-spankin' new to the world of botting and was hoping that someone could shed some light on proxies, the benefit of having/using them, how to use them, when not to use them, and any other useful information about them! So far, I've only used aMiner for about 10 hours on 2 different accounts that I don't really care about (1 new account, 1 old account). However, I have a main that I would like to attempt botting agility, rc, and mining on but I DO care A LOT about the account, I've been playing on it for over 15 years. Would proxies minimize the risk of a ban? I know there is always a chance a botted account will get banned so I'm just looking to gain as much knowledge as I can about different strategies/safety methods before I do commence botting on that account. Thank you all in advance for your tips/advice! Edit: If this post is in the wrong section, can a mod/admin please move it? Thanks!
  10. What version of maxthon do I need? I've been using the latest version and it doesn't seem to have an option for it.
  11. Hi guys, So far ive been using Maxthon browser because it lets me add a proxy very easily. Problem is it cant run multiple proxies. Have been searching all over google but cant seem to find a browser that does. Does anyone know of a browser that has this possibility? * has to work with LG too
  12. Starting up

    Howdy, so let me explain the situation. I want to start up a farm of around 8bots. So I've been doing my research and I ran into a company called virmach which seems interestting cause for 45$ a month I could do that. What I don't know is that if each client will have a different IP or not. If each account does maintain and hold a certain IP different from the rest then it puts that account under exposure. What I need to figure out is how to get a private proxy and hold it down or if theirs away around using a service like virmach and then doing that. I was just looking for suggestions on what to do.
  13. Proxyhulk offer cheap Anonymous ( Private & Shared Proxies ) with low price starting at 15$ for with Unlimited Bandwidth and Multiple locations across USA our support 24/7 you can get your account in few minutes by instant activation Our proxies are fully anonymous, protecting your IP completely. We ensure that the proxies we supply are non-sequential, and all plans offer multiple subnets. These proxies can be used for basically anything you like Features of our Shared & Private Proxies - Unlimited Bandwidth Use our proxies with no limits or bandwidth restrictions - Multiple Locations across USA - Proxies support Protocols HTTPS-HTTP-SOCKS5 - 99.9% Uptime We monitor our network around-the-clock to ensure you have access when you need it. - instant Activation . your proxy service will be actived in no more than 2 mints. - Free Control Panel you will get professional Control panel to manage your proxies and change your authenticating IP - 24/7/365 Support to assist you with any aspect of your hosting experience. Proxies working with Google/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Scrapebox/SeNuke/ GSA Search/Social Bookmarking.etc Shared Packages discounted for BHW members Anonymous Proxies Unlimited Bandwidth HTTP - SOCKS5 Proxy Subnet Variety Multiple Locations (Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas,Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle.) instant Activation 24/7 Full Support 99.9% Uptime Advanced Control Panel API to Access Socks & proxies directly Packages : PHK-500 500 Shared Proxies 50$ monthly PHK-1000 1000 Shared Proxies 75$ monthly PHK-2200 2200 Shared Proxies 100$ monthly PHK-2700 2700 Shared Proxies 125$ monthly Order Now Private Packages offers Anonymous Proxies Unlimited Bandwidth HTTP - SOCKS5 Proxy Subnet Variety Multiple Locations (Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas,Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle.) instant Activation 24/7Full Support 99.9% Uptime Advanced Control Panel API to Access Socks & proxies directly Packages : PHKPRIV-10 10 Private Proxies 9$ Monthly PHKPRIV-20 20 Private Proxies 18$ Monthly PHKPRIV-50 50 Private Proxies 48$ Monthly PHKPRIV-120 120 Private Proxies 110$ Monthly PHKPRIV-200 200 Private Proxies 190$ Monthly Order Now We Accept : Paypal - credit card - webmoney - banktransfer and more ( Paymentwall ) We guarantee 48 hours money back for more information please visit our Website or Contact us at support @ proxyhulk.com
  14. First off please read this whole post or don't respond. When I startup the Tribot loader and select a proxy to use in the loader, the bot starts up with the proxy just fine. I've checked the runtime info and it is using the proxies and they are most definitely working proxies. The big issue is when I click " New Client (Advanced)" and select a different proxy to use , the new client uses the same proxy as I first selected in the loader. Every client I start up uses the same proxy (that I selected in startup) regardless of selecting a different one with the "New client (advanced)" option. Before anyone says anything I have closed and reopened the whole Tribot instance multiple times, I have even tried selecting no proxy in startup then using the "New Client (Advanced)" option to select one and when I do it this way it simply uses no proxy at all. This is a real deal breaker for me if this doesn't work. Can someone please help me fix this issue?
  15. Cheap HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

    I've got 175 HTTP/HTTPS proxies for sale with IP authentication. Guaranteed 100/Mbs+ and unlimited bandwidth. Price is at 40 cents each, have to purchase 50 minimum. You can't find prices cheaper than this unless you go for over shared proxies like proxy hulk or buy in bulk of 500+. They will last until 3/25/2017. Note: Tribot uses SOCKS5 proxies, not HTTP/HTTPS. Message me on discord daxmagex#2896 OR post on thread / contact me via PM I accept OSRS/Credits. I also accept paypal if you are VIP on forums with an account older than a month
  16. botting on flagged proxied

    if i bot on a proxy server and my accounts get banned then my proxy ip will get flagged and i only have1 chance a month to change ip on that certin proxy. so how do you deal with this issue
  17. Need General Help with TRiBot Usage

    Hey guys! I'm looking to get started with a gold farm and making my own scripts, but I need some help using TRiBot. Relevant comp specs: i5-6600k 8bg ddr4 ram Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Raedon R9 390 First of all, I was under the impression that with an i5-6600k I would be able to run atleast 20 bots, but I get to 100% cpu with just 5 bots open, and thats with TRiBot minimized and graphics disabled. I know somethings wrong but no idea how to fix it. Also, does it make a difference if I use one client with 5 tabs or 5 clients with one tab? So far ive been using 1 client with 5 tabs, but if that's the issue with cpu ill change. Ive been told to use 512 mb per bot, but if i get to my endgame goal of 20 bots form my pc, wont that be too much? How much ram should I be allocating per bot? I dislike the suicide botting method, I prefer long term accounts, so I've been looking into combat such as GDK and Wyverns and possibly writing my own script (I have a decent knowledge of java, just need to learn API). But to keep these long term accounts unbanned for as long as possible, whats reccommended? Ive heard no more than 8 hours a day with a break or two, but that still seems a bit risky. I was thinking about 2-3 hrs in morning and 2-3 at night, does that sound like a good strategy? For proxies, Ive tried Proxyfish and I mean I got working proxies, but somewhat expensive and not sure if I should continue buying there, whats the best place to buy proxies? socks5proxies.net also looks good, especially since theyre focused on TRiBot, anyone had experience with them? Also, how many accounts would it be safe to run per proxy? So far ive only been doing one proxy one acc, but until I start seeing profits I feel like I'm just spending a bunch of money... I was thinking 2-3 accts per proxy, what do you guys think about that? When I open TRiBot, my Java version always goes to the JDK, even though I have set my JAVA_HOME variable to the jre I have installed, any advice on that? Possibly a reason for more cpu usage? Thank you in advance for all your help, I look forward to botting and sharing my experiences with you guys! @Usa @TRiLeZ @iFluffee
  18. WTB Australian SOCKS5 Proxies

    Hi guys, I live in Australia and I've been training up a handful of accounts up to get ready to Goldfarm on and I'm trying to get access to some Australian Proxy's as I suspect Jagex will swing the banhammer if I've been playing from Australia then switch to USA and start goldfarming. Is anyone able to help me with some pricing? Happy to chat on Skype or w/e. Cheers!
  19. How do I use Proxies?

    I am trying to use a proxy with my client. I have Extended VIP membership, I entered in proxies I got from http://proxylist.hidemyass.com, and I followed the video tutorial on Tribots Youtube channel posted below. However, I keep getting the message "could not connect to the specified proxy". Can someone help me out here please? Thanks
  20. Proxy inquiry

    So I'm looking into the possibilities with setting up a proxy for my accounts. I only bot on 2 accounts, 1 main + 1 pure. Light botting, Nmz/experiments/agility/magix etc, nothing crazy no bot farms or obvious botting methods... I've heard people say before, when you buy these proxies from people that since so many botters use them, Jagex has many of them blacklisted and actually by using the proxy enables them to determine whether or not your botting easier as so many botters are purchasing the same ones from the same people... Anyone have any input on this? Or some expertise in the field?
  21. VIP/General Botting Question?

  22. Hey Whatsup Guys! I've been gold farming for over a year now and I cant stress enough the importance of using proper proxies. I'm selling some awesome & cheap proxies: 5 proxies for 8$ (paypal, btc) / 8m OSRS (30 Days): - You can buy the proxies in sets of 5 or higher. - You can pick between a 10 day (half price so 4$/4M OSRS) or 30 day period. - Locations: USA & Russia. - Free IP change every 8 days, all 5! (keep in mind that I have to do this manually!) - Authentication by Password. - Socks5 (needed for botting) - Works with all the botting clients - Different subnets to the IP's. - Binding to IP Address. Hit me up on skype: nom.nom46 if you want to buy some proxies or more information!
  23. This thread will be a guideline on how to use our servers from before you purchase to after. We've been getting lots of messages in regards to what happens after the purchasing process, so we want to show everyone what we have on the market for Runescape gold farming, VirtualBuddy. Step 1: Choosing a Server Whatever your botting needs are, we can supply you with the best software on the market for botting that all comes in a nicely bundled package. Our wide variety of servers allows for easy expansion of bot farms that grows with you, Starting with our most basic package "Trial Farm VPS". Select the one that fits you the best. Step 2: Review Your Product After you select any of the 7 Runescape packages above you will be redirected to the info sheet that gives you all the information you need to know about your virtual server. For this example I have selected the "Platinum Farm VPS" which can run around 50 botting clients with its powerful dedicated cores. Once you have reviewed your product, you can continue to add it to your cart. Step 3: Checkout Continue to your checkout by clicking the cart in the top right hand corner. Here you will be displayed with all the items you added to your cart including proxies if you added them. We've added "Special Instructions" incase you want to request an extra feature for your server, for example: "Could you please download OSBuddy on my server so I can use the LG feature for the Tribot Client". After reading and understand you may tick off "I Agree With The Terms and Conditions" and continue on with your purchase. Step 4: Customer Information Pretty self explanatory. Just the basic information we need to get started with processing your order. After you complete this you can use the same information to login to your VirtualBuddy account to purchase another product without having to fill this out again. Step 5: Payment After completing your customer information you will be directed to your payment options. We accept almost all types of payment options so choose the best one that suits your needs. We may add a feature to pay with OSGP in the future. We're almost done! Step 6: Reviewing, Processing, Finalizing, Sending Email After you have completed your payment type, an invoice is directly emailed to our staff email which we will then review your order, pass it on to level 2 processing which will take a few minutes to get everything you need on to your new server, and then the final step of finalizing and double checking over our work to make sure your server is up and functional always. This step can take up to 24 hours depending on when you order. If you order within our working hours you can expect to have your server within 30 minutes or less. After all these processes and we are positive your server is ready, we will then email you the server information directly to the email you used in your Customer Information. ================================================================================================================================= Step 7: Connecting to your Server Once you have received the email you should be able to find your server information to login to your private server. We will be connecting to the private server using VNC Viewer, you can find the link here: https://www.realvnc.com/download/viewer/ Connecting to the server is very simple, just input your IP:Port and put in the password and you're connected. This is an example of what you should input on the VNC Server line. Press connect and enter password and you're connected! Yes that is Po from KFP. You're Now Connected! Visit us at www.virtualbuddy.org Use Promotion code: TRIBOT for 5% off till the 21st (exam season special)
  24. NOTE TO MODS: Todd gave me permission to advertise our site in topic. Our Private SOCKS and HTTPS proxies are guaranteed to work for all the major bot clients. We are an official advertiser for many of the top bot clients and hope to establish ourselves within the TriBot community. Our private proxies are perfect for botting in RuneScape. If you're looking for low latency, high speed, private and dedicated proxies for botting on unique IPs that have never been botted before, choose us! Here's some highlights of our proxies: 1. Works on all major bots, mobile devices, and desktop applications compatible with SOCKS/HTTPS Proxies. 2. Our proxies are hosted on 1GBS servers. 3. Our proxies are ELITE ANONYMOUS. 3. We DO NOT log any of your proxy activity/usage. 4. Proxies have UNLIMITED/UNMETERED BANDWIDTH 5. Perfect for streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu, Twitch, YouTube. 6. Perfect for playing online games such as RuneScape, Counter-Strike, League of Legends. 7. Perfect for Craigslist and web browsing! 8. Multiple high-speed locations available throughout the world, including USA (West Coast), USA (East Coast), Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom(London)! 9. 99.9% Uptime! 10. We have Multiple Subnets per country/location! For most subnets (pick USA West/East). 11. We allow 1 Proxy Change / month. 12. We provide as non-sequential IP's as possible - we have TONS of subnets to make sure we get you as randomized as possible! No one has more subnets than us! PRICE LIST: For reference, here are our most common packages. You can pick ANY location including: USA West Coast, USA East Coast, Germany, Netherlands, London, Canada 5 Private Proxies: $16 $12.75 * (that's $2.55 each proxy). 10 Private Proxies: - $30 $25.50 * (That's $2.55 each proxy) With use of our promo code: 15OFF for 15% off your first month's order. Order now, this coupon code will expire soon! If you want some kind of customized locations for your order other than the many options we have listed, please contact me on Skype before ordering. Skype: MatthewVitale866 HOW TO BUY: Just visit our website, http://www.proxyfish.com and pick your package! For botting in RuneScape, you will want to pick the SOCKS packages! Be sure to use PROMO CODE: Tribot for 5% off or use promo code NEW10 for 10% off! You can also add us on Skype: MatthewVitale866 if you need help or open up a support ticket! Customers from around the world trust ProxyFish for their RuneScape botting! Just check below: