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Found 1 result

  1. STATUS: WORKING Progress reports ^ Rune axe Lite version is now on the repository! Link to premium thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15835-38-hours-druid Contact me to buy the fully premium script for 2M OS or $4.99 paypal. Free trial version available, this will last for 20 minutes. Contact me on skype to buy the fully premium script for only 2m OS Skype: druid.tb Update log: V1.00 - Release V1.01 - Bug fixes V1.02 - Bug fixes V1.03 - Added Catherby support V1.04 - Bug fixes and optimisation V1.05 - Fixed Catherby cutting V1.06 - Fixed alot of catherby bugs V1.07 - Bug fixes V1.08 - Ent detection fully fixed, added anti-bot busting Vi.09 - Fixed Banking V1.10 - Ent detection improved, should work 100% now Added a failsafe to withdraw a rune axe from your bank if the ent detection fails at any point, (Have yew logs and rune axes positioned at the top of your bank) Improved mouse hovering. (Will now move the camera if the tree isnt on the screen) Will log out if you've been teleported. (Walk back coming soon) Will instantly log out if a J mod comes anywhere near you V1.11 - Script optimization V1.12 - Bug fixes V1.13 - Script re-write V1.14 - Object ID update V1.15 - Optimisation and added cool painting effects V1.16 - Uploaded wrong version to 1.15, so please download 1.16 V1.18 - Lots of tweaks/ fixes as promised, heavily tested for 2 days V1.19 - Added walkback - have spare camelot teletabs in your bank and wear a dueling ring V1.20 - Yew IDS updated + other bug fixes v1.21 - Faster interaction with trees Known issues: None! running perfect! Future content (Orange = working on) (Red = Soon to come) None, give me some suggestions Know any more, good locations? let me know in a PM Skype name: druid.tb
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