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Found 38 results

  1. EvesyChocoGrinder - Grind your chocolate bars! Dear fellow Tribot users! I am very proud to present to you my first public script which will grind your chocolate bars with a knife (So F2P can use it aswell). It works flawlessly and has some basic anti-ban in it. You can start at any bank in RuneScape with your knife in your inventory or bank, and chocolate bars in your inventory or bank. Goodluck! Current features Grinds all your chocolate bars flawlessly. Works at any bank. Detects if you have a knife or bars in your bank. Features in the next update GUI to choose if you want to use a knife or pestle & mortar. ABCL 10 anti-ban. Current version: 1.0 Respository URL: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2574-evesychocogrinder/
  2. [P] Item Combiner request

    Hello, I would be interested in a private script for Item Combining, as I understand this script should be easy to make. It should withraw two types of items from the bank, combine them, and deposit everything back to the bank. We had something similar in tribot called Beg Item combiner, but it's outdated. You can PM me, or write me an email on: [email protected]
  3. As per another request, here is a quick feather buyer script. You can make great F2P GP by buying feather packs from the fishing store in Port Sarim. Script is very basic. Please let me know of any issues you see and I'll address them. Start script anywhere, the bot should find it's way to the shop. Or just start the bot in the shop. The bot will only buy feather packs if the shop stock is >98 to optimize profits. If the bot waits too long it will hop worlds (because somebody is buying lower and making it impossible for bot to buy). Script uses Tribot API WorldHopper with members worlds turned off. EDIT: Script has been rewritten and now uses In-game worldhopper and daxWalker. Script is open source: GitHub Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2490
  4. As per @bradley-s's request over here - here is a free script that will sell items at the West Ardougne general store. For those that don't know - the general store in West Ardougne buys items for a higher amount that regular general stores - making it a good place to sell off your bulks items, or any unwanted items if you're an Iron man (more GP). This can result in a decent GP/H when selling multiple items per world (aim for 5). The script is basic and probably not perfect but works well. Unfortunately the script uses JOptionPane for prompts because I can't seem to get JavaFX to work with Tribot (any tips?). It also implements some ABC2 (I doubt it's ABCL10, though). Script also uses the API world hopper, which includes logging out, selecting world, and logging back in as I have not yet created a method for in game world hopping. Jagex keeps changing the world hopper interface making it difficult to keep up. Start the script anywhere in West Ardougne or at the general store itself. When prompted for the item IDs, if selling more than one item seperate IDs with commas, no space. For example: 63,29,109 Script is open source: https://pastebin.com/gBXwr0Ww If you wish to make changes/improvements to the script and make it public, please do not upload to repo and take full credit. Please let me know. I will review and update the repository - giving you credit. Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2489
  5. ZMI alter rune collector?

    Alot of poeple drop every run they craft after a ZMI run. Bloods, nats etc. There is always a stack and a script that simply collects and banks i feel would work fabulous. Thanks for feedbacks guys!
  6. My question is what is the best script for wine of zamorak with telekinetic grab skill? PS: are any script premium for this method?
  7. Bic's HAM Alcher

    This script will pickpocket keys from HAM guards in the hidden chest room, open the chests, and alch jewelry obtained from chests. It will bank when out of food, and hop worlds if the guards are walking around. I found that sometimes the guards bug and don't move, allowing you to freely pick the door locks without getting caught. I'm not sure what causes the guards to stand still, but it sure does make it really easy on coding the script. Instead of running from guards, it will just find a world where guards are not moving. I've been working on this script the last few days. I have rewritten my original script and optimized a lot of code. I just have a few things to work on before I publish the script. This will be my first public script, and once it's public I will finish up my Tree Spirit Killer. These 2 scripts will go really great together, as you can stack some Nature runes from tree spirits and alch jewelry from the HAM hideout chests. Great money making for ironmen, almost made first mil from writing and testing the script! Features - (Complete / In Progress / Not Started) ABC2 Pickpockets keys from guards. Opens chests. Alchs jewelry from chests. Eats food. Banks when out of food. Uses home teleport to bank if available. Hops worlds if guards are moving. Currently I'm working on banking. It's a bit finicky when trying to use WebWalking from the hideout to the lumbridge bank, it will take the long way around to the castle instead of through the back which is weird. I think I have to make a walking path and not use WebWalking. After banking is done I just need to make it check for worlds where guards not moving! I'll post updates here every day or two. Can't wait to get this out there for you guys! Here is a new paint I made! I am not too fond of the main background of the paint image but it works for now.
  8. Proxies by Regi, have a look inside!

    NOTE: READ THIS POST BEFORE ASKING DUMB QUESTIONS Hello! I am opening my proxy shop again after a while. The Proxies These proxies are SOCKS5 proxies which can be used in the TRiBot client for Oldschool Runescape botting. These proxies have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Each packet will have proxies located in either USA or Russia. This means if you buy a packet, you can choose, which location you want. It it recommended to choose the country closer to your location. The proxies will only be sold in packets of five (5). This means you cannot buy single proxies at a time, nor can you buy two or three. I only sell quantities of five (5) proxies at a time. This means, of course, that you can buy two individual packets if you need ten proxies, for example. These proxies are in your personal use for the duration of the lease. These proxies are bound to you by IP authentication. This means you can only use proxies from one packet on one IP address. You can only have the packet bound to one IP at a time; the proxies provided in this thread may not be suitable for you if your IP address is changing regularly. ProxyPacket A ProxyPacket contains the following items: A packet of five (5) SOCKS5 proxies. The information below (The Proxies) applies to this section. One free IP change. This means after you purchase a ProxyPacket you can set an IP and change it once during the ProxyPacket's duration for free. Each ProxyPacket is valid for month. This means that the packet of proxies is available for you for 30 days after the purchase. Pricing and payment methods Products: ProxyPacket: 10$ Additional IP change: 2$ Refreshing a ProxyPacket; your five original proxies get changed for five new ones for the rest of the 30 days duration. Only purchasable after 10 days from original purchase: 5$ I will accept the following payment methods: OSRS gold (1$ = 1,2M) PayPal (trusted users only) Bitcoin Contact info and order form If you wish to contact me please message me on Skype: chris112.sythe If you wish to order, leave the following order form filled in a response to this thread or to my Skype after contacting me there. ORDER FORM: I would like to buy (a) ProxyPack(s) : (quantity) Location: (USA/Russia) Payment method: (OSRS/PayPal/Bitcoin) Have you contacted me on Skype: (yes/no) The IP address the proxies will be bound to: (check with https://www.iplocati...find-ip-address, for example) I have read through the Terms and Conditions and the sales thread written by the forum user "regicide3342". By typing "yes" after this paragraph I acknowledge that I have understood the information he provided in his post and agree with his Terms and Conditions: (yes/no) Terms and Conditions I am not responsible for any downtime or latency issues with the proxies. I am only a middleman between you (the customer) and the original proxy provider (anonymous). All purchases are final and non-refundable. You as the customer take responsibility for any bans/jagex flags on the proxies. Final words With all of that said I proudly open my proxy shop. Do not hesitate to shoot me a message. Best of luck with botting, regicide3342
  9. Request: Private script, PM me if you are interested. Mute, Worthy and ModulusFrank knows the script. Just wondering if there are any takers to this.Description: Details can be discussed over skype/PM (A video of which can be provided, nothing too great. Just a youtube video)Payment Amount: If the script is ABC2 10/10 with bank support/bug support $400+ easy.Time: Time is not an issue, as i would like the script to have as little bugs and hiccups as possible. But would like it with in a month or so.Additional: I know this is a hard script for a quick buck. But just think of it as a good investment as i know Scripters hold the rights to publish this out later on. Like seriously, this script could be running rampant the day after. But i just hope it doesnt and is kept between a small society to decrease in ban rates and increase in the pixels we call GP.
  10. Problem with flax spinners

    Seems like whichever Lumbridge flax spinner i run works fine until it comes to banking - at which point it goes up the stairs before just clicking the black space on the minimap to the west of the bank on top floor HELP
  11. Hello Tribot! I'm releasing this script and a very basic guide on how to use it. First of all DO NOT use this on an account you don't want banned because it will get banned. This script is only for starting up a f2p gold farm. With that being said the way you get accounts is up too you but I recommend using ExTut in combination with FC quester because you will want to get 7qp so you can trade your mules the lobsters you have fished before they get banned. You can also just find a script that creates accounts only and use FC quester for tut island and the quests. Here are links to all the scripts ExTut https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/47-extutorial/ FC Quester https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1642-fc-quester/ NebFisher https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2204-nebfisher/ NebMuler https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2206-nebmuler/ So once your acc is done getting 7 Qp you are going to want to do a couple things before you start your your fishing script. 1. Make your mule acc/Set up a clan chat on it and make sure anyone can join and talk in it. 2. Trade over a Lobster pot and 10k-20k gp (enough to cover the cost of the boat ride to the lobby fishing spot for about 14-15 hours. 3. On your fishing bot accs join the mules clan chat and you are good to go! Once that has been finished you are ready to set your farm on auto pilot. Just start up as many fishing bots as you want using the NebFisher script. I found that normally each account normally lasts about 17 hours before getting banned and is able to fish 2-3k lobsters. It's really only worth it if you can run alot of bots. Next all you do is leave your mule in draynor bank running the NebMuler script.[Make sure it's in the same clanchat as your bots] Normally what I do is use Tribots SCRIPT QUEUE feature to delay my mule from logging in for around 6 hours. Right now the script mules everytime it catches 1000 lobsters. even if you don't know how to write scripts you can very easily change this in the source code below by searching CTRL + F for lobsterCount and everywhere you find somewhere that says lobsterCount == X00X(Ex. 2001,2000,2002) change it too the desired amount you want to mule at. (If you have any questions about this just ask and I'll try to explain better) With this I am also posting the source code for NebFisher and NebMuler so you can customise it too your needs. [If you want to send me a updated version afterwards as a thanks go for it haha] NebFisher Source http://pastebin.com/SEpir3Sy NebMuler Source http://pastebin.com/zi1Ly40p Enjoy everyone this should be one of the best free money making scripts on Tribot. P.S. if you try this on a VPS and encounter Java heap errors(OOM) send your complaints to @TRiLeZ It's a client issue that need's to be fixed.
  12. Hello! I am currently looking for someone that can work on a project I am willing to pay for! I am looking for a hunter bot which levels the account from lvl 1 to 63 and starts doing red chins for profit until level 74 where it will do the hunting mini-game. Features/Outline: * Possible logout when mod is near by and stay logged out for 5 minutes or so before logging into a new world. (When logging out in a safe area it will pick up the traps and say "Be right back, or Brb" with a random automated text system which is editable. * Auto chat, when someone mentions "botting" or "bots" it will say something, if someone mentions "Hey, Hi" etc, it'll say "Currently watching a video and afking, can't talk rn". Etc, so people won't report you. * From the start of the bot, it will go to varrock and buyout items that you will need to train fast for levels 1-74. For example, teleports for fast teleporting, hunting gear, it will also get boots of lightness and combat gear to level up. * Combat system, before starting hunter it will level up from a randomly generated combat level between, 7-16, usually with strength being higher than attack and defence. * Once it reaches it's desired combat level it will get 9 hunter by the mini-game and start training to 63. Once it hit's 63 it will start training and making money. * Logout/sleep periods. You are able to set times it will logout and log back in again, also when it does randomly logout it will auto login. * Random events, it complete certain random events, or decline the rest. * Once it hit's level 74 it will go do the hunter mini-game. * It will have cashout times where it will sell all the hunted items at the GE for GP. * There's an option on it that says "Re-new" bond, and will buy and use bonds when required. (For example 1 day before it runs out of membership) So yeah, that pretty sums up what I am looking for, I plan on running this script on many accounts. Cheers.
  13. Hello. I recently finished a BETA version of my Skeletal Wyvern killer script. I am running an open beta for this script. If you would like to use the BETA version of this script, please go to the TRiBot repository and add the script to your account there. You can run the script for an unlimited amount of time while use the free BETA version, however I will ask you to report bugs to me if you find any. Description: Sigma Wyvern Killer BETA kills the monster Skeletal Wyverns inside the asgarnian ice dungeon in OSRS. It is a top level money making method yielding 500k+ per hour (even more at higher combat levels). At maxed combat with good gear, you may yield a consistent 800k-1m/hourly. While running this script, over time your profit will go up due to your bots gaining rare drops like draconic visage, dragon legs, dragon skirt, dragon med helm, 3x ranarr seeds and rare drop table items. Requirements: 72 Slayer Elemental shield, Mind shield, or Dragonfire shield 70/70/70 melee stats are highly recommended Falador teleport tablets House teleport tablets Player owned house must be in rimmington Progress reports: first visage from sigma wyverns Responses: For whatever reason, I cannot comment on my own thread in this section so I will use this area to respond to comments. @gabrielspecter I've ran the script on my own testing account for about 3 weeks now, no more than 5-10 hours daily, sometimes not running it on certain days. I have yet to be banned. @slavebotter It does not support range safespotting. I have intentionally not added this functionality because the right side of the wyvern cave has 4 ranged players in every world killing wyverns, so it would be unlikely that you would find a world with a free one. As another person pointed out, melee is over 2x faster gp per hour and the left area is less crowded. @slavebotter It will be running until I get enough feedback from my testers and the script is running without any major bugs. @Creatur3z nice proggy, thanks for the feedback. im unsure of price right now @jamie ge yes it still works great. @billybob1 im running it right now seems to be working fine. try restarting your client. @MagicLand i ran it a few days ago for 3 hours, it was fine
  14. First goal: 350M/month

    Hello everyone, thought this would be a fun way to share my progress. I'll just quickly introduce myself; my botting experience prior to this is mainly WoW botting, however that was a couple of years ago already. Other than that I believe I botted up strength and range to 99 on an old RS account of mine a few years back. One week ago I decided to give it a shot to make money gold farming in osrs. So, as of this first post I've been up and running approximately one week. And as the title, my first goal will be to make around 350M/month alternatively around 88M/week. Setup Computer: MacBook Pro (lol) Proxy: Yes Looking glass: No Scripts: Paid I have found goldfarming ways that works for me and that I for obvious reasons don't want to share with others at this time, so I will leave out details on purpose. Each account takes quite some time to setup, and this is done mixing botting with playing for hand. To reach my first goal my plan is: To get 3 5 accounts at farming status. Running approximately 5-6 hours / day. Farming about 0.7M / hour . Resulting in about 88M/week or 350M/month 135M/week or 540M/month. First goal reached, going for 5 accounts now! STATUS ON THREAD START: Account status Faming: 3 Leveling: 1 Banned: 1 Investments, so far. ( 1M = 1USD ) Tribot: 10.5M Scripts: 26.5M Proxies: 12M Membership: 13M Account investments: 8M TOTAL: 70M Income, so far: 30M Net profit: -40M UPDATE #1 UPDATE #2 UPDATE #3
  15. Hello this is hue123some! In around 2 weeks my job contract will expire and I really want to invest my capital into something I can grow and develop over time. I've run multiple small bot farms with little success over time but I haven't really had the money to give it a good chance. Support goes a long way into me updating this thread , so please post on this thread to give me some support and the more posts I get the more I will keep this updated. Checklist: Method ✔ Private Script ✔ Accounts 1/6 Currently I have got the method sorted and a private script is being made by a premium script writer on TRibot. I will start botting on 19/08/2016 just on 1 account. I am currently working to get accounts the requirements. Goals: Make 5M Daily Make 20M Daily Make 50M Daily Make 500m Overall Money made so far: 10.5M Current Day: 5 Day 1: Day 3: Day 4:
  16. Selling CHEAP proxies [READ POST]

    Hey! I am selling proxies atm. Here is some detail about them: - The proxies are SOCKS 5 proxies, which are used in the dreambot client. - The proxies will be sold in packages of 5. I cannot sell you individual proxies. - The proxies have a 30 days uptime. After this period they will shut down on their own. - The proxies have 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. They are located in the USA. A set of proxies (5) costs 6M OSRS or 6,5$ paypal. I can accept paypal from trusted members. A trade can be done using a middleman at your expense. Otherwise you will go first. Feel free to contact me here via a pm, or my skype: chris112.sythe Alternatively, you can press this button to add me: **SERVICE CURRENTLY DOWN DUE TO MY LIMITED AMOUNT OF ONLINE TIME; MIGHT RESUME IN THE FUTURE**
  17. Tri Edgeville Man Fighter V2 The perfect way to train up low level accounts and make a lot of money looting herbs! Features: Kills edgeville men in the house above edgeville bank Makes you a lot of money looting herbs in p2p ( up to 150k+ an hour! ) Start the script from anywhere Supports all food and can been used without food Supports all weapons and special attacks Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank Supports nearly all potions Customisable banking Customisable looting ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating Telekinetic grab support Can bury bones Load & save GUI settings Profit calculations and xp tracking To activate the script from the repository click the button below: Note: I also have a premium script available that can do all of this plus it has the following extra features: VIP is not required! Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape. Extended banking features Built in AIO magic script that can train magic with every spell available from alching, curses, to teleports, to lunar spells. It does it all! Dwarf multicannon support Herb cleaning and dropping Full prayer support Progressive training including changing attack styles, upgrading gear and switching training spots when you level up! Bones to peaches support Improved potion features Rock crab support Safe spotting optional Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met And much more! If you're interested in this script check out the tribot thread below: Thanks for reading.
  18. Experience Premium Service on a budget. Here at Virtual Buddy, we are dedicated to improving you virtual server experience. With our premium quality servers, you can expect nothing less than 99.9% uptime without any lag or hassle. We understand the importance of high quality support when shopping online, so rest assured that with our active online chat, we'll always answer your questions in a timely manner. With VirtualBuddy, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. https://virtualbuddy.org We have added an additional VPS server "Intermediate Farm VPS" at $18.99, host up to 7 bots at once. We have added BitCoin and are working on adding OSGP Payments (through live chat)! Best Regards, Pwningcows & @Netami Graphics Done By: @ohParadox
  19. SPX TUTORIALS & INFO LIST LIST Get Worlds By Type Conditional Sleeping TRiBot Rank & Title List
  20. SPX AIO Planker Repository Link Features JavaFX GUI Ability to submit bug reports through the GUI. Interactive paint Show GUI (Change settings during runtime) Hide paint Take screenshot Print StackTrace General stats Combat stats All plank types. Amount of coins to carry. Custom cursor GUI Progress Reports Change Log
  21. iTabber by iant06 Activate iTabber by iant06 Releasing my teleport tab making script for free to the public, closed source. Enjoy To Use This Script You Need: Levels: 40+ Construction(Lectern and Butler) 25+ Magic(Varrock Teleport spell) Items: EQUIP AIR STAFF Money Noted Soft Clay Law Rune Elemental Rune(Water, Earth, Fire) Features: All Lecterns Supported All Regular Magic Teleport Spells Supported(No enchantments, no ancients) Butler Support(Regular Butler and Demon Butler) 1100+ Tabs/Hr 150k+ Gp/Hr 30k XP/Hr ABCL10 Starting The Script: Locations to START SCRIPT: Inside House, Outside House Make sure to use your noted clay with the butler and have him unnote it before starting the script so that the option "Un-note: 20 x soft clay" will be there when talking to the butler. Choose the tab you would like to make and which butler you have, and then you can set the prices to what you paid for the items/are going to be selling the tabs for. Then click start! Update 1.1:Added Mouse Speed Slider to the GUI.Fixed bug with paying the Butler.Made speed updates to the Regular Butler(now starts un-noting process before finished with inventory).If you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  22. Hey guys, thought I'd share a money making method that I have not seen around these parts before. I use to do this, however I have moved on. There is not a public script available for this, but a private one would be easy to create. Method: You willing be getting jugs of water from Hassan in the Al-Kharid palace. You talk to him, ask him how he can stand the heat, and he gives you a jug of water. You can repeat this until your inventory is full, then bank a few steps away. With a script, I was able to get roughly 450 jugs / hour. At the current instant sell price (175 Gp) you are making 80k / hour F2P with no requirements. However I can sell the jugs overnight for 250 Gp each landing myself around 110k / hour. Hassan has no requirements. I will post a video later today showing the method. Happy botting guys
  23. B94WildyLooter Hey guys, this is my first script and it works quite good, please tell me if you find any bugs or have feedback. Warning Please only bot with accounts that dont have trade limits, it will be banned quickly and you wont be able to transfer your hard earned money to your main account. Description Collects all items in Edgeville Wilderness and banks them. You can set the minimal value in coins for items to be picked up. Also you can choose to only pickup specific items or to ignore specific items. Features BankingSurviving from fights by eating and runningDeathwalkingAdd items by name instead of idLoot only items that you specifyIgnore items that you specifyBank when inventory is more than specified coinsVery detailed PaintAutomatic screenshots when banking loot, will be stored under .tribot folder (Folder will be automatically opened when starting script)Ability to set mouse speed (~100 is recommended, higher is faster but also higher chance of ban)Repository Link https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1284 Requirements As high as possible HP for longer survival Planned Updates None, tell me what you want!Profit P2P F2P
  24. Top 10 scripts?

    list what you think are currently the best scripts for money making or just the best scripts in general give me your top 10
  25. Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. You can buy credits with RSGP here Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. Last MAJOR update: Version 2.0 There are TWO versions of the script. ELITE VERSION (Gold Farmers) - CAN BE FOUND HERE All modes enabled. Will be no different than the version that is currently active.1 Month 1 Instance (7.99 Credits)1 Month Unlimited (39.99 Credits) PREMIUM VERSION - CAN BE FOUND HERE Leecher mode disabled. If you want leeching mode enabled, purchase the Elite version.1 Month 1 Instance (4.99 Credits)1 Month Unlimited (24.99 Credits) Both versions are capable of bringing in the same profits, however, it's simply the skill requirements that separate the two versions. ELITE version will only require a smithing level while PREMIUM will require one of the following stats since it's not capable of leeching: 30 Strength or30 Crafting or30 Firemaking or30 Agility Blast Furnace Instructions: PUT ALL SUPPLIES ON TOP OF BANK.START WITH A BUCKET IN INVENTORY.IF YOU CAN FILL UP A ROLE, PLEASE DO SO. LEECHING DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR PROFITS, NOR DOES IT HELP THE TEAM. Start at Blast FurnaceMinigames - > teleport to Blast FurnaceBelow 60 SmithingStart Bot with cash-pile in inventory.Stove Operator (Coke Filler) or AIO mode:Start bot with spade in inventoryUsing Energy PotionsSimply tick "Use Energy Potions" in GUI. Bot will use both Energy and Super Energy potions.Using Coal BagSimply start bot with coal bag in inventory. Bot will detect and run accordingly. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED ANY QUEST COMPLETED FOR BLAST FURNACE. PLEASE REFER TO THE GUIDE HERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MINIGAME: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_Furnace Thank you syf54017 for providing me with such an incredible proggy. 109 hours and 32m profit!! EDIT: updated to 121 hours and 35m! BUG REPORTS Submit bug reports here