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Found 1 result

  1. Status: Taking requests, quick turnaround possible! (This status is always up to date), contact via TRiBot PM or Discord Discord: Druid#6217 A bit about my history at tribot - Been coding TRiBot premium/private scripts since OSRS release - Ran many successful gold farms, from the release of OSRS (I know exactly what works and what doesn't) - Over 80000 script users - Over 12000 premium script users - Created hundreds of high quality private scripts since 2013, from simple money making scripts to fully automated gold farms, all have been flawless! Benefits of a private script from me - Reduced bans from having your own script and taking advantage of high quality anti ban techniques! - Run as many accounts as you like! - You're 100% in control of what the script does. You've probably seen accounts doing activities that you can't ever find a script for right? That's the beauty of having a private script, the world is your oyster! - No limitations, whatever you need can be delivered! - Quick turnaround, you could be botting within the same day! - Aftercare, I can advise you based on my experience to help you maximize profitability! I have a wealth of experience creating private scripts, I've created scripts for some of the best gold farmers and made them very rich! I can guarantee your script idea will be delivered in full and won't let you down, it will be reliable and stress free! Quality and reliability is key, even when running even a small operation! Cool features can be added to your requirements, such as: ABC2, Advanced anti-ban, Mule trading, GE resupplying, tutorial island, questing etc. Your script, method and transaction will remain 100% confidential. Terms of service - Script will be purchased on the TRiBot repository (a script only visible to you). - 6 months bug fixes included, however if anything goes wrong after this and it's minor I'll most likely fix it for free! - A clear specification will be created and adhered to How the process works 1. Contact me via a TRiBot PM or Discord (Druid#6217) with your requirements (detailed step by step of what you want the script to do + any features) 2. A specification will be drawn and the final price will be calculated, which will be agreed by both parties 3. Payment will be made (Deposit or in full) 4. Work will commence, prototypes may be provided based on complexity during development. 5. Script will be delivered to the agreed specification. You'll have an awesome script! 6. I will be available to answer any questions and give you hints/tips on how to run your farm! To make it clear, private scripts can be expensive, ultimately it's a premium script with a single user. If you're just looking to level up your main, a private script isn't for you! Return on investment is HUGE with a reliable private script, time is money, what are you waiting for? Reveal hidden contents below to view some customer testimonials:
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