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Found 9 results

  1. Pest control bot not working

    The pest control script is not working properly and Tri scripter is not replying to my messages. What you suggest me to do?
  2. Pest control bot not working

    Hello i need help what to do if my Pest Control bot not working right, he is doing something but not what he supposed to do bot runned 50 games but mannaged to get only 6 point.Problem is it dont gain points because of inanctivity.What should i do? Should i ask scripter to fix the script or to return money? because bot is working very bad right now making zero progress .
  3. Intermediate Void Set - 40M Includes : Helm/Top/Robe/Gloves Veteran Void Set - 30M Includes : Helm/Top/Robe/Gloves Gears & Supplies The customer has to provide minimal gear or better. Supplies are provided by us. 100% Safe & Reliable Our pest control service is manually done by hand. We also provide a full video record of the session. Time Frame : 1 - 2 working days. *Exact Time will be given during your order. Terms of Service Payment terms : 50% before and 50% after completion. No Changing of email/password during the service. We are not responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during or after the service. No logging in until after the service is completed. Payment OSRS GP only ( For Now )
  4. AIO Service

    Hello and welcome to my AIO services page. About Me: I will ONLY be offering my service for one person/account at a time, as i would leveling/ playing on my main account while training or doing whatever on the account having the service done. With that being said, i am NOT the type of person to play 12 hours a day every day, but i will give an ETA on the service and complete it as fast as i possibly can. Since this is a more relaxed type of service, prices will be negotiable and are 100% open to discussion. ~~~~~types of services I will be willing and able to do:~~~~~ (PROVIDED THE ACCOUNT HAS REQUIREMENTS FOR THEM) -Barbarian Assault - Pest Control -Leveling of most skills -Questing -Diaries -Any other ideas, just ask! ~~~~~Services I will NOT do:~~~~~ -Firecape - Huge amounts of powerleveling -some quests or activities if i do not feel comfortable doing so (Example: playing on an HCIM) Terms of my service: 1.I am not responsible for any bans during/after the service. (I will never bot an account/service unless told explicitly to do so) 2.I have the right to decline any orders. 3. Do not change password and do not login during the service unless contacting me 4.PIN may or may not be required depending on the service. If it is required, please move all valuables off of the account 5.Everything is negotiable, once we agree on the terms, THEY WILL NOT CHANGE 6.Depending on the price/size of the service, either you will go first or payment can be done 50/50 (half up front) 6.Please set a temporary password and change it back once the service is completed TLDR: I will be doing the service myself. I am not superman, but i will do my best to give you an ETA and finish within that time frame. All prices are negotiable. I do not have a skype Either PM me on here or add my kik: Twerkanomics__sw (Two underscores)
  5. Welcome to the thread for Netami's Pest Control (Updated 2017)! Netami's Pest Control is the last pest control script you'll ever need to purchase. Currently included features are below, with more always in development! All boats supported Defend knight mode Portal attack mode Adjustable ABC2 sleeps Automatic spec weapon usage Quick prayer support To suggest a new feature, just comment here on the thread with what you'd like to see added! Get it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2352
  6. Please post in the following format: Service requested: Timeframe allowed: Payment method: Middleman?[Y/N]: Read Terms of Service? (Can't start until you agree to them): Terms of Service 1. You may not log into the account during a service unless you have permission, doing so will result in the termination of the service with NO Refund. 2. You MUST NOT change the details of the account until the service has been completed, doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund. 3. If there are any items required for the service, you must cover them. 4. You MUST change your password after the service is completed 5. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it (Either Bank Pin/Transfer Trade) 6. Once the service is complete you must leave Feedback for the relevant parties involved 7. You MUST Post on the service thread to acknowledge the T.O.S and start the service 8. If the Service is requested to be done legit, any T.O.S related to bans/mutes become obsolete (Unless evidence can be provided of prior botting) (All of our services are hand done unless requested to be botted).
  7. Welcome To Tri Pest Control Pro Tri Pest Control Pro is a flawless script that plays the Pest Control minigame for you! While creating this script, my primary goal was to make a script that will play the game just as good as a human, if not better, while still remaining safe to use. And after rigorous testing from the community and myself, I believe I have succeeded in my goal. Happy botting, and enjoy your void! Features: About the three different playing styles: 2. Repair gates / barricades (Play pest control without having to deal any damage) 3. Kill portals / Kill spinners Screenshots: Testimonials: Purchase Information: You can purchase the script through the repository or clicking the image below:
  8. Welcome To Tri Pest Control Pro Description: Tri Pest Control Pro is a flawless script that plays the Pest Control minigame for you! While creating this script, my primary goal was to make a script that will play the game just as good as a human, if not better, while still remaining safe to use. And after rigorous testing from the community and myself, I believe I have succeeded in my goal. I present to you, Tri Pest Control Pro. Happy botting, and enjoy your void! Features: How to use the script: You can start the script anywhere you line in runescape, the script will use the minigame teleport to get your account to pest control. Then it will go to your selected boat, hop in, and worldhop to the iemz clan chat world. IMPORTANTIf you want to start the script inside of a pest control match, please start it on boat which you arrived in. At the moment you have to, but I will be fixing that soon. About the three different playing styles: 2. Repair gates / barricades (Play pest control without having to deal any damage) 3. Kill portals / Kill spinners Screenshots Proggies: Proggies from beta testing: Purchase Information: The current price is $10 / month That is considerably cheaper than any other void services available! This will give you unlimited access to the script for that whole month. You can purchase the script through the repository here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/998
  9. Hey, I started working on a Pest Control on 31 August 2013. Since then I made good progress which is shown in this dev log. Eventually I released a beta version but.. university work caught up to me. I did release JJ's AIO Fighter Pro in the meantime which has consequently been updated. Now that I have graduated from university as of 28 June 2016, I will finally finish the script! Intro I started off by thinking of a proper design and so far I have the following classes: JJsPestControl: main class Boat: methods when inside the boat Combat: methods to help with combat Game: methods to help inside the game Navigation: methods to help with navigating Portal: methods to help with the portals Utils: generic methods Problems Dynamic positions The Pest Control positions are dynamic, they change based on the amount of games that are being played at the same time. Jagex generates new area's every time. So you can't stick with static coordinates when there are multiple games being played at the same time.Solution: grab the position of the Squire when you spawn inside Pest Control. Use that position to calculate the other positions. /** The most important Entity's to navigate to */ public enum Entity { VOID_KNIGHT(1, -15, 1, 1, Color.WHITE), WEST_GATE(-13, -15, 2, 2, Color.WHITE), EAST_GATE(15, -15, 2, 2, Color.WHITE), SOUTH_GATE(1, -23, 2, 2, Color.WHITE), PURPLE_PORTAL(-28, -17, 5, 5, Color.MAGENTA), BLUE_PORTAL(24, -20, 5, 5, Color.BLUE), RED_PORTAL(-11, -39, 5, 5, Color.RED), YELLOW_PORTAL(13, -38, 5, 5, Color.YELLOW); private Rectangle bounds; private Color color; private Entity(int x1, int y1, int width, int height, Color color){ this.bounds = new Rectangle(x1, y1, width, height); this.color = color; } } Dynamic ID's Jagex is constantly changing the ID's of various entities such as NPC's, Objects, etc. I want to use as less possible ID's as needed to make the script as stable as possible. Example code for entering the boat of choice /** * Finds the Squire standing near the gangplank * with the desired difficulty * @param difficulty Squire difficulty * @return Correct squire, or null */ private RSNPC getSquire(final Difficulty difficulty){ // Getting the squires RSNPC[] squires = NPCs.find(NPCs.generateFilterGroup(new Filter<RSNPC>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC npc) { return npc != null && ("Squire (" + difficulty.name + ")").equals(npc.getName()); } })); return squires.length > 0 ? squires[0] : null; } /** * Finds the gangplank needed to cross to enter the * boat for the desired difficulty * @param difficulty Game difficulty * @return Interactable plank, or null */ private RSObject getPlank(Difficulty difficulty){ // Finding the Squire RSNPC squire = getSquire(difficulty); if(squire != null){ final RSTile squireTile = squire.getPosition(); // Getting the interactable Plank objects RSObject[] planks = Objects.find(100, new Filter<RSObject>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSObject obj) { if(obj != null){ RSObjectDefinition def = obj.getDefinition(); if(def != null){ if("Gangplank".equals(def.getName())){ String[] actions = def.getActions(); for(String action : actions){ if("Cross".equals(action)){ if(obj.getPosition().distanceTo(squireTile) < 10){ return true; } } } } } } return false; } }); return planks.length > 0 ? planks[0] : null; } return null; } /** * Spam clicks to enter the boat with the * chosen difficulty * @param difficulty Desired difficulty * @return true if inside boat of chosen difficulty */ public boolean enterBoat(Difficulty difficulty){ RSObject plank = getPlank(difficulty); if(plank != null){ long t = System.currentTimeMillis(); while(Timing.timeFromMark(t) < General.random(3000, 4000)){ if(inBoat()){ break; } if(plank.click("Cross")){ General.sleep(20, 60); } General.sleep(20, 60); } } return false; } Progress videos/pictures 01/09/2013 Showing the dynamic drawing function YouTube link: 01/09/2013 Script can now kill Pests. Once I complete the navigation it can already complete games on it's own. 02/09/2013: Updated navigation drawing to transparant drawing. Currently working on methods in the Navigation class and Combat class. 03/09/2013: Made a custom method to check if the Gate is open or closed. Open means you can walk through it so it can also be destroyed. 05/09/2013: Portal open or closed? Before I can continue with the walking I will need to know what portal is open and what one is closed. I can already do this check for the gates and once I can do this for the portals I can finish the navigation system. I haven't found out the correct interface or setting yet and started a question thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20015-checking-if-a-portal-is-open-or-closed/ If nobody comes up with a solution I will just do a color check. 06/09/2013: Time for navigation! Multiple solutions have been found to check if the portal is open or closed. I decided to go with interfaces. I didn't have the isHidden() implemented in my Interface Explorer. I'm going to see what new features the Interface API has received and implement them I have enough information to start on the navigation now. Ideally you want to navigate from entity to entity and perhaps stay around that entity to kill pests. So I mapped it out (thanks RuneHQ for the map..) to get a good idea of the paths. Now it's time for coding. 07/10/2013 Started working on this script again. I've now figured out all states and most methods are done aswell. I'm not done with navigation yet but once that is done the script should function pretty well already. 11/10/2013 Updated getState(), does now work more efficiently. Had to update a few methods for portal checking to make it work better. Basic navigation system is working now. It can succesfully play Pest Control now without any input from me, but I still need to update the logic. 02/11/2013 TRiLeZ has improved PathFinding and the script can pretty much rely on that. Tweaked some things, get ready for a beta version! 03/11/2013 Tweaked some more things, beta version released at https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22600-beta-jjs-pest-control/ 30/06/2016 It has been 19 months since I last worked on this script. I graduated from university two days ago, it is now time to finally finish this script. I'm surprised to see how well most of the code is still working. Entering the boat, navigation, portal detection, attacking portals is all still working pretty well! Outtro Let me know if you have any suggestions for the script. I'm trying to make it play Pest Control better than the average human player before I will release it. Might become my first premium script but we'll see about that.