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Found 2 results

  1. 7,17 per month. I was writing down the dates of my accounts that got banned over the last 17 months, so I made this sick chart so when people ask whats the banrate on tribot you can show it to them. Of course this chart is completely useless, because when I got a high number of bans i just changed the script so it really represents nothing. And also I didn't run a consistent amount of bots (one month it could be 40 next 60, etc). So as the data is completely useless i decided to make a completely useless statistical analysis and got a pearson's test of 0.23, in other words no correlation. These were all semi hand leveled p2p bots.
  2. I'm trying to make a method that rotates the camera to a position that allows it to see an object behind obstacles. Human players do this all the time, but bots just click their targets through obstacles with x-ray vision. This method would be both an antiban and a world interaction utility. At its core, this method will use logic similar to TRiBot's Projection.getTileBoundsPoly(...) method. Instead of getting the tile's bounds at the camera's current yaw and pitch (horizontal and vertical camera rotation) it will accept a custom yaw and pitch as parameters. This will allow it to predict tile bounds at any camera position. I'm almost done with the generic Projection method. It works perfectly as long as you're using the default camera zoom (Game.getViewportScale() == 512). That's what I'm hoping I can get help on. I've spent hours trying to get this method to work properly at other zooms but with no results. I've created a script to visually display what's going on. The painted green dots represent the custom Projection and the blue rectangle represents TRiBot's. You can see that as zoom gets further away from 512 the green dots become more and more misaligned with the TRiBot projection. Code is below. https://pastebin.com/CYVi1GdR I've modeled the custom method after the vInsert Perspective class functions of the same name (no underscores): https://github.com/vInsertOfficial/vInsert/blob/master/source/org/vinsert/bot/util/Perspective.java EDIT: This has been solved. See my reply to orange451 for details. The updated code is in the pastebin above.
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