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Found 4 results

  1. So for example, I'm already using a script that has ABC2 implemented into it which uses some form of human mouse movements. If I purchase VIP-E, how does human mouse do anything extra?
  2. Human mouse & LG - VIP E

    Hello everyone, I was browsing this forum looking for information about 'human mouse', and at this moment all I really do know is that I need VIP-E in order to use LG and human mouse . I'm interested in buying VIP-E as it imo greatly reduces a chance of getting banned, but before I do I would like to know if: -I get human mouse as soon as I pay for the VIP-E, Or is it necessary to generate the 20 mouse files in order to use it? -How do I know which script uses human mouse instead of random mouse movements (higher ban risk) Thanks in advance!
  3. My mouse data.

    Hello , i have added my 20 human data files in this rar . Waiting for respond Thank you!
  4. Human Mouse

    How can I assure that my client is using human mouse? I am using a Premium VIP script with 10/10 antiban. What are your experiences with ban rates using this or is it simply already implemented? Thanks.