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Found 4 results

  1. I try to open the bot and it says no java runtime present requesting install, I have installed javas last update about 4 times restarted my computer and my browsers and still same error. someone pls help.
  2. Hey guys, I'm facing some problems with my Debian 8 VPS, currently I'm not able to install Java 8, I was using this as reference https://tecadmin.net/install-java-8-on-debian/ but as it says "IMPORTANT: Java 8 is no longer available to download publically. You can use below link to install Java 11." Java 8 can't be downloaded anymore, so I tried to use Java 11, but TRiBot doesn't work with it. Anyone can have with this? I'll give more info if required.
  3. ActionManager: public class ActionManager extends Thread { //Java 8 static method references public static class Flags { public static final Supplier<String> PREVENT_WINDOWS = ActionManager::preventWindows; public static final Supplier<String> CHECK_XP = ActionManager::checkXP; public static final Supplier<String> AVOID_PLAYERS = ActionManager::avoidPlayers; } private Script _runningScript; private Action[] _actions; public ActionManager(Script $script, Action[] $actions) { this._runningScript = $script; this._actions = $actions; } @Override public void run() { this.initialization(); //TODO: Needs an exit point? while(true) { this.manageActions(); } } private void initialization() { this._runningScript.println(Messages.ActionManager.INITIALIZATION); } private void manageActions() { for (int $actionIdx = 0; $actionIdx < this._actions.length; $actionIdx++) { Action $currentAction = this._actions[$actionIdx]; if ($currentAction.thread.isAlive()) { if ($currentAction.active) { for (int $flagIdx = 0; $flagIdx < $currentAction.flags.length; $flagIdx++) { String $flagResult = $currentAction.flags[$flagIdx].get().toString(); if ($flagResult != Messages.SUCCESS) { $currentAction.active = false; } } } else $currentAction.thread.interrupt(); } else if ($currentAction.active) $currentAction.thread.start(); } } ... //Proper use of ActionManager is to predefine your actions in the constructor /*public Boolean addAction(Action $action) { this._actions[this._actions.length] = $action; }*/} Action: public class Action { public String name; public Thread thread; public Supplier[] flags; public Boolean active; public Action(String $name, Thread $action, Supplier[] $flags) { this.name = $name; this.thread = $action; this.flags = $flags; this.active = false; }}Usage: private void initialize() { this.println(Messages.INITIALIZATION); this._dropItems = new Action( Messages.DropItems.NAME, new DropItems(this, GameItems.ITEM_A), new Supplier[] {ActionManager.Flags.PREVENT_WINDOWS}); this._bankItems = new Action( Messages.BankItems.NAME, new BankItems(this, new int[] {GameItems.ITEM_B, GameItems.ITEM_C})); this._stealItems = new Action( Messages.StealItems.NAME, new StealItems(this, new int[] {GameObjects.OBJECT_A, GameObjects.OBJECT_B}), new Supplier[] {ActionManager.Flags.AVOID_PLAYERS, ActionManager.Flags.PREVENT_WINDOWS}); this._actionManager = new ActionManager(this, new Action[] {this._dropItems, this._bankItems, this._stealItems}); this._actionManager.start();}if (Inventory.isFull() && !this._dropItems.active) { //Allow the Action to be started by ActionManager this._dropItems.active = true;}Useful for pausing time consuming single-run operations like Inventory.drop() to handle cases which should be defined as static methods and referenced in ActionManager.Flags using Java 8 method references (see https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/function/package-summary.html for the type you should be using depending on the cases you define)
  4. Hello all, I just tried to update my java on Linux Centos 6 to 8u66 using this guide http://tecadmin.net/install-java-8-on-centos-rhel-and-fedora/ but now I'm encountering problem when trying to open TRiBot. http://imgur.com/iqyguJu http://imgur.com/PTjwkHg Seems like I didn't set the path for java correctly or something. Anyone knows how to set java path for Centos 6 or whatever is causing this problem, could you kindly tell me please? Many thanks!
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