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Found 17 results

  1. Request: Tanning Dragon Hides Description: We'll discuss more when you contact me Payment Amount: My budget is anywhere from $5-100 depending on quality. Time: From 1-week to A week an half.
  2. Private script request

    Request: Private hunter script (lvl 1-63)Description: Buy gear needed to get 1-63 hunter from grand exchange. From 1-9, do varrok musuem. Crimson swifts until level 19, tropical wagtails until level 43, falconry until level 63. All of the tasks mentioned above will have to be automated, the bot should teleport to castle wards via dueling ring and be able to traverse safely from castle wars to crimson swifts, avoiding monster as much as possible by going along the southwest edge of the map. Then walk west once goal level is reached, transit to tropical wagtails. Then use necklage of passage to teleport to outpost and go to falconry location. Also include the option of shiftdropping. dropping, or burying the bones. Payment Amount: 100 to 250 osrs gold, credits, or paypal depending how much of the description I mentioned above you could implement. Time: within 2 weeksAdditional: Also wouldn't mind if you make this script semi-private and re-sell it to others who want the same features if that would greatly reduce the price. However, no more than three other people should have this same script. I do not know if such thing is allowed but if so, i would not mind.
  3. [P] POH Incense burner

    Request: Create an incense burner bot for POH's. Description: Every 2-2:30 minutes, it lights the incense burner and when the bot is down to 4 marrentil, it trades the specified player, and accepts the trade request. (doesnt matter what is traded). it avoids standing on certain spots on the floor. That's all i need. Payment Amount: $20-$100 depending on quality of script and ease of customization. Time: Preferably within a month. Additional: I can provide testing and basic information you require for creating the script.
  4. Request: Looking for a private tutorial island scriptDescription: Complete tutorial island with an account queue, no need to have account creation implemented (additional features can be discussed, i.e. ge walking, music mute etc.)Payment Amount: Willing to pay whatever is necessary as long as the scripter's rates are within reason.Time: Completed within the next 1-3 weeks.Additional: Feel free to pm me please, I am available 24/7 on the TB forums, I am open to negotiations and I don't mind a higher price for a higher quality product. Cheers! E: If the script is also shared with other users I do not mind so long as it's a limited amount (TB limit is 20 iirc?).
  5. Need ASAP [REQUEST]

    Request: two private scripts: one for f2p suicide botting & one p2p script Description: moneymaking Payment Amount: enough Time: week or less time Additional: private message me please.
  6. Cooking Hosidius kitchen/oven

    I know its probably an odd one but anyone able to make a cooking script with hosidius kitchen/clay oven as a location? or a rewrite and add the kitchen burning level stops 5% earlier, would pay for a good one with abc2

    Hey, looking for a premium scripter to write a woodcutting guild script or just all around decent woodcutter with abc2 will pay if it is written by a premium
  8. (B) private script

    Request: - shop scriptDescription: - Can't say.. But should be fairly easy to makePayment Amount: - To be discussedTime: - ASAP Additional: - My skype is: joren.goris (one with the image)
  9. Looking for a premium scripter

    Hi im looking for a premium scripter to make 2 scripts for me will pay good money must have abc2 anti ban updates etc cheers. Both scripts are to do with the hunter skill. will pay good money for these scripts.
  10. [P] looking to have a script made

    Request: - Free to play combat trainingDescription: - A script in which will train accounts fresh off of tutorial island to about 70/60/50 may be higher if possible just need to be able to handle that efficiently and not use all of the same methods other bots use which are heavily saturated.Payment Amount: - To be discussedTime: - A month or so would be preferred Additional: - My skype is: VapeGod98
  11. Combat scripts that good, bad, and anywhere in between. trynna start a account from scratch. So all scripts would help. But please no cowhide looter. I've already been banned enough from that script. I really wanna hear your guys opinion.
  12. Need quests done!

    Hello! I need somebody who can complete several pain in the ass quests for me. I can't be bothered to do them on my own! If you are interested send me a pm or add me on skype (hunter.rhoads), and we can work from there! Note this is not an account I am doing for my service this is a personal account that I am far too lazy to quest on:P Found somebody to do it, thank you to those who got in touch with me!
  13. [P] Dwarf cannon quester

    I would like to have a private dwarf cannon script made! Message me with prices please:) Request: - A script that will do dwarf cannon. Description: - I want it to be able to do the quest no problem. I want to be able to start it, come back, and find the quest done! ACBL 10 of course! More specific details will be discussed in pm or skype! Payment Amount: - Negotiable Time: - Just a timely manor. Additional: -
  14. [p] Private bandit killer script

    I need a bandit killer script. I would like it to be able to bring noted food with it, convert the noted food to un-noted with the man in the general store tent in desert. Also the ability to use potions. Antiban measures of course. Will pay for this script, pm me!
  15. Change/remove paypal email

    Can someone remove my confirmed paypal email? I want to change it because i dont have access to it anymore OR Can an admin send me mail activation for my second account (jaydzz) where I have been waiting for for over a day now?...
  16. [Paid] Need simple script created

    Hey I need a private script. Its quite simple. It just needs to log on and when it gets a trade, accept the trade on both screens and log out/stop script. Please add me on Skype: alex.c.kwiatkowski