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Found 7 results

  1. Buy it now! Monthly (3 instances per auth) $7.49 (7.5 credits) Two weeks (3 instances per auth) $4.20 (4.2 credits) Or try the Trial (2 hours) Repository URL: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2088 Current Features Grand Exchange support for buying and selling; Herb cleaning; Unfinished potions support; Potions support; Task driven workflow; ABC2 Antiban; Stopping when out of resources (or skipping the task); ~Basically, Everything you need within a Premium Herblore script!~ Images FAQ Q: How do I set it up to use as much as possible herbs/unf pots/pots for a task? A: Use '0' for the amount. Q: What will happen when it can't find any more of the resources? A: It will skip that task or stop the script if there aren't any tasks left. Q: Does this script support the Druidic Ritual quest? A: Atm, no. I might add it in the future. Q: Will the script logout when it ends or if it's done with all the tasks? A: Yes, you can set this up in the GUI. Q: Can I set let the tasks list repeat? A: Yes, you can set this up in the GUI. Q: I find ABC2 sleep delays very slow, could I disable it? A: Yes, you can set this up in the GUI. If you have any questions regarding this or my other scripts, feel free to contact my by PM . or
  2. Hello, This may be obvious to some but its been a while since I've played runescape again .. When looking at Grand Exchange most traded items found here: http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/top100?list=0 Is volume the total amount in coins value traded over the period of time, or is it representing the number of items / units traded over a period of time .. There is no way 650 M Fire runes are traded in a week right? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Does anyone have an API for the Grand Exchange they don't mind sharing with me, or giving me a few pointers on creating one myself, as the current TRiBot API seems to be having some issues with Interface IDs
  4. Request: - simple G.E. scriptDescription: - open G.E. ,collect finished offers, abort pending offers, make new offers. (Items, prices, amounts, sell/buy should be customizable ) Payment Amount: - pm meTime: - not in a hurryAdditional: - should have command lines
  5. Hello everyone, I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the GE that's on this week's poll. Are you voting yes or no? If you have voted, then what did you vote and why? Frosty
  6. Here, I'm going to briefly talk about the current trading system in relation to an instantaneously-trading and possibly offline trading system (G.E. or an approximate): As is, the very fact that I own more than one type of item has intrinsic value (as holding onto multiple of a variety of items allows for me to meet the demands of would-be traders, and meet my own personal needs while saving time). Likewise, I've spent time and effort holding onto multiples of every herb, ore, rune and resource in the game. Likewise, with an instantaneous Grand Exchange where coins equate ownership of an item (as all items are instantly available at all times), every single item in the game loses value in relation to the coin, because there is no value in actually having the item itself. Therefore, an instantaneous G.E. discourages players from actually having items, because it would be easier to simply have coins and then spend them as needed over working to acquire ownership of a diversity of items. This will likely reflect in a lower coin-value of all items in game as well as a buyer-driven market (again, having coins will have inherently higher power than owning items). This will further increase the disparity between skilling players and high-level PvM players to the point where skilling will only be significantly profitable via mass-botting. As for me, I'm pretty sure I'll be unable to view items in-game with the same level of appeal. There's something to be said of having a herb that I can clean and turn into a potion on a dime. There's something to be said of being the one guy in the bank who can forge a full set of X or Y from scratch. With an instantaneous G.E., all items just become coins. Less of a physical item (relative to the in-game) and more of a metaphysical concept. And that is why our trading post should stay the same* T'L';DR - If everything I need is in a super vending-machine in my house, there's no point in me owning food.
  7. Personally I am for GE and I think the Grand Exchange would be beneficial. It may bring in new blood who want to give OSRS a try. Zybez is practically the same thing and either way the price can be manipulated. I don't really see how it could hurt OSRS either. Discuss.
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