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Found 102 results

  1. Current Stock: Message for Stock Current Price: $0.53/m Bitcoin or Paypal BTC will be required for larger orders or untrusted users! Paypal Accounts must be verified BTC Payments must wait for at least 1 confirmation I will not go first Discord: Failed4life#3370 Unique ID: 162656616380891136 Comment your Discord name after adding my Discord!
  2. Discord: smooth#1337 BUYING/SELLING RUNESCAPE 3 & OLD SCHOOL BEST RATES AROUND INSTANT PAYMENTS | NO WAITING AROUND | 24/7 | FREE 1M 07 EVERY TIME YOU BUY OR SELL 50M+ OLDSCHOOL BUY PRICE - 0.46 - 0.55$ per/mill OLDSCHOOL SELL PRICE - 0.47 - 0.56$ per/mill RS3 BUY PRICE - 0.08 - 0.115$ per/mill RS3 SELL PRICE - 0.09 - 0.125$ per/mill I am ALWAYS beating competitors pricing. I can pay with UKBT/Paypal/BTC/ETH/UK Cashapp I will accept the following payment methods: BTC/ETH/Crypto/Gold Need to swap gold from RS3 to 07? Or 07 to RS3? let me know! I can swap too. Why don't you join my discord server with over 200 members to avoid being scammed by an imposter? here's an invite! - https://discord.gg/M4jJsmM Here are a few of my bigger valued vouches: Quote Vouch, sold us 2b rs3, thanks! Quote Sold me 1b rs3 thank you Quote Sold us 4b rs3 tyvm Quote Bought 1.1B rs3 of us thanks Quote sold us 3.5b rs3. always good rate fast and reliable Quote Sold us 2.5b rs3 Quote Sold 1264m osrs gp, was quick and easy great price. Quote Sold us 1.2b very quick and friendly thanks alot ! Quote Sold 445m to to strangerz via paypal. Fast and easy! Quote Sold another 494m, paid within 60 seconds after trade. Quote Sold us 335m at chicks thank you Smooth Vouch Thread Discord: smooth#1337 (or click below to join my server)
  3. PRICE: 0.75$/M SKYPE ID: takito.pbot to avoid imposters click on Skype button down bellow so you'll add right one! Also you can add me on Discord: TAKITO#9282 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOUCHES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I dont know if im on the right section but i need help with the paypal payment option. I verfied my paypal email address but if i pay with paypal i get this Error message in the top of the website :Connection Exception - Got Http response code 400 when accessing https://api.paypal.com/v1/payments/payment/PAY-6AX07555PM1948029LK322YA/execute. pls help i dont have a credit card right now^^ and sry for my bad english, i only have these basic english skills from the school.
  5. When I try to purchase credits through PayPal I receive an error saying that the transaction cannot be completed because it may be fraudulent. I have purchased credits through PayPal before and have verified my email. I am not on a VPN or a Proxy.
  6. Hello, I would like to buy 1 credit for 1€ and I can pay via paypal. I actually need 0.5 credit, so if it's possible to buy 0.5 credit for 0.5€, that would be great!
  7. would need the credits for 2 day trial vip, wanna see few scripts, if want to start some farming. I was wondering some one saying selling via paypal but they don't sell but say? would be appreciated if this going fast and now. 26hour not slept. want to bot run over night to see results.
  8. Hello, I tried to purchase some credits trough Paypal, but somehow the payment is not completed yet. On my paypal interface it says that the payment is being processed. Does someone know how to resolve this? Yours, 2s
  9. Dear Tribotters, I wanted to use my paypal to buy credits. But I don't get the email to approve my paypal? What is going on? Prodnet
  10. Why is Paypal or other Payment methods not allowed on Tribot? It's a nice bot and all, but I don't quite trust a website that wants me to put up credit card details, unless they are trusted enough like paypal. Especially after reading the Terms & Conditions for purchases.. - By submitting such information, you grant us the right to provide the information to third parties for purposes of facilitating the completion of Purchases. (Yes, I may be paranoid and/or misinterpreted what it meant, but there are several factors for why I don't want to as I know a thing or two about carding..)
  11. I can't buy credits with PayPal. So I'll probably have to buy credits with gp. I need like 20 credits/month but my credit transfer limit is 5. Can someone help me? Does the credit transfer limit involve receiving and sending, or just sending? Can I recive more than the limit?
  12. AUTOBUY (BUY 24/7): https://rocketr.net/buy/266de1c462ad Price: $1.5 USD per code (Paypal & Bitcoin & Ethereum) or 1.5M OSRS. (No RS3, I got plenty of that) Code gives you:- 1 month RuneScape membership (both rs3 and osrs obviously) Prime Colossus legendary pet (RS3) 15 Treasure Hunter Keys (RS3) 200 RuneCoins (RS3) These codes will only work until May 8, 2017 and can be used once per account I'm active on discord, skype, and on the forums. But please post on the thread to me know if you message me Skype: puppyiover101 Discord: PuppyLover101 #0530
  13. Send me offers on how much youll charge me for 100m. I'm wanting to use pay pal. MESSAGE ME
  14. Click the website link above to visit our site! Payment methods we support. Average Payment after delivery time: 2 Minutes We will trade you from a non level 3 to ensure your account's safety. No more trading in Lumbridge, either! Easy to follow instructions for a smooth trade 1) Visit our website. 2) Purchase the gold you want via our processing system. 3) Contact live chat with your order ID. 4) Meet up with us and claim your gold!
  15. I am buying 6.5 credits, we can use a trusted middleman if you would like. Add my skype if interested in selling ... lil.turtlez *Looking for under 5M*
  16. Buying 7 credits via paypal to buy VIP subscription
  17. Would like to buy a 2 day vip pass through paypal for 1$. Will go first, of course
  18. Impersonation Please DO NOT TRADE with the imposters. There are thousand of skype with who claimed to be RS3GoldMart just for the sake of scamming you my one and only. SKYPE : RS3GoldMart **ORDER FORM** Amount of gold: You wanna buy or sell : What payment method you want to use : Your Skype Name:** Quick Buying Method Click on this link http://www.RS3GoldMart.com Enter the amount you need and place order And talk with our live chat representative with your order number!
  19. ALSO SWAPPING RS3 - 07 - Deadman Selling Bonds cheaper than Jagex 1 bond = $3.5 (PayPal) Click on the banner above to go to the livechat for the trade.
  20. Hello Tribot team, I am having issues buying credits. I have a verified bank Paypal account and your system is telling me that my payment was denied because it was detected as fraudulet. Please help me so I can buy credits again.
  21. Contacting us Our website www.powerRune.com To contact us hassle free, please visit and click on the live chat to be served immediately. ______________________________________________________ Our Skype Murmedon1 We currently have several agents to offer you 24/7 Service. Contact our skype by adding the skype below. If the skype isn't online, try our live chat
  22. Contacting us Our website www.powerRune.com To contact us hassle free, please visit and click on the live chat to be served immediately. ______________________________________________________ Our Skype Murmedon1 We currently have several agents to offer you 24/7 Service. Contact our skype by adding the skype below. If the skype isn't online, try our live chat
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