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  1. Problem Starting Clients

    My client is just blank white after it loads. The loading screen is just normal, its only when it has finished that it doesnt work. I have to run old school runescape under Windows XP, otherwise it will not work. I do not know if that is the issue but I havent seen any solutions for that, if it is the issue. When it's loading up the Bot Debug shows " [15:48:58] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) ". I've looked at a lot of fixes for a lot of different problems but nothing has worked for this.
  2. Hi, I set the initial tribot up using my new proxy information at the tribot login screen. I tried to use USA tutorial island to create accounts like before but the accounts get locked either right before or right after tutorial island finishes because the account is suspected to be stolen. So, I downloaded Maxthon and setup my proxy on that, I went to an ip website to verify that it was reading my new IP and it was. So I set a new set of accounts up and just opened them in tribot, again locked as they are suspected to be stolen. My IP address should be consistent among all of the accounts... don't know what's going on. Tips? Edit 1: I can verify that my Tribot client is indeed listing my proxy, and that Maxathon is also listing my proxy's info.
  3. Trouble downloading the client.

    I paid for a month of VIP yesterday and I still haven't been able to download the client. When I click download at https://tribot.org/ It asks me to open or save so I save the tribot_loader to my desktop and when I open that file it asks me what I want to do with it, open or save. I'm stuck in a loop where every time I try to open the tribot_loader it asks me what i want to do with it open or save. Every time I save the loader it just duplicates and when I open the file its stuck in the same loop of opening and saving. Please help!
  4. Azeredo

    Hello! How do I fix this bug? http://prntscr.com/e1149k
  5. Tribot won't open..

    Guys, my tribot will not open. I have downloaded java (other bot client works, that I do not want to use) I have tried to choose open with>java>bin>javaw and I have also tried to "set the variable" which didn't work so I deleted it. when I double click the loader it just does nothing, or if I set it to a different "java" to open with it pops up a cmd prompt for a split second, goes away and does nothing. Can anybody please help me.. I can't find anything to get this fixed!
  6. Captcha Client Problems

    Hi everyone, FIrst of all i must say im sorry because my english is worse, i try my best to describe my problem . So, im tried log in to Tribot loaders , problem is "Captcha on this Client" its really to small - already tried log in to tribot sites then relaunch the client, client still asked for captcha verifications - tried uninstall my java,change my browser, update it all - restart my computers it still ask for captcha verifications, and,,,when i gues i give a correct verifications, it says " sorry an error has occured " or "it told me to copy a code and paste it on some box below " - already copy paste it, but then what ??...i cant see submit or apply buttons...so its stop there and when i try to click login buttons it give me some error codes like a last pictures So i really cant log in to tribot clients, can anyone help me ?already did this for 4 hours Thanks

    Every day this happens for about 15 minutes. This is the only device I have a tribot account logged in on and client open. I then try to get a script running and this message comes up. There is no other scripts running obviously and only one tab open. Why does this happen? How can I fix it? I know i have to close out of the tab and close client through the 'file' tab on the client but sometimes the client will crash or some bs will happen where i need to close and restart the client and boom this annoying ass error message. More annoyingly, the fucking error message opens up a browser to setup vip purchase even if you hit the X in the corner rather than clicking 'ok' Inb4 wait 15 mins - No Inb4 get VIP - 200$ in prem scripts I'm ok
  8. What was up with RS?

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone could tell me what was going on with Runescape just recently? I was really busy and I wasn't even able to view the main page / client online. I have heard things like RS getting ddosed and other stuff. Could someone tell me what was happening? Thanks, Frosty