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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to My Free MiddleMan Service! Why You Should Use Me? *I take NO commission* *Fast and Trusted Services* Types of Trades I can do: RS3 <-> 07 $ <-> RS3/07 $/RSGP <-> RSPS $/RSGP <-> Xbox Live $/RSGP <-> Steam accounts $/RSGP <-> Accounts/Memberships Be sure to check with me If the type of trade you want is not listed above! My only Skype: BurntishSwap Discord: Burntish#8295 Feel free to Pm me or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! TOS: I am not held responsible for any bans, chargebacks, gold wipes, mutes or recovers before/after/during my services. I will MM people who don't have a sythe, but at least one party must fill out the Form below. I have the right to refuse any service to any user whenever if I wish. Contact me on Skype or Pm After Filling this form: Your Partner’s Tribot Username: Your Skype Username: Your Partner's Skype Username: What type of trade?: Value of trade?: Do you agree to my Terms of Service?:
  2. Welcome to my services. I will provide a very generous time for all of the services listed below, possibly one of the fastest here. Quests offered DT (+ prequests) Monkey Madness (+pre quests) Horror from the Deep RFD up to mith gloves (or higher if requested) Defenders Bronze - Dragon : 9m For other defenders, we will discuss. Power leveling 60 Attack / 60 Strength on fresh account = 25m (includes MM) 1-53 thieving = 6m If you are interested in any of the questing, please let me know which ones and what your def/prayer is so I can give you a reasonable quota. MY ONLY SKYPE: [email protected]
  3. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Middleman Service! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Why should you use me? - 1,300+ Offsite Feedback - Trusted longtime middleman, gold seller, gold buyer, and gold swapper - Member of Tribot for 3 years Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus What do I Middleman? - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) Swapping - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Paypal - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Account Name - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Private Server GP - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Account - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Gift cards - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Steam - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Services - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Dice Duels - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Private Server - Paypal for Account Fees - 100% FREE! - Tips are appreciated, but are not required. Terms of Service 1. Always request a PM to confirm you are trading with me. 2. I am not to be held responsible for anything that happens after the trade. 3. I will do my best to ensure the trade is safe for both parties. 4. I am allowed to deny any trade I do not want to Middleman. 5. If I do a recovery test, and Jagex takes a long time to email me back, it is not my fault and you will have to wait for the response. 6. Any infractions/ban/mutes that occur during my services in game, I am NOT responsible for. 7. I am allowed to change these terms any time I want. By filling out and posting the form below, and using me as a middleman, you agree that you have fully read and fully understand my Terms of Service. Order Form Type of trade: Value of trade: Are you the buyer or the seller?: Your Skype: Other persons Skype: Do you agree and understand T.O.S?: Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  4. Dreaming's Staff Verified Middleman Service The highest quality verified middleman service for a low price (Until I get my MM rank) Type of trades I do: Dollars <> RSGP Oldschool Gold <> RS3 gold Dollars <> Memberships/Bonds Runescape Gold <> Membership Upgrades For custom trades, contact me on Skype/ PM My skype: LivingTheDreamRS Order form: Type of trade: Your Skype: Other traders Skype: Other traders TRiBot username: Do you agree to ToS: Terms of Serivce: * After purchase you must leave vouch and feedback * I am not responsible for any offences to any type of account * I am not responsible for what happens after trade is done * I am not responisble for any chargebacks Service Verified by: Sekirei - Moderator
  5. My one & only skype; Passy070 ALWAYS ask a pm before a trade! CURRENTLY CHARGING 5% Blacklisted because not vouching: Lex Luthor Form; I'm the Buyer/Seller/It's a Swap: My Skype Name: Other user's Skype Name: Type of Trade: Who pays fees: Leave Vouch?:
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