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Found 5 results

  1. Offering to do firecape, torso, void, b gloves, power leveling, quests, anything you want send me a pm, only payment accepted is osrs gp
  2. Hello! I am doing questing or power leveling for fair prices! Message me with your requests and how much you're willing to pay, if you don't have a price in mind I will give you a quote! Often purchased account builds with prices! (These are just ideas not the only accounts I will do!) Cannonball (gets the level required, runs the quest, gets the ammo mold) - 2m with bond 5m without Blast furnace (gets the level required, will be placed in keldagrim) - 2m with bond 5m without Green Dragon Killer (gets 70/60/50, also will do a few simple quests) - 12m or 15m whip ready Motherlode Miner (41 mining and a rune pickaxe) 1.5m Air orb runner (66 magic, 30 defense, about 35 hitpoints) 3.5m or 6.5m without bond Nature runner Pm to discuss which specific stats you would like All orders can be rushed for a fee, which is negotiable! Package deals! Max profit cannon ball makers (Two cannonball makers and one blast furnace account) - 5m Message me for bulk rates! Things to note! I will always supply the accounts with the items they need at no extra cost unless it is going to be something big. I will always beat competitors if I am not terribly busy with orders! I haven't been in the community all that long but have picked up a lot of things very quickly and am trying to build a name for myself as a trusted service! Thanks for the orders! Terms of service 1. If the account gets banned in my hands and I was botting it, the bond will be refunded and I will try one more account for each of the original ones ordered that sees a ban. Otherwise, I will offer a 75% refund. 2. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed. 3. Orders need to be finalized in private message or on skype. 4. Payment must be given prior to the order being started unless you have a very good reputation! ALWAYS CONFIRM WE HAVE ADDED THE RIGHT SKYPE THROUGH TRIBOT PRIVATE MESSAGE!
  3. Hello! I run an account leveling and questing service, although I would still like to farm gold on my own! I will need at least six accounts trained, if you feel you can handle this task, pm me and we can discuss specifics and pricing!
  4. Hello! I am off for the night but never fear! Leave me a pm of what you need done and I'll give you a quote as soon as I'm back online!
  5. Note: I only have 5 feedback so I ask you keep the bank to a 3m minimum. Before you use my service please acknowledge the following: #1: Take a picture of your bank before the purchase. #2: Keep bank below 3m GP, or trade it to another account. #3: All of the orders will be hand done. #4: Orders will be recorded upon request. #5: Within one business week the recording will be uploaded as a private YouYube video providing you with the only link. #6: If you have over 3,000,000 RS07 GP on the account, up to 3,000,000 GP will be refunded if missing. #7: I am not responsible for bans and I will be recording any and all transactions + orders. #8: Do not sign into the account until you have been given permission or else the order will be canceled without a refund. #9: Due to the kind of service this is, refunds can not be provided. Attack, Strength, Defense: 1-30 (10.55$) 30-50 (18.50$) 50-60 (17.25$) Ranging Include supplies or add the following amounts. 1-30 (9.89$) if no supplies add 1.90$. 30-50 (16.50$) if no supplies add 5.40$ 50-60 (17.25$) if no supplies add 6.70$ I am aware supplies may be slightly extra but to transfer money takes time, and time is money. Handmade Tutorial Island Accounts 5 Hand-Made accounts is 5.00$ 10 Hand-Made accounts is 7.50$ 25 Hand-Made accounts is 15.00$ (Upon-Request larger bulks may be issued.) Skilling accounts upon request! USA Hand Made accounts. Skype @ joshlikesu22
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