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Found 4 results

  1. A little about myself: I started working for TRiBot over 6 years ago now, and have been an active premium script developer ever since. I've also had a big part in goldfarming / RS botting scene since well before then, but TRiBot was where I decided to settle as I found it the safest and best platform to use. Link to my TRiBot profile: Optimus - TRiBot Forums For any new users of the script; here's a brief description of what the script does: Optimus AIO Combat & Magic is an AIO (All in one) script for TRiBot that was designed to train your account up from start to finish. Whether you want to train your slayer up while training your combat stats, or train your magic using any spell from air strike to ice barrage, it's all supported. I've poured over 5 years of hard work and development into the script; and the result is a safe & easy to use script that should meet all of your botting needs and expectations. The script also implements advanced antiban methods created using thousands of hours of real human playing data, I've managed to make the script out-perform most human players, while also avoiding detection and staying under the radar from Jagex's anti-bot technology. Features Overview: Supports CLI Launcher & Script arguments: Enter the name of your GUI settings as the script argument and you'll be botting in seconds! Combat features: Ironman mode: The script now supports ironman and ultimate ironman mode accounts, and will only attack / loot your own monsters on those accounts. Kills every monster in the game including: Sand & Rock crabs + makes them aggressive again All dragons + can keep safe distance from Brutals All slayer monsters Monsters in dungeons e.g Stronghold of security, Slayer dungeon etc And anything else you can think of... Intelligent combat system that supports the following: - All food types + bones to peaches - Banking for more supplies at every bank in RS - All special attacks + weapon switching - All potion types (Including NMZ potions) - Full prayer support + quick prayers + recharging prayer at altars - Dwarf multicannon support + anti decay - Guthans for healing - Safe spotting - Worldhopping when certain conditions are met - All magic spells supported + can re-equip staffs and setup autocast for you automatically - Progressive training system so the script can automatically switch training methods / equipment when it levels up. Intelligent looting system that supports the following: - Looting by item name or ID - Loot items by item price (E.g loot all items over 500gp) Ironman looting - Only loots from monsters you've killed - Loot using telekinetic grab - Bury bones you loot - High alching the loot you pickup - Accurate profit calculations & tracking And much much more... Magic features: The script is also an AIO Magic script that supports every single combat AND non combat magic spell available on the Regular,Ancient and Lunar spellbooks. Including: All combat spells All cursing spells All enchantment spells Superheat item All teleport spells All alchemy spells ( Can combo alch between casts to double your xp ) Splashing The script can also train with the following lunar spells! Humidify Plank make Superglass make Tan leather Spin flax String Jewellery and More! Purchase info and script trial info: Packages: Free Trial Price: $FREE Every month you're allowed a free 10 hour trial with the script, enjoy 1 month Package Price: $10 VIP is not required to run the script The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 1 month Complete customer support via discord and the TRiBot forums To purchase the script or activate your free trial, click the image below: TRiBot Repository | Optimus Combat & Magic Gallery:
  2. Evening all, I'm looking for a crafting/magic script that can: 1. Purchase Buckets of Sand & Soda Ash at various dock locations. 2. Use the lunar spell SuperGlass Make to melt the glass. 3. Use a blowpipe to craft the glass into various items which are sold afterwards. 4. Hop worlds and repeat the process. This is an effective ironman method to get crafting to a higher level. I am willing to discuss payment options if a script like this were to surface. I look forward to hearing back from the community on this. Very curious to see how many people would be interested. Cheers & Happy Botting, P
  3. Hello premium script makers, Is it possible to make an iron man option. I've used multiple premium script that try to take items listed as loot. Problem; spam clicking loot that isnt yours. Example: Picking other people's bird nest wile woodcutting. Trying to pick other people's loot in a combat zone. Solution: making an option that only picks up loot/nests that are your own? Thanks in advance!
  4. asky

    Ironman Bot

    I have an idea to make a series of either forum posts or videos about an ironman account on which I make heavy use of automation to progress. I would write (open source) scripts for myself to automate common tasks performed by ironmen, like gathering different herblore secondaries, buying molten glass supplies from charter traders and runecrafting cosmic runes (for air orbs). I wouldn't really care about the account or if jagex caught it botting, and I would heavily advise people to not use this for their 'real' ironmen. The progress I would post (video or forum) would probably be half scripting tutorial and half account progress. What do people think of this idea? Would anyone find it useful to have access these sorts of scripts? Do you have any script or series ideas?
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