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Found 10 results

  1. please HELP glass blowing PROBLEM

    any crafting script i use will work except for the glass blowing. bot will use the glassblowing pipe on the molten glass continuously "wont select *make all*" if anyone could give some information or help it would be much appreciated!
  2. hello, I'm having trouble with my signature with druids aio fletcher, it says : and I have done just that and its still not working. can someone help me please? Paste this code directly into your signature, don't click on insert image icon! [img=http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/fletching/sig.png?username=REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_NAME]
  3. I bought socks and it didn't let me add them to the proxy under the login, but the advanced client did. I looked at the overview to view the ip and it said no proxy. Is it working?

    Im not really sure what I'm doing here, but why is it not letting me pull up my actual runescape account, why is it making me start over?
  5. Please help FAST Please....

    So I am trying to run MasterChopper AIO And when I hit start I make sure I have breaking off (And yes I have purchased this bot) It just doesnt do anything but lag super bad and I don't get the interface where it asks me where to chop. Please help my skype is caseyjones5000 I want help fast please, thanks!!! Oh and also It was working perfectly fine yesterday and the day before,

    Hello TriBot members, I have a very simple and urgent request. Is there anyone here who is willing to make a very simple and decanting bot that will turn potions (by ID) into 3 doses from 1/2/4 doses. I am willing to donate for this. Let me hear asap please. ~Slipping
  7. Worldhop Snippet Request

    Can anyone make a worldhop snippet that can actually work flawlessly? tried using some old ones but end up with errors/getting stuck Ingame/normal hopping doesn't really matter.
  8. Push me in the right direction please

    hey guys its me Carlos i have lost my two mains.. & many mules.. i use to bot back in the day so i know its possible. i believe in not giving up. ive made mules after mules. bot 4 at a time.. well point is i can invest my time and money in this hobby but i need help. ive bought proxys, ill pay for premium scripts, ill pay for the guidance. i just need help knowing how to be safe botting. which are safe to bot to start from scratch. wise areas or bots. what to farm how to set up the bot & what not. i mean whoever wants to help and put me back in game i can compensate them.
  9. 89 cents

    Hey guys, I really need 89 cents for the 2 dollar script qqq chins, if you guys could help me out I promise I pay back after I bot for awhile. Thanks everyone Paypal : [email protected] Skype: Live:renkey1
  10. Please could you possibly add an option to the client where, You can toggle the X cursor on/off (off being standard pointer cursor) You can toggle the spline on/off (no line following the cursor) This would be useful if a person wanted to livestream to prove to other players and/or J-mods they aren't botting (especially for those who babysit)