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Found 15 results

  1. DaxHunter Premium Buggy

    Having a problem with Dax hunter premium script. When hunting if the hop settings are set to hop when another player is seen the bot will register itself as a person and get caught in an endless loop of logging in and out hoping worlds. When hunting black chins the bot will not Bank, once out of traps, the bot will stand there (level 32-33 wildy) and just come to a stop. Not sure how to fix this problem, I've looked into it with no luck with how to solve. I appreciate all the input.
  2. So confused

    Sup guys, Soooooooooooo, over the past month made five different accounts. I did the exact same tasks for pretty similar duration but three of them got in under a week. Two got 2-day ban. Of the two, I got one of them to 70+mining and 98 hunter almost hitting 99 (less than one mil exp). No matter what i'm doing, I can't replicate the success I had with this account. It's like... a lucky account? O_O what do you guys think?
  3. last night my bot was working completely fine. today runescape updated, after the update i tried to start up my bot and i noticed something wrong right away. it was clicking erratically 6-7 times just on the square to place box trap. and missclicking everywhere setting up traps out of position. another user whos a friend is having the same issue. will this be resolved? also on a side note i purchased vip and the premium scriptt and it says cannot use human mouse data because i dont have authorization. how can i get this as i thought this was what i was paying for? appreciate the help in advance guys.
  4. Tri Puro Puro

    Anyone currently using Tri's Puro Puro? How is it?
  5. Hey! So 2 of my accounts got banned today, I botted on them from 2 days in a row and their names we're not bot like, they had clothing on and not the regular bot outfit. They were also higher than combat 10 and had other skills trained than just hunter. I got banned and had: * Good unbot like name * Levels trained other than hunter * Botted 14-16 hours a day * Wore cloths and did not have default character. * Had a combat level higher than 10 * Botted chins for 14 hours before I got banned. (Then 9am London time, I get banned) Ban reason: " Account banned for macroing in OldSchool. Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex. Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software. Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being 'totally undetectable' or 'no ban guaranteed' are inaccurate. As such your account has been permanently removed from game. This is not an appealable offence and we will not review it should you contact us by email, ticket or social media. Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules should you wish to create another account. " I believe I was banned for using 3rd party software like "TriBot." Is it possible that I can hook TriBot up with some other client to not make it 3rd party? I heard someone say that you can add like OS Buddy in. Also, how would I over come this issue? Cheers.
  6. Hello! I am currently looking for someone that can work on a project I am willing to pay for! I am looking for a hunter bot which levels the account from lvl 1 to 63 and starts doing red chins for profit until level 74 where it will do the hunting mini-game. Features/Outline: * Possible logout when mod is near by and stay logged out for 5 minutes or so before logging into a new world. (When logging out in a safe area it will pick up the traps and say "Be right back, or Brb" with a random automated text system which is editable. * Auto chat, when someone mentions "botting" or "bots" it will say something, if someone mentions "Hey, Hi" etc, it'll say "Currently watching a video and afking, can't talk rn". Etc, so people won't report you. * From the start of the bot, it will go to varrock and buyout items that you will need to train fast for levels 1-74. For example, teleports for fast teleporting, hunting gear, it will also get boots of lightness and combat gear to level up. * Combat system, before starting hunter it will level up from a randomly generated combat level between, 7-16, usually with strength being higher than attack and defence. * Once it reaches it's desired combat level it will get 9 hunter by the mini-game and start training to 63. Once it hit's 63 it will start training and making money. * Logout/sleep periods. You are able to set times it will logout and log back in again, also when it does randomly logout it will auto login. * Random events, it complete certain random events, or decline the rest. * Once it hit's level 74 it will go do the hunter mini-game. * It will have cashout times where it will sell all the hunted items at the GE for GP. * There's an option on it that says "Re-new" bond, and will buy and use bonds when required. (For example 1 day before it runs out of membership) So yeah, that pretty sums up what I am looking for, I plan on running this script on many accounts. Cheers.
  7. as title states are there any scripts in the making supporting this?
  8. Did hunter bots get nuked?

    I've noticed recently that the amount of bots doing hunter has decreased drastically. On the daxhunter premium script the total # of bots went from 500+ down to around 250. My bots survived so I assume I'm doing something right when it comes to not getting banned haha. I can actually find empty worlds during the daytime too now!
  9. Hunter bots

    Hello, I'm looking for people who will create me lv. 73 hunter accounts. (bots or by hand). Stats I'm looking for: Hunter lv. 73 Agility lv. 50 Attack-strength-defence lv. ~30 Pm me on skype ; ireloadi Not paying upfront if you're not trusted. Don't expect to much GP if you're using a bot.
  10. Script Not Starting/Freezing on startup? You need to add these to your Tribot firewall! Rune Scape Leaderboards (Rank 4 and 6 in hiscores) Longest Proggy: From @dimidejong10 FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE IN REPOSITORY! Simply click the thread. The trial should be right next to the purchase options. _________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE BOT (READ THIS!!!) Picture of GUI HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT Click Here
  11. xHunter by xCode Features ABCL10Supports BirdsSupports Grey & Red ChinsTwo types of setting your traps ( X & +)Pre-set locations (Can also just use your location)Nice clear paintHigh XP/HKeeps valuable and drops worthless items.FalconrySalamandersDynamic trap formations (choose your own)Screenshots & Proggies Download Changelog If there's anything that needs to be fixed, please let me know. I'll try to fix/add asap
  12. For VIP's only?

    Is this premium script only for VIP's; wHunter AIO? It does not say anything about who can use it or not, like the other scripts.
  13. Before you go any further, here's a quick preview of the kind of money you make with Tri Puro Puro! 43m profit in one go, that's insane! ~TRI PURO PURO~ TRiBot's #1 Script For Making Money With Hunter Description: Tri Puro Puro is a flawless script designed to hunt Implings in the Puro-Puro minigame. The script was designed not just to be fast, but also to be very stable and human like. With many many people often using the script for days at a time without stopping it. Tri Puro Puro is one of the fastest & safest script available to make money with, and will generate you an income of around 200k-1mill an hour, depending how many of each sort of imp you catch. I believe hunting implings are the best money making method because: The requirements to hunt implings arn't hard to get - For maximum profit, you want at least 83 hunter. You also have to complete lost city and have 50 magic, you can get these requirements on a fresh level 3 in a few days. There are 3 different species of valuable implings - Which means you catch imps worth 20k-200k all the time, it also means even in populated worlds, you still have a good chance of catching them. It is in a safe minigame, so there is no chance of aggressive monsters killing you. ( and you don't need any combat stats ). The ban rate is currently very low ( as of 4/7/2014, there has not been a single ban reported too me in weeks ). Features: Testimonials: + THERE ARE ALOT MORE Contact Info / Support: Purchase Information / Pricing: If you ever need any help feel free to ask me
  14. Download Available at the TRiBot Repository Features How to use Proggies & Screenshots Changelog This script even works when ridin' (in the train). Please leave feedback if you've used my script. I would really appreciate it.
  15. hBirds - Hersche's Bird Hunter!

    Author: Hersche Description: Hunts birds! Aye mates. This is my first script pretty much, so sorry if it isn't the best - especially for being the only TriBot Hunt script out right now. ;> I'll do my best to make it successful! Features - Simple Anti-ban: Camera rotates & skill tab check. - Supports method for bones: drop / bury. - Supports Crimson Swifts / Tropical Wagtails. - Trap memory (knows your traps from others) - Drops other junk - the meat.. - Supports up to 4 traps - EXP / Status paint - [iMPORTANT]Make sure when you start this bot, there is plenty of space around you! e.g no trees, bushes, etc. The bot sets traps like this: X is your start position. The numbers are trap numbers. _ is one tile. It's said far south west Feldip Hills is the best spot to use my script. (+ now instead of x) While facing north: __4 2__X __3 PS: Might not always be the case. Clicks might be off occasionally. So don't worry if the traps aren't the exact layout above. The bot should still work correctly. Bugs - Any bugs relating to randoms is not dealt with by the script, but the client. - Please report bugs proffesionally, like so; Current version: rescentBug: Not laying or something like thatInstance: The bot goes to check a catch, then doesn't lay after.. etcDebug (optional)Screenshot (optional)The layout would greatly help me in solving the issue both quick and accurately. Please keep in mind guys - this is my first script. It isn't/won't be flawless, so please babysit it so a random/huge mistake doesn't happen. Let me know how it works, and report bugs of course! Change Log Version 1.0.0: Initial release that was super buggy. Version 1.0.1: Fixed captured detection bug; also added trap count prompt. Version 1.0.2: Fixed the delay with capture detection, and trap laying bug. It will set and only set the trap count you choose. Dismantled / dropped trap detection should be fixed also. Version 2.0.0: Fixed hella bugs. Detection should be fixed, as well as quicker mouse, more accurate clicks, and checks while dropping junk so traps don't fall. (Hopefully). Also, new GUI (it's in the description embedded in the client loader. Click Start Script > Hunter > hBirds , and you'll see it. Version 2.1.0: Fixed trap detection after laying & dismantling. The bot should now keep track of the traps on the ground, so it doesn't try and lay more traps than it can. *crosses fingers* Version 2.2.0: Fixed minor bugs, new paint additions, and fixed possible error occurring with failure to dismantle traps before they collapse. Version 2.3.0: Updated new clicking system. Quicker, and more accurate. Also, camera moved to facing South (reported for betting clicking on the traps), as well as updated the Anti-ban for camera movements appropriately. Version 2.3.1: Fixed camera Anti-ban bug. Version 2.3.2: Fixed bone burying delay. Should bury them all now. Version 2.4.0: New trap memory system. The bot should now know which traps are yours, and not going running off to someone else's. Also, updated paint with Birds caught & p/h. Lastly, if there's junk under a trap spot, it will "Walk here" instead of click directly and pick up junk. As for issues with randoms, I could both Rick Turp & Mystery man - script didn't freeze. (Assume it's okay) Version 2.4.1: Memory for traps is done on first trap lays, so you can start in a world with a person already there if wanted. Version 2.5.0: Fixed trap falling detection at last. Also put on fail safe for keeping traps that missed the intentionally lay spot. Lastly, fixed paint bug not calculating correctly. Version 2.5.1: Bot now doesn't get caught in trap laying loop. Version 2.5.2: Slowed clicking for walking to tiles. Hopefully this fixes the inventory clicking bug, as well as the client crashing. Version 2.6.0: Possible fix for randoms crashing script. Version 2.6.1: Another hopeful fix to random crashing. Slower clicks, new trap layout for efficiency, and dropped trap priority. Version 2.6.2: Hopefully fixed trap tile recording bug. Version 2.7.0: Hopefully hunting stable now. Also fixed bird catch counter. Version 3.0.0: Re-vamped trap setting/error handling. Previous issue of the bot getting stuck and losing traps under the status "Laying Traps..." should now be fixed. Also new GUI addition, and fixed TTL mis-calculation. Version 3.1.0: New GUI Proggies! **Keep in mind: I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your account while using my script. Bot safe. ; )** Recommended: Run in LITE mode. ~Hersche VERSION 3.1.0 MIRROR (Should be the right version.. Lemme know if there's a major, UNUSUAL bug that occurs.) hBirds.class