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  1. Which JDK do you need to run tribot?

    I have Java 9.0.1 and when I open tribot it says I need java 7.0_25 or higher?????? Found the answer on another page. Admin delete plz, thx.
  2. hello, I'm having trouble with my signature with druids aio fletcher, it says : and I have done just that and its still not working. can someone help me please? Paste this code directly into your signature, don't click on insert image icon! [img=http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/fletching/sig.png?username=REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_NAME]
  3. Buying Script, do you need Need VIP?

    Hi there Does anyone know if i buy a script, i will have to buy VIP to run it more than 2 hours every 3 days O.o?
  4. Please help FAST Please....

    So I am trying to run MasterChopper AIO And when I hit start I make sure I have breaking off (And yes I have purchased this bot) It just doesnt do anything but lag super bad and I don't get the interface where it asks me where to chop. Please help my skype is caseyjones5000 I want help fast please, thanks!!! Oh and also It was working perfectly fine yesterday and the day before,
  5. Few questions about Looking Glass

    Hi, I've got looking glass to mirror my browser's instance of OSRS, but Im wondering if this "instance" of the OSRS have proxy enabled? (I have not applied proxy to the browser). If the answer is no, how do I apply proxy to each of the looking glass clients I'm looking to have? (5 Looking Glass tabs/clients = 5 browsers opened?) If there's a guide on the forums, kindly link me to it please , can't find the official thread where TRiLeZ first posted about Looking Glass either =\
  6. Private Scripter for Simple but long script

    Hey, I'm looking for a candidate for a private scripter to make a script that has a simple idea but I think would take some time to make. If you are interested, you must have vouches and must be able to make a flawless script, with no room for bugs. I can't tell you what the script needs to have here, but I can tell you that it is not a hard script at all, just quite a long one. I have an 8 page highly detailed document (most of the pages are pictures) showing exactly what I need, no details have been left out. If you are interested, contact my skype "live:rekkke" or pm me on here. I've asked a bunch of people, and I'm trying to find the right one, thanks. I pay your price, be reasonable.
  7. Help?

    Hey guys! I'm new, and i wondering about something. Do i need to be VIP to buy/run premiums scripts, since iam not a VIP? Cause when i logg on Tribot, it says i gave to be VIP to run scripts, when i press the ''script'' button.
  8. No good scripts

    I can't find a decent damn script on this webpage, at least free ones. 1. TRiFisher AIO just spins around in circles doing nothing. 2. AIO DCWoodCutter Lite, starts botting successfully but then bugs out and stops doing anything. 3.RS3 LRC Fishing doesn't even start. 4. Bat Account Creator doesn't work. Can we please gets some decent woodcutting and fishing skills.