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Found 2 results

  1. I previously asked a question as to what I'm doing wrong. My bots went from extremely successful one minute to banned right after tutorial island. Is Jagex Cache really ONLY where they store files? AFAIK the cache is located under the user in your SSD/HDD named as 3 files: jagexcache, random.dat (for multilogging accounts), as well as one more file. What else could be the issue? I've realistically ran enough bots to be flagged for a mass-gold farm, but am now facing resetting EVERYTHING just to get off their hit-list. Are there any programmers here that actually know how to 'reset' your system without actually reinstalling everything? (Yes, I have ran VMs, yes, I've reset my IP every day, and as far as I know VPNs don't matter in the slightest unless you don't have control over your IP (like on a public network). It's definitely not fun logging in and finding out you've just lost 400+mill in a single ban sweep, but I'm trying to use this as a learning experience. I wish to not sound redundant or repeat myself, but people keep recommending virtual machines or VPNs, the only thing that's thus far worked for me is a hard reset of everything. There has to be a more efficient way. I understand business is business and everyone wants their cut of the market and it might not even be financially beneficial for them to provide legitimate assistance in this matter, but as a paying member and fan of the TriBot community, this issue is beyond me at this moment and I need a savior. Thank you all. Yes, I've read many guides on how to safely bot. They don't say what to do after Jagex has you flagged.
  2. Hello, Short description, short question. Changed everything short of reinstalling windows and hard-resetting router. AM I TRACKED/FLAGGED, OR ARE THE SCRIPS I WERE USING NOW GETTING ME INSTABANNED? Is it normal to see 3 different scripts instantly getting me banned like this? I used to run accounts for 2 weeks at a time and they're fine.. now I get banned the next day after tutorial island. Is October an abnormal Month, or am I the problem? I love you all, jk I will love you after my problem is solved also, I understand creating my own script will give me the best results, but I believe uncovering THIS issue is what sets apart the serious botters from the part-time botters. Is Jagex tracking much harder than I/we first thought or did multiple scripts just become invalid simultaneously. (Going to edit this comment after question is answered to keep this on the DL, but I'm dying for an answer)
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