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Found 1 result

  1. I'm going to be rewriting this among with a lot of my other scripts very soon. I'm not yet premium scripter, so I'll go ahead and release a demo version for now. Trial Version It works for 5 mins then stops, as it is a trial version. Misc. Flawless, fast, low cpu. Uses the butler - faster & lower ban rate. *Normal Butler is required Failsafes Traps the butler for you. If it can't find the butler it will use the bell pull(if you have one) If a tribot random fails it will use a ring of dueling to get back to your house. (This is optional - you don't have to have a ring of dueling) House set up Rates Probably around 400k+ profit an hour if you buy your supplies. Somewhere from 700 to 900 tabs/hr. Proggies Runs forever unless tribot screws up. I've only released a demo version. Try it yourself and u'll see how good it works. Download Click here to view in repo. Edit: If you're having problems, make sure your house is set up right. This is flawless if u set up your house right & you don't have any problems with the tribot random solver. (I may have to do a few custom randoms)
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