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Found 4 results

  1. JoeDezzy1


    Call me crazy... but on the off chance I checked this
  2. So i am pretty much a long term botter especially when it comes to Tribot or botting in general. But there are multiple features of tribot that i have no found a use for or by its name kind of peaks my interest. One of them is Script Queue. I was told by a very good scripter @daxmagex about script queing. It was very brief and he hasnt used it himself but the idea behind it is to start a separate script when one ends. Kind of portraying multi-tasking/skilling in OSRS. As you all may know from playing legit way back in 2007 or even of recently. You really dont stay to one skill for very long and could jump back and forth between multiple skills. All in all, in helping the community be a bit more lazy and afk. Please someone with a higher IQ than myself make a tutorial on how to use the script queue to its highest potential. And if there is a way to save a preset so you can "randomize" the scripts and order of skills you train would be awesome! P.S Tags so OP
  3. So i am not quite as active on forums as i should be when starting up. But i am thinking about offering FREE services, going to be skilling then possible firecapes/quests. I am going to make them FREE for the time being until i get enough reputation to start charging (Prices will go up dependent on the volume of accounts that needs to be done). I would like to know what the community thinks. ANY skills. Hand done. lvl 1-40 on any account. (Must provide items/supplies necessary. OR leave starting cash enough for me to buy what is needed) lvls 40-70 COULD be done. There will be no guarantee on how many levels. I will do as i feel necessary. (possibly 5-10 levels) There is no time frame that i will be able to do these but i will be doing them all by hand and the fastest possible way ie. wines, highest tier logs until wintertodt, highest tier bars etc.
  4. Good morning/afternoon/evening to all, I have not made an introduction post in the year i've been here so i decided to do one. A little about me is that i am in the Marine Corps. I can tell you all about it if you would like to know more. I have been playing RS since it first came out and stopped from around 2010-2012. I have recently gotten back into the game and am loving to bot once again. I have played the game legit to about CB 116 prior to botting and soon after quitting. I probably rate myself a 5/10 with knowledge about botting but i think i am pretty adequate at it enough to give some advice and sustain myself. I am a very chill person as long as people don't mess with family. Whether it is mines or someone else's. It is a big pet peeve of mine. Other than that i spend a lot of money on RS every week. From Gold buying to Scripts to even buying whole accounts. I will be starting up a few things in the upcoming month/year. From going to college online to trying to start up my own middleman services here on Tribot and also Sythe. I am a $300 donator on Sythe. I have a couple of vouches on there as a buyer. I have not sold anything yet as i spend a lot of the gold i make/buy on skills on all of my accounts. Current projects now are making my very own custom desktop, Learning on to develop basic scripts, making a 10 HP 99 everything else account, start streaming on Twitch, and also getting a Completionist cape on OSRS. Thank you for your time! Vouches On Sythe: https://www.sythe.org/threads/gosubears-vouch-pouch/#post-23134563 PCPartPicker list of Custom Desktop: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/gosubear/saved/#view=nrsK8d Middleman Services: (Coming soon!) Skyper: Gosubear1
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