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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to Worthy Scripts |w| World Ping Finder Use this tool to calculate the best world for you to bot on! UPDATE: THIS SCRIPT CAN NOW DETERMINE THE LOWEST PING ON ANY OS, AND USES YOUR PROXY How to use Input the amount of ping trials to conduct. It will average results for each world and print out an ordering of the worlds sorted by lowest average ping. You should pick the world with the lowest ping to bot in! How it works (see some results) Bot A) Here I ran the script with 6 trials on a US proxy: Based on this information, I would probably pick world 370 to do my botting for the day in. Bot B) However, here I ran the script with 6 trials on a German proxy: Based on this information, I would probably pick world 376 to do my botting for the day in. Notice now I have picked servers in two different locations of the world, based on the proxies my bots were using. This is important to do (arguably often), because we have just determined which Runescape server will give us the best connection. All bots perform better with a faster response time from the server! Click here to activate it NOTE: You do not need to be logged in to use this tool. Happy botting, Worthy
  2. Hi everyone, I have 16GB of ram and I have two bots running at the same time for the same skill. When they are both running, it seems laggy, and I'm not using as nearly as much 16 GBs, so I was wondering why am I lagging? https://gyazo.com/6e0a35c993acc8da8999a7e5765b5fc5 this gif gyazo, shows the bot running and lagging. This is my ram that currently being used https://gyazo.com/af561ddba57c72da80b2729ee918b57c Hope to get this resolved. Cheers, Sangdizzle9
  3. 2015k

    setting help?

    Hello, I'm new here, I just bought VIP and was wondring how I could get my bots runnning a little faster. How can I let this bot use more cpu. What are the bets settings to run the fastest?
  4. Hello people. I got 10 hours uptime with my 2 bots but the lagg gets worse ervery minute. Do you have any tips for my on how to clean the memory etc ? Thanks
  5. PockerRock

    OSRS Lagging

    My PC is always lagging out in OSRS, dont know what to do. Graphics Card is integrated, intel hd. I'm running always in resizable from 3-10FPS, normal 10-30FPS, any recommendations on what to do? All-In-One HP PC.
  6. Hello, I have been using tribot for years and very happy with it, however, lately I am experiencing issues with the bot being very choppy and laggy. I have uninstalled all java versions and reinstalled java. I have also experiemented with all the four java options available to me in the startup screen. Sometimes this helps, but then sometimes it runs really smooth and then starts to be super choppy after about 10 or 20 minutes again. I can already tell that it is lagging without even starting a script. The fire that you see coming from the two bowls at the log in screen is a good indicator of lag. It does not run smooth at all. When I run OSRS in my browser it is completeley smooth and has no problems. Using an i7 processor and a nearly new PC. Anyone else experiencing this? What can I do?
  7. Hey guys, Im having a problem with Tribot. Compared to other runescape clients, Tribot lags so much for me, like everything from the mouse speed to it actually registering my click. I was wondering if anyone of you knew what the problem might be? Also, when i try to run 2 accounts at once, it says something about "Heap space". What exactly do i do, in order for it to be able to run 2 accounts at once?
  8. jakcorb

    Is this normal

    I have 16 gb ram 3 ghz processor I run like 7 bots and lag like fuck 100percent cpu usage
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