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Found 16 results

  1. Hey all! Been using Tribot for a while now. While I'm certainly not experienced I can usually solve my own issues (although I am a bit of a noob) considering I'm generally quite tech savvy. However, my Google-Fu and trying all the steps I can think of has not yielded results in this case. So, I've been using Tribot fine for months now and suddenly today it simply doesn't work anymore. I didn't change anything on my laptop or edit any settings anywhere. One moment it was working, the next it's dead. Whenever I start Tribot and try to login I get an error. The error I get depends on whether or not I have Console Mode enabled. When I have Console Mode enabled I get an "Unable to create client instance" error and when I have Console Mode disabled I get a "Session Invalid" error message (screenshots below, let me know if you need any error files or anything). I'm 100% entering the correct password (can log into website with it fine), I tried deleting the cache folder in Appdata (didn't delete anything else though, such as Script profiles etc, could this be worth trying?). Overall, I'm stumped. I've restarted, redownloaded, deleted cache, and checked my login details are correct. I would really appreciate some advice or assistance (or the ability to post this in the client bug forum if that's required). Happy to try anything to make this work, as I said I'm not super experienced with Tribot but I have some general tech knowledge so I should be able to follow along to an extent regardless of how complex the potential solution is. Thanks, Rose
  2. Im stucked with that screen, here's the bot debug
  3. Guest

    Problem Botting on One Computer

    Hello, There seems to be a problem with botting on a specific computer. My friend and I are botting on two different computers. The account is created on my friend's computer. The bots that were all banned are on my computer. We both share the exact same proxies and accounts, so we don't have any issues logging in the wrong proxies. He makes the accounts and gives me accounts as soon as more bots cannot be put on his computer due to CPU usage / RAM usage. He has so far handed me 9 accounts. Some were accounts he has successfully botted for a month and some that were fresh. All of the bots that were given to me have died within a few days. He has shown me how to handle the bots while scripts are running. He has even tried to do accounts himself on my computer. Same outcome. We have changed the scripts. We have tested on different scripts, Sigma Magic, Auto Agility, CombatAIO, daxMiner, Master Thiever AIO. We have changed the amount of time we have scripted on each account. Ranging from 30 mins per day to 4 hours per day with breaks between certain days as well. The scripts don't seem to be the issue since the same scripts are run on my friend's computer and are doing perfectly fine. One account got banned on my computer despite not running any scripts on it. We have also deleted Jagex's files and cache and still no luck. We're confused and are wondering if it's even possible Jagex can see our processes or compare any hardware. Our mains are played on our respective computers on the same IP and are not banned. The Java versions are also different but are working perfectly fine besides getting banned. My friends computer details: Desktop Windows 10 Home AMD Processor Java: jdk1.8.0_151 My computer details: Laptop: Lenovo Windows 8.1 Pro Intel Processor Java: jdk1.8.0_121 Any help would be appreciated and we will post more details if asked upon. Thanks.
  4. So i try to start triBot and it says "Files loaded triBot will now start" and then the window closes and Nothing else happens. Am i doing something wrong?
  5. Guest

    *FIXED* Cant run bot? bought vip

    Hi, can anyone please help me? I bought VIP to use bots after my trial ended, but its saying I need to buy vip still?
  6. Guest

    Client wont start

    So this just keeps happening when I start my Tribot. https://gyazo.com/1774563c5d74234234cb765b935c388b Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Guest

    Class not registered

    Hi I'm new to the community and i've tried to download the tribot but whenever I open it it says "Class not register" and won't let me download the file. I have downloaded the latest java. And even did the JAVA_HOME and java jdk environment variable stuff but its still saying "class not registered" can i get some help please? Thanks
  8. Just bought the fisher pro for 8 dollars ! when i turn it on it does nothing, the script tries to click on the fish with the net but does nothing ? i tried it at draynor and i have tried it at the beginning by the lumbridge sea can somebody help me with this problem !?
  9. When i try to open the Tribot_Loader.jar it says ''Could not find the main class: org.tribot.loader.main program will exit !!!! can somebody help me with this problem ??? thank you
  10. Whenever I open up a new client is goes through the "downloading jar" and "updation process", but after that it just shows a white screen. I'm running osrs in fixed mode so it can't be that. Here is the debug info: [10:39:36] TRiBot Release 9.305_0 loaded. (1.8.0_111:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_111\jre) [10:39:36] Loading human mouse movement data. [10:39:37] Successfully loaded human mouse data. [10:39:57] Error: bw.() bh.ah() | SampleModel:126 SinglePixelPackedSampleModel:144 SinglePixelPackedSampleModel:110 PackedColorModel:310 bw:28 bh:292 bh:332 Thread:745 | java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Width (0) and height (0) must be > 0 [10:39:57] error_game_crash [10:39:57] Show document: http://oldschool101.runescape.com/error_game_crash.ws (_self) Anyone know what's up with it?
  11. Hi there, Ive tried downloading tribot several times and all i seem to get is a 'Tribot Loader' which is only able to be open in internet explorer. I open it and it says to save it, so i do. After saving it, it tell me to open the file which i do and then it says to save the file again. It's a vicious circle. anybody have any solutions to this problem? Would really appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Guest

    Unable to purchase VIP

    Hey there, I've tried emailing the TRiBot official contact, but have received no response. After 3 days of waiting, I've decided to take to the forums; Unfortunately, when attempting to purchase credits for VIP, the transaction gets denied, stating "suspected fraudulence". I do not know what I've done but need advice as to how to process, since I would really like the purchase it, but I have no alternative methods besides credit card to use. Thanks for your help, moderators. Sylveiya.
  13. Hello! :-) i'm new to the botting community and i purchased a premium bot for 10 credits, i go onto tribot and click "start script" and select the script i wish to use, then once selected the script says "downloading script "tri pest control bot". and then nothing else happens, i downloaded a free script and tested it to see if it would run and it runs fine, any ideas? :-)
  14. I've been looking up various tutorials on how to start writing scripts, I've encountered a few problems which I could really use some help with. NOTE: I am only just starting to understand this so an answer and/or a full explanation would be great. I've used the tutorial for a powerchopping script, I've played around a bit and ended up with this: I'm pretty sure the problem of clicking should be within this part: private void chopWood() { //We are finding the nearest trees with the OAK_ID in a 25 square radius trees = Objects.findNearest(25, OAK_ID); //if there are no trees don't crash because trees [0], but wait till tree comes back. if(trees.length > 0) { nearestTree = trees[0]; } // Setting nearest tree equal to the closest which is the first item in the array nearestTree = trees[0]; //turn the camera while its walking Camera.turnToTile(nearestTree.getPosition()); // IF the player is NOT cutting and is NOT moving if (Player.getAnimation() != CUTTING_ANIMATION && !Player.isMoving()) { //if the tree is on the screen, click the model if (nearestTree.isOnScreen()) { Mouse.click(nearestTree.getModel().getTriangles()[0].getBounds().getLocation(), 1); nearestTree.getModel().click(); //else walk to the tree and click the model when its on the screen } else { Camera.turnToTile(nearestTree.getPosition()); Walking.walkTo(nearestTree.getPosition()); } } } My skype is : ireloadi If anyone would help me in their free time would be great, I will not spam you just ask some questions when I'm stuck. I'd appreciate it! Sorry if this is a messy layout or confusing because of the many questions!
  15. triblion

    Bot Closing

    I cannot open the bot, I just bought a VIP trial and when I run a RS3 bot it starts loading hits 100% then it will close, on the bot panel it says that there is a bot running but it is not on my computer, not even on advanced details for my task manager
  16. So this is the second time i have brought the Tribot VIP Extended Trial and it is also the second time that it has finished a WHOLE DAY early, I brought it at 5 past midnight with a receipt to prove this and its finished at 9am the next day... this is not 2 days and I don't really care how cheap it sounds but i payed money for services that i'm not getting.. any help or information as to why would be greatly appreciated.
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