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Found 19 results

  1. WallSafe Theiving

    hey guys, I recently purchased the most expensive thieving script on tribot, later to realise after thinking it covered "everything" it was missing the main function I bought the script for I am looking for a great wallsafe thieving script, it is a great money maker and feel it would be popular on tribot
  2. Chaos Alter Wine Grabber

    hey everyone, lately I have been on the search for a zamorak wine grabber that operates at the chaos alter at approx. level 30-40 wildy. this is a great location for a script to telegrab wines of zamorak as there is low traffic of other players, also a feature to use a looting bag. this lets the script telegrab a whole invent of wines and put them inside the looting bag, to then continue telegrabbing a second invent before banking and making its way back. I have seen other players botting this but very few.. but can not find the script they use or maybe they are private to them. can anyone help ?
  3. I am looking for the best money making script every produced. Money is no problem willing to pay as long as has good references. Need OSRS GP by the boat load!
  4. DClay Softens & Mines Clay! Current version: 1.01 About DClay This script used to be premium way back. The script was premium because it easily made 150k/h even on F2p worlds, with back in the day one of the best anti ban methods, not based on random things, but based on player behavior. With the high-mill prices back than, the script was well worth it. I decided to pick up the script, re-work it and release, for free this time. The script does 2 tasks, both softening and mining clay About DScripting DScripting creates scripts with one or multiple tasks. The key thing in our scripts is that it has to be fast, yet efficient and human like. A human does not misclick its target, and than goes AFK20 seconds, at least not that often. Focus on what the script should do, stress test it on at least 10 accounts for 10 hours, see what happens. Bug free? Ready to release. Losing from others often? Fixing it. We repeat the process until the script is exactly what you need. And is on the high-quality end like you should be able to expect from all DScripts. We only create scripts that we use ourselves too. That way you never have to worry about us stopping support for a certain script, as most likely, we will always use it to level up our own accounts. Features ABCv2 End-timer (Need to go to school/work, but want to bot only 5 hours? No problem, with End-timer you decide when the bot stops!) Start-up walking & death walking (Accidentally died? No problem, the bot picks up, and walks back to the location) (You can also just start the script from lumbridge, the bot will walk to the proper location) ABCv2 Competition hopping - Losing to many resources in one trip? We don't like that, so we will hop after a certain amount of time. Losing a resource? If not imitating AFK-ing, we will switch ores, or click the same when it's up again. Supports Falador dwarven mine (CB 25+ Recommended) & Varrock West mine (15cb+ Recommended) for mining. Supports Falador west bank & Edgeville bank for softening clay. DNews (Updates you with all information about DScripts & Updates) For Members & F2P 5 Different mouse speed options (Leaving that one up to you ) Frequently asked questions: Q: What does this script do? A: You decide if it should mine clay or soften clay! Q: Where do I start this script? A: Either at the location where you want to mine clay, at the Spawn point right after coming from Tutorial Island, Or at the Lumbridge spawn point where you spawn after dying. For softening you need to start the script at the proper location. Q: End Timer? If I make it stop after exactly 1 hour, that would kill my anti-ban? A: Yes, and so we made it totally random. End script after 1 hour? That means it could end anywhere between 60 minutes and 119 minutes and 59 seconds. Q: I found a bug / glitch! A: Please send me a private message on the forums including the following form: Change log: Get it now! Get the source Does not include packages: scripts.DTools.DAntiban; scripts.DTools.Newsloader;
  5. UPDATE: The script is now RELEASED: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/755 Elite Chopper Pro - AIO Woodcutter As some of you may know, I already have a Woodcutter on the market. This new script will be replacing it (current users will get it free). My 1-99 WCer was based on the idea that you could start the script from lvl 1 WC, and come back to it while it was chopping yews at 90 WC. However, my implementation was very poor, and the script was very limited. This script is different. It uses a task system. So you can make your Woodcutter bot do anything you want. It supports over 30 locations, as well as custom spots if you wish to record them. This system will allow you to make your bots go from normals to oaks to willows to maples to yews to magics all in 1 click of the start button. It's not just limited to that either. Another key feature is that you can make the tasks switch based on time or logs gained. So you could have your main cut magics at seers for a while, then go to falador and cut yews for a while, then maybe powerchop at port sarim for XP. This system is very likely to reduce bans. And the antiban. The antiban is amazing. I guarantee you will not find another premium script with as much antiban. It has asynchronous camera movement, which makes it click while moving the camera (no other script does that). Standard ABCL10 is applied. Not to mention, all of the sleeps, waits, etc are distributed along a bell curve that randomizes based on your bot's username. So all of your bots will have different behaviors using the same script. GUI: I welcome all feedback. Please post suggestions if you have any. Thanks <3 RELEASE: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/755
  6. As the title says, I am looking for someone to make a script that will buy emblems (around 45k-50k) and sell them again (around 55k-60k) continuously at the edge bank world 18. I have done this myself and can make a few 100k and hour. Would be nice if I could get someone to make a script I could run for it, I would pay if needed. Thanks.
  7. I want to earn some money

    I want to earn some money while I sleep. Some tips to start in runescape? My system CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Processor RAM: G.Skill F3-2400C10D-8GTX 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz TridentX Series CL10 SOON 8GB MORE GPU: GTX 650 TI OLD/ COMING EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0+ 2GB GDDR5 128bit DISK: WDC BLUE 500GB / COMING Samsung 850 EVO 120GB 2.5-Inch What else should I add? I will appreciate any help.
  8. zAlcher by Zainy

    As i have had requests for an alcher with anti-ban and abc, I decided to make a simple alcher with high anti-ban and randomness to reduce the ban rate while alching. Its just an alcher with antiban. It has no other features. Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/860 Thanks I may be open to suggestions if you guys request them.
  9. So what is this script? This script is pretty simple. Basically, it does everything in RS for you. It's designed to let you choose to bot ANY method using a task system. For you, that means you can set it up do one method after another. For example, you could make it fish shrimp at draynor until 20 fishing, then kill chickens using the bronze sword and shield in your bank while looting feathers, then once you get over 1000 feathers, it can automatically go to edgeville and fly fish until 40 fishing. All with 1 press of the start script button. But it goes beyond that. You don't just have to train an army of fishers, or an army of woodcutters. This script will allow you to train an army of fishing, woodcutting, questing, dragon killers. Not only will it train you in any stats, but it also does high end methods, such as Dragon Killing, Magic tree chopping, fishing guild fishing, etc. Lets say you don't need to train accounts. Maybe you just want to use it on your main. It's perfect for that, too. It's been long thought that botting in 1 spot was very detectable by Jagex's antibot. Evidence has suggested this. With this script, you can make it do different tasks. So maybe you want your main to fish for sharks for 1-3 hours, then cook sharks, then do BDK for 2-5 hours, then take a 6-9 hour break, then WC magics with a dragon axe. This script can make that happen. Features: Woodcutting (Banking, powerchopping, picking up nests, auto-upgrade axe, auto-buy axe from shop if needed): Lumbridge NormalsVarrock West NormalsVarrock East NormalsDraynor NormalsLumbridge OaksVarrock West OaksVarrock East OaksDraynor OaksLumbridge WillowsCatherby WillowsDraynor WillowsCatherby YewsSeers YewsLumbridge YewsSeers MagicsFishing (Banking, powerfishing, Auto-buy equipment, option to drop tuna): Lumbridge small netDraynor small net Edgeville/Barb Village Fly FishingCatherby LobstersCatherby HarpoonFishing Guild LobstersFishing Guild HarpoonMining (Banking, powermining, all ores): Lumbridge MineVarrock West MineVarrock East MineAl Kharid MineSmelting: All bars, including cannonballsAl kharid furnaceFalador FurnaceRing of Forging supportShop Buying: 100% customBuys from any shop (npc or object)Banking supportStops buying at certain stocks (custom)F2P supportBuy 1 at a time support Flax Picking: SeersQuests: Cooks Assistant (credits to gef30)Other: Custom Antiban that you decide onABCL 10Universal banking system that "remembers" your bank at all timesTravels using teleport tabs if you have themSwitches tasks based on level, time ran, or by items. So you can make it stop when you are running low on something, or make it stop when you get a certain amount of an items Future Features: AIO Combat with presets, banking, etc.Specific combat (BDK, GDK, Rock Crabs, Chaos Druids, Hill Giants)AIO MerchantingAIO FletchingAIO CraftingAIO Hunter+ More GUI: Planned Pricing: ** Need suggestions here Beta Testing: I'm currently looking for beta testers. This script should be released within the next few weeks. The more people involved, the less time it will take. Please add my skype (wastedbro) Post any suggestions or comments here.
  10. wSmither AIO Features: - Multi Location for smelting (Falador, Al Kharid, Port Phasmatys) - Supports smelting of every bar, and can do cannonballs - Ring of forging support. Withdraws them from your bank and equips them. - Smiths any item. Daggers, knives, arrow tips, dart tips, 2h swords, nails, etc, etc. - Uses any type of bar for smithing. Bronze-Runite - Stops the script at a certain level so you can train carefully. (set at 100 to never stop) - Opens doors when needed - Starts from anywhere. Antiban Features: - ABCL 10 - Randomizes the number it sends when asked how many bars to smelt or smith, instead of typing in the same number or the number of bars - Calculate, human-like wait times between changes in the interfaces, such as when the "Enter Amount" box appears, to simulate human reaction time. - Uses the "choose all" option in the bank for when the script needs to fill its inventory with an item. - Uses the "Make 10" option when smithing/smelting if the script has under 10 items - Smart algorithm to determine when the character is smithing/smelting. It instantly realizes it stopped smelting when a level is gained, etc. - *** Possible future update: Walking using the screen AND minimap *** Planned Pricing: - $10 / Lifetime / 2 instances Estimate Release Date: 8/5/2014 - 8/7/2014 * All feedback, suggestions, comments, etc are MUCH appreciated.
  11. 1-99 WoodCutter - Perfect for Goldfarming - Description: 1-99 WoodCutter is a script that attempts to make account training easy, while also offering viable money making methods. This script will be able to run from the beginning of tutorial island, to 99 WC without stopping. It will always be able to run, because it always finds something to do! No axes at all, it can pickpocket men and buy a bronze! Cutting Oaks with a bronze axe? This script will sell the logs to the shop in order to buy a steel axe! What happens after it trains the account, say to 60 WC? This script can go directly from training to cutting yews for your botfarm! Imagine being able to start a script on tutorial island, go to sleep, then come back to the account making profit! This script is a pure time saver. If you plan on running more than 3 accounts, you will definitely notice how much easier it is to start your farm with this script. Features: Starts from tutorial island (or anywhere), and does WC tasks based on stats and GP.Buys axes from the axe shop when you need them!Sells logs in certain locations to save time and gain GP for axes.Does tutorial island with a flawless, private, and human-like solverCuts logs in your favorite goldfarming places with banking supportFast WCing methods with perfect ent detection.Perfect anti-combat and anti-stuckABCL 10 antiban, implemented flawlessly along with custom methods for even more human-like behaviorSynergizes incredibly with The Bot Farm Manager, allowing for 100% automated botfarms Screenshots: Price Planning: $5 / 4 instances - Per month$15 / Unlimited Instances - Per month$30 / Unlimited Instances - Lifetime Auth F.A.Q.: Q. What's the difference between this and an AIO Chopper? A. This script is meant to train your new accounts without you ever having to stop the script, or set up the settings, or give the account items, or even do tutorial island! Once it trains them, it will move on to your good WC spots and earn GP. Q. Why is this so beneficial? A. Training accounts, even with scripts, isn't always easy. You need to buy items, stop and start scripts ever 20 minutes, etc. Doing this on 1 account isn't bad, but when you're trying to goldfarm, it's extremely tedious. This script completely eliminates that headache because it's the ONLY script you need to run to make GP!!
  12. Welcome to Sp333th Newt Farmer! This script purchases eyes of newt from Hetty's magic shop in Port Sarim and banks them in Draynor Village. Eyes of newt only cost 3gp from the store and can be sold at market for over 150gp/ea! While its not the fastest way to make money, it is great for low level accounts or aspiring herbalists. As always, you can expect this script to be FREE forever and open source. If you have any issues using the script please post them on this forum and I will be happy to solve any issues. Version: 1.0 - Buys eyes of newt from Hetty and banks them - Start anywhere between bank and Hetty - Script available on Tribot Repository - Script is FREE and open source - Switches worlds when low stock - Looks up prices on Zybez - Uses run energy Instructions: - Start in the Draynor bank with ~5-10k gold in inventory - Use Tribot break handler as this area is heavily botted by willow choppers - Sell newts 1k at a time even if you have more (or you will destroy prices) - Don't accept low prices for newts (or you will destroy prices) - Run the script and enjoy! - If you see the following message choose 'always allow' - These are just loading the images used in my GUI Screenshots: Source: http://pastebin.com/Q40Uz6J6
  13. Features: ~ Fast, Efficient Combat. ~ Advanced Antiban. ~ Good experience and GP for new accounts. ~ Stable ~ Customizable functioning. Download: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=wasted%20man%20killer&sort=default&category=all&price=any Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy Proggies:
  14. Post any bugs, comments, or progress reports here. Log: java files can be found in the attached zip folder Sigma Tanner 2.0.zip
  15. vFlax Picker [900+/hr]

    Hi everyone! Second script release here. As horrible as it sounds, it's a flax picker, as this was a request I said I would fulfill on the forums. vFlaxPicker v1.01 (picture from v1.00) Instructions: Extract the .class files to your /bin/scripts folderStart the script somewhere near the flax field or Seer's bankComment on this post about what works and doesn't work and say all sorts of nice/mean things and post progress reports!What do I do if ___ doesn't work? Please read what the last line in Bot Debug is and post it here, as well as some background as to what you were doing, inventory contents, play position, etc. Vex, this is great, how do we ever show our appreciation? What a handsome question to ask! You can show your appreciation by leaving a few nice words of praise, as well as suggestions for improvement.You are also welcome to donate any funds you feel I deserve for this project in 07 gold.I would also LOVE if some one would make a paint for this, you'd be an angel.vFlaxPicker 1.01.zip
  16. AIO Planker

    Version: 1.00 Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] All Log Support [✓] Withdraws money, No Risking Huge Cash Stacks! [✓] Web Walking [✓] Runescape Update Proof [✓] Basic Paint [✓] Fancy Paint --------------------------------------------- [✓] Supported [✓] Coming Soon Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have Logs of you're choice within Bank [x] Have Sufficient Cash within your Bank or Inventory [x] Start Anywhere --------------------------------------------- Add with One Click Via the Repository: --------------------------------------------- : https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=AIO%20Planker&sort=default&category=money_making&price=any --------------------------------------------- Download: --------------------------------------------- : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/70829568/AIOPlanker/AIOPlanker.tribot --------------------------------------------- Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  17. Hey guys Dgaf here, after a couple weeks of coding I bring you my first script here at TriBot: Chaos Druids Pro So what does this script do? Chaos Druids Pro kills Chaos Druids in the Taverley Dungeon, it then loots herbs. Once the inventory is full it will walk/Falador tab to the bank and bank your herbs. It will then walk back to chaos druids and repeat. Features: Flawless combat (good xp) Looting (good money) Falador tablet support Paint toggle on/off Anti ban Failsafes To Do: Implement Gui Add food Support Yanille Dungeon Support Know Bugs: 1. The Druids killed count is not always accurate. Looting List: Grimy RanarrGrimy torstolGrimy dwarf weedGrimy kwuarmGrimy iritGrimy avantoeGrimy toadflaxGrimy snapdragonLaw runeNature runeMithril boltsChaos Talismantooth half of a keyloop half of a keyuncut rubyuncut diamond Chaos Druids Beta 1.0: Recently re-wrote the combat and looting. Made some small changes to walking to/from Chaos druids to fix a small bug. Chaos Druids Beta 1.1: Updated the looting list to only loot high value herbs. Chaos Druids Beta 1.2: Updated the whole looting method, and added the suggested loot items to the list. Screenshot: Pleas post any proggys you have and I will add them to the thread Requirments: 1. 5 Agility. 2. YOU HAVE TO RUN TRIBOT IN LITE MODE FOR IT TO WORK HERES HOW: Top-left of your TriBot client click File>Settings. Then click the checkbox for "Lite Mode" Then restart the TriBot Client Recommendations: 30+ Attack, Strength, Defense ​Decent Armour, Mithril + (food is not supported yet) How to get the script in your client: 1. Download the .class file from the bottom of this post. 2. To add/update this script, Click file > View Local Scripts on your TriBot Client. 3. Place the file you just downloaded in this folder. 4. You should be ready to run the script! Instructions: 1. If you would like to use Falador tabs make sure they are at the top of the bank. If you run out or the script cant find any it will default to walking back instead of tabbing. 2. Make sure your account is in Falador, along the path the to Chaos Druids, or at Chaos Druids. 3. You must allow the paint through the firewall. The images are hosted on http://puu.sh/ you must also allow the puu.sh IP. This script is currently still in beta, If it crashes or gets stuck please post the logs and what you think caused the problem on this thread. I will try to fix all problems asap. If you would like to see any features added or have any suggestions please feel free to post them on the thread -Dgaf Credits: 1. Mute - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18360-show-hide-paint-tut/?hl=%2Btoggle+%2Bpaint 2. Arckos - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18775-snippet-drawing-gained-xp-skills-to-screen/ - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17021-simple-antiban/ Download: ChaosDruidsPro.class Beta 1.2 - Most Recent! ChaosDruidsPro.class Beta 1.1
  18. Hello botters, sduncan07 and I have decided to start developing a staking script that would be able to most of the common staking that is done by 07 players. Our goal is to make it non-exploitable and perform as well as any human can. Progress: Duel Settings - The settings have been collected but we still need methods to click them Advertising and accepting duels Combat -- DDS/scim/whip - boxing - general As you can see, we are not very far (just started developing today). We hope to get this ready in a week or so. It will be premium. We know you're wondering whether or not this will be profitable. It must be understood that staking is normally luck. It's all numbers. Therefore, it is possible to get cleaned in 5 minutes or make 20m/hr. So let's see some comments. Get some hype on this thread!!