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Found 27 results

  1. What time will the scripts' subscriptions expire? Specifically, what time and time zone?
  2. Request: Auto Downvoter on LogoutDescription: Presses thumbs down on logout tab before logging out, logs back in, and repeats. Infinitely.Payment Amount: 0Time: Sooner the better.Additional: Meme.
  3. Hey. Just trying to right click make all on the gold bracelet interface. Most recent thing i've trid is getting the RSInterfaceChild braceInterface = Interfaces.get(446,47); then calling it as braceInterface.click("Make-All"); I've tried a few other things from the forum that I can't thing of atm, so any help would be appreciated.
  4. whats up, id be interested in trading my LoL account for osrs gold, or an osrs account. preferably a nice pure account. I've spent $4040 exactly on this LoL account, it has a crazy amount of skins and all the champions except for Zoe. Anyone interested? will supply with pictures if someone shows interest
  5. I have a league of legends account that im willing to trade for Osrs gold, or a nice osrs pure account. The LoL account includes: max runepages max champions(except zoe) 700+ skins Gold 3 MMR if anyone shows interest, i will definitely post some pictures of the account and skins in all their glory. I've spent over $4040 dollars on this league of legends account. yeah i said FOUR THOUSAND towards skins. lmk if youre interested!
  6. these mods next door hacked my game for my gp when i won legitly when i should had 100s of mills and bot and keep hacking my bot along with other neighbor becuase of jealousy can ne one help out
  7. So i am not quite as active on forums as i should be when starting up. But i am thinking about offering FREE services, going to be skilling then possible firecapes/quests. I am going to make them FREE for the time being until i get enough reputation to start charging (Prices will go up dependent on the volume of accounts that needs to be done). I would like to know what the community thinks. ANY skills. Hand done. lvl 1-40 on any account. (Must provide items/supplies necessary. OR leave starting cash enough for me to buy what is needed) lvls 40-70 COULD be done. There will be no guarantee on how many levels. I will do as i feel necessary. (possibly 5-10 levels) There is no time frame that i will be able to do these but i will be doing them all by hand and the fastest possible way ie. wines, highest tier logs until wintertodt, highest tier bars etc.
  8. Request: Private script, PM me if you are interested. Mute, Worthy and ModulusFrank knows the script. Just wondering if there are any takers to this.Description: Details can be discussed over skype/PM (A video of which can be provided, nothing too great. Just a youtube video)Payment Amount: If the script is ABC2 10/10 with bank support/bug support $400+ easy.Time: Time is not an issue, as i would like the script to have as little bugs and hiccups as possible. But would like it with in a month or so.Additional: I know this is a hard script for a quick buck. But just think of it as a good investment as i know Scripters hold the rights to publish this out later on. Like seriously, this script could be running rampant the day after. But i just hope it doesnt and is kept between a small society to decrease in ban rates and increase in the pixels we call GP.
  9. ---- CURRENTLY ACCEPTING VOUCHES !!! ---- --------------------- For any additional information, scheduling, price finalizing or any other questions you might have, please feel free to add me on my SKYPE by clicking on the button below! (to avoid any impersonators!) and I'll be more than happy to get right back to you as soon as possible.
  10. McCune

    Selling Gold IRL

    Tomorrow evening I'll be meeting one of @Bogla's assistants in Columbus, Ohio. It's an hour commute for both of us. It's a large amount of gold and I wanted cash, and they came through. I just thought this was absolutely hilarious and I would share it with you guys. I'll update this thread tomorrow when we meet and what not. This will be my greatest vouch yet.
  11. Hello there, I am happy to announce that I currently accept vouches in League of Legends... Which means I can play on an account of your own, FREE OF CHARGE, or mine even and you can see the results (or spectate my games live preferably) and the level of my services, hence leaving me a vouch / feedback. The vouches are intended for my thread here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/51587-league-of-legends-e%C2%B7lo%C2%B7l-boost-professional-cheap-and-fast-eutrrus/?p=604541
  12. Currently the cheapest Elo-Boost in EUROPE/RUSSIA/TURKEY. ALSO I OFFER MY COACHING SERVICES AT A PRICE OF 15€/HOUR. If you have any other question or need further information, feel free to add me on my skype or contact me to my e-mail: [email protected]
  13. **NA OR LAN ONLY** PAYMENT IS 0SRS GP OR PAYPAL Hey gang, I'm Rasta. I've been mid - high diamond since Season 3 and I've reached Master Tier twice this season. I am currently Diamond 3, but I have reached up to diamond 5/4 with ease on several smurf accounts. I have boosted friends for about 2 years, but only recently have looked into the idea of boosting for $. I've noticed that a lot of pro boosters on Sythe overcharge heavily for the amount of actual work required to reach these ranks. Rather than overpricing and offering my services on Sythe where there are several high rep boosters, I have decided to undercut and match any booster on Sythe and post my services here for RSGP. So until I have time to make an image displaying pricing, prices are as follows. BRONZE Bronze 5 to B4 = 2m Bronze 4 to B3 = 3m Bronze 3 to B2 = 4m Bronze 2 to B1 = 4m Bronze 1 to S5 = 6m SILVER (Consistent + Cheaper pricing to gold for Skin/Rewards) Silver 5 to S4 = 5m Silver 4 to S3 = 5m Silver 3 to S2 = 5m Silver 2 to S1 = 5m Silver 1 to G5 = 7m GOLD Gold 5 to G4 = 10m Gold 4 to G3 = 12m Gold 3 to G2 = 14m Gold 2 to G1 = 16m Gold 1 to Plat 4 = 20m PLAT BOYZ Plat 5 to P4 = 20m Plat 4 to P3 = 22m Plat 3 to P2 = 28m Plat 2 to P1 = 35m Plat 1 to Diamond 5 = 60m DIAMOND i have to think about diamond pricing, and I'll likely only be able to boost up to Diamond 3 or Diamond 2 in a timely manner,but I'm open to offers or suggestions, so please PM me or leave a post if you'd like this service. Pricing is negotiable to a certain extent. Please PM or post for service inquiries.
  14. Hey there Tribot. About a year ago I made a thread offering free and paid advice for LoL players. From then, I have made many friends from the tribot community. Today I am offering free advice on how to effectively climb the ladder and win games. I am an EXTREMELY skilled Leona player (top 10 north america), but am very knowledgeable in other roles. Add me ingame "Gemstones". SAY YOU ARE FROM TRIBOT PLEASE. Recently updated a bronze and silver player's masteries/runes. They couldnt stop thanking me as it significantly improved their gameplay. Days later they climbed almost 3 divisions. Free tips: 1.) Dont take ranked too seriously. Every elo has trolls and unskilled players. Dont get mad/tilted 2.) Master 1-2 champs. I played Leona 90% of my games, from Silver 4 to Diamond. Leona has no hard counters which made picking her even more worthwhile. Play 1-2 champs hardcore(different positions), and you will climb easily 3.) Know your strengths/weaknesses. Can u land skillshots like a god, how is your wave management, objective control, etc? PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS. If you're a skillshot beast, pick up morgana,etc. 4.) Mute trolls, they only piss you off 5.) Dodge if you have some extremely toxic player in champ select, its always better to dodge than playing with some1 who wants to lose. 6.) If your not having fun you're doing it wrong 7.) You only have to be good enough to be carried. Your 0-4? Let the 6-1 Veigar carry you. Dont rage. Listen to his calls Can only add NA players sorry. "Gemstones" my user. hmu if you wanna win
  15. Hey guys. I'm looking to do a few boosts for NA players. I'm currently in plat looking to make a bit of OSRS GP in exchange for league wins. I'll be boosting in NA only, to a maximum of gold 5. Prices: 100k OSRS GP per bronze tier 200k OSRS GP per silver tier PayPal not accepted Accounts with no placement games are considered bronze 5. (prices are not firm) Rules: 1. Account must be able to play ranked (be level 30 and own 16 champs) 2. Don't play ranked on the account while I'm working on it 3. I will not talk to anyone while on your account Time for delivery can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your current rank and desired end rank. If you have a decent amount of feedback I will go first, otherwise payment will be made per division tier. Thanks for reading
  16. Hello everybody, this is my Lol services thread for EUNE&EUW I am currently offering boosting services from bronze to gold V, I will offer cheap prices in the beginning, below market, so don't hesitate to ask on skype! I am also offering referral services, 5 accounts for 5$! I am also holding a weekly skins sale. In every week, you can buy any skin below 400RP for 1.5$ through the gifting system. I am currently accepting RS3 gold, OSRS gold, paypal&skrill. my skype: jigo.mila
  17. Hey I am a low diamond high plat player doing bronze to diamond on a smurf. Account is currently silver 4 and I am willing to boost people while doing this. If you have any comments please pm me or comment below. Thank You.
  18. Hey guys! Long time League of Legends player here. So I recently started playing 2007scape with some buds and while I was bored mining tin and copper I decided to check these forums and see what the state of botting was (I was banned for macroing major on two accounts the last time I played) and I got the impression that some of you successful botters had a ridiculous amount of GP. So I thought, OSRS and League are some really popular games, I'm sure there's gotta be a lot of crossover right? Anyway I reasoned that, instead of slowly grind out this account to a point where I can actually make meh money, why not trade someone a boost to Silver / Gold / Plat / Diamond on League of Legends instead? I don't know if any of you have seen the prices that many Elo Boosting services charge, but they're pretty insane. I'd be willing to boost for much less for some OSRS GP. I've gotten to Diamond multiple season and boosted many accounts into Diamond 5 with ease. One thing to note is I do play on NA so other than NA the only regions I could boost on would be LAN, and getting anywhere above Plat on LAN might be a bit tricky. (notice the search bar) Anyways, what you think? Is this a dumb idea? Would anyone be interested? EDIT: A lot of people are talking about building my rep and what not so that they can trust me. I was thinking I could do a couple of trial games for some people and maybe then those people could vouch for me? Maybe not perfect but it's something.
  19. Hey people of Tribot, there is a 1000M Rs3 drop party going down on the 29th of this month in the [Elite Duel] friends chat. They're also doing a Easter Egg giveaway for which you have to like/sub/comment on the following video. Elite Duel is basically this really big commission staking fc (Its no bannable in rs3) that host stakes in the arena for only 5% commision, pretty fun shit tbh so maybe check it out. They have a bunch of other helpful videos on there channel that teach you how the whole thing works. Anyway here is the video, best of luck everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDiT4oOGp3o <3 Salad
  20. Whats the longest single time period you've ran a script without being banned? I'm asking specifically for records from this year and not back in like 2012. Please post your records in this format: Time period: What I was botting: Premium Script: Yes or No? Script from Tribot: Yes or No? Anything you want to add: I am keen to see the results. Good luck with all your future botting endeavours. <3 Salad
  21. Hi, we'll be giving out 1 free vouch for two games in bronze, silver or gold to the first respected forum member who contacts us on skype (proplaysboosting) Problems viewing the salespage? http://proplays.hol.es/
  22. Hi guys, i was starting to think more easy ways to get some quick $ with botting, so i decided to offer some league of legends boost for you who are stuck in elohell About me and league, i have been rank 1 challenger at euw at the start of this season ( http://i.imgur.com/tuTOM8Z.jpg ) not long after that i quited league and sold 2 of my accounts. As many of you know, its like runescape, you cant escape it forever. So after about 2-3 months i came back and have played this game only for fun. Currently i have a account at diamond 1 50 lp euw (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/39389247#profile). Also played a account a challenger on TR server ( just to compare the skill level of other regions ) and quited a few days after it on that account. I can boost from bronze-dia1 maybe even challenger(depends on server too) if i put my mind on it. I dont know the prices for the boost, but it will be ALOT cheaper than regular boost sites. I can also duoque with you, if you can provide an account for me that is able to duoque with yours. But the price will be abit higher than normal ( i have access to some low elo accounts on euw/eune which i can use myself) . I can also stream for you when im on your account, and i can almost quarantee 100% winrate below platinum. You can add me on skype: anteromehmed Or just reply here / pm here. First one to reply gets a division for free ! Sorry if you dont understand what im trying to type, english is not my native language Cheers EDIT: also takeing payments on paypal if you are trusted on this forum.
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