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Found 3 results

  1. @TRiLeZ or any other mods/admins. Would it be possible to add a functionality of import? Adding names and then password (optionally preferred world,pin, etc) in a specific collom in maybe excel or any free variation/wordpad even. It would make account manager a LOT easier and friendlier to use.
  2. The Beta is now closed! If you wish to continue to use this script, follow this link: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36898-as-low-as-5-the-bot-farm-manager-works-with-all-scripts-100-automated-botfarms-the-ultimate-botfarm-tool/ Description: The Bot Farm Manager is a universal script that you run on your mule account and on your botfarm accounts. The goal is to make collecting from and restocking your bots completely automatic. What it does is use Runescape's private message system to communicate with your bots, and setup trades between your mule and bots. Your bots will trade the mule the items they botted, and the mule will restock them if they need it. The Bot Farm Manager is a standalone script. All you have to do is run it before starting up your main script, and then start it up on your mule account. The slave portion of the script works in the background of the tribot client. When the slave needs to perform an action, it pauses the regular script and performs that action. Features Allows trading of any items PM System with failsafes to ensure no exploitation Fast. Can collect from well over 100 bots per day Works with ANY TRibot Script!! How it Works: The Bot Farm Manager will log in to a world and wait a certain amount of time while the bots in your farm PM it. The PMs will let the Manager know what worlds it needs to go to, as well as the usernames of the bots in the farm. For security, the user enters a key in every bot and in the manager so they know that they are talking to each other and not random players. Once it gets a lot of PMs, it starts to hop worlds to collect from each bot. The bots and Manager will trade items that are set up by the user. After all the bots have been collected, the Manager takes a break (custom) before collecting again. Screenshots: Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=660Sji57AsA Price Planning After the Beta: $25/month - Unlimited instance - Can collect from an unlimited number of bots in a farm $10/month - Unlimited instances - Only supports collecting from botfarms consisting of a maximum of 15 accounts. $5/month - Unlimited instance - Only supports collecting from botfarms consisting of a maximum of 5 accounts. free - only supports collecting from 1 account. Basically a trial with no practical value FREE on the repository for a limited time: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/625 F.A.Q: Q. What scripts will this work with? A. Currently, this will only work for scripts that use conventional bank booths. This will later be expanded to all forms of banking and also for scripts that don't need to bank, such as chin hunting. Q. Any Specific client setup? A. The script has no limits on clients. You can run your botfarm on ANY IP, ANY Machine. I suggest, however that you use a separate tribot client for every slave bot you have. The reason for this is because if you run multiple bots on 1 client window, you may mess up the slave script. Q. I like your hair in that video A. Me, too. But that's not a question. Please reply with suggestions, questions, concerns, feedback, etc.
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