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  1. 1 FPS Tribot client

    Recently I've factory reset my pc and ever since then I have been experiencing frame drops down to 1 fps only when using tribot, may there be a explanation for this?
  2. Two factor Authenticator

    It's not showing the bar code.
  3. When i try loading the client it will have a normally black screen like the clients about to pop up, but then it goes to a straight grey screen. I need Help trying to figure this out because i have tried loading this client like 15 times. If you want to see a picture of what it's doing it's here ---> http://imgur.com/gallery/gNDF3 Thanks, Mageyob

    I accidentaly bought the wrong script and it was 25$ is it possible to get a refund??
  5. looking glass

    numerous accounts being banned over this past week. need to figure out how to use looking glass i have java 8 jdk installed open osrs client http://puu.sh/iZJma/64d1e5a012.jpg tribot login java version is set to the correct location? result numerous accounts being banned over this past week. need to start utilizing the looking glass option but it wont work
  6. i've purchased the vip for $8.00 using my paypal and yet it says i have to be vip to use scrpt. Why is that? where do i input my code? is that what i need to do? help please