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Found 1 result

  1. Why the weird camera movements?

    I have bought as well as tried a decent amount of premium scripts on tribot and I noticed that every single on of them had antiban where the camera rotates down and makes the character look at walls. This results in a lot of right click + left click interaction when a lot of the cases it could've been a single left click. By camera rotating down, i mean the effect you get on your screen when you push the down arrow key on your keyboard. Is there a reason why every scripter is implementing this abnormal camera rotation? Maybe it's just me but when I play legit, I seldom do right click + left click interaction e.g. right clicking the door and then left clicking open door instead of just left clicking the door and opening it. Also, I prefer to key my camera at a "up arrow key position" so that i'm viewing down from the sky so I can see where i am walking rather than clicking through walls. I've been using these scripts for couple months now and I managed to hit a 99 in one of them so if it works it works. Just curious why though? Isn't it the goal to simulate human behavior when botting? Am I the weird one and a lot of people actually click through walls to interact? Visual example, scripts frequently do this sort of interaction rather than