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Found 46 results

  1. How to make the price of gold go up

    Someone will have to correct me if i'm wrong but from what i understand the actual amount of people playing osrs is going up right? We are playing an inflation based game with very few gold/item sinks. Gold and items are NOT scarce at all which is why the price continues to go down over time. If we want the price of gold to stay in a certain price range then we need to help Jagex create gold/item sinks. We need the total amount of players to keep rising and the amount of gold/items coming into the game to become lower until we find a healthy balance. Go on reddit, twitter, rs forums and push for gold and item sinks. If we don't try to take control of the economy the prices are just going to keep dropping imo.
  2. private script

    I was wondering who one Tribot I would go to for a efficient script I had in mind for 5-10 accounts. Thank you for taking time to read my post.
  3. Selling 5 credits for 5M OSRS gp. Unless you are trusted I won't go first sorry.
  4. Buying VIP with BTC or OSRS GP

    Title says it all...buying a few credits with Bitcoin or OSRS GP. Please post here, PM me, or contact me on Skype at live:snowbear.business Thank you!
  5. Needs to be trusted if i have to go first. No shitty rates.
  6. Purchasing 40 credits with either BTC or OSRS GP. If OSRS GP, I'd like to purchase for 1.3m per credit or lower. Post here, PM me, or add my Skype to discuss! live:snowbear.business
  7. I am looking for the best money making script every produced. Money is no problem willing to pay as long as has good references. Need OSRS GP by the boat load!
  8. Buying 10 credits via OSRS GP

    If one of our lovely credit-reseller mods could PM me, I need 10 credits (since I can't buy them with a card anymore...) thanks in advance !
  9. I am buying 6.5 credits, we can use a trusted middleman if you would like. Add my skype if interested in selling ... lil.turtlez *Looking for under 5M*
  10. Custom Hand-made Abyss Rune-crafters

    Greetings, I am taking pre-orders for my hand-made Abyss Runecrafting accounts. I am currently working on 2 accounts set to be ready in the next few days. These accounts are 100% safe. No pins, no authentication, no bs. The accounts will have: - All required Quests completed & Abyss mini-quest completed - 40+ base combat stats - 44 Runecrafting - 50+ agility - 50+ mining - 47 Construction (with mounted glory) - Graceful armor - Small and medium pouch They will be set up at Edge bank with 5k pure essence so all you have to do is click "start". The Price is 30m ours gp per account. I will go first for trusted users. Add me on Skype if you wish to place an order. My Skype: Austin.r321
  11. lowest ban rate

    what have you guys experienced the lowest ban rates with for anything that makes decent gp (100k+/hr) i haven't had luck with hunter or fishing i've also heard runecrafting is very high ban rate. what do you use to make your gp?
  12. Selling at $0.21/mil [Bitcoin or Playerauctions ONLY] Current stock: ~10B Min order: 1000m my skype: joc213808 I will require everyone on skype to send me a pm to confirm who I am talking to.
  13. Buying 5 tribot credits-osrs gp

  14. Hi guys, im looking for a new bot. I want a good money making bot, if its possible with 500k profit hour? And do you guys have any recommendation for bots with least ban and highest profit? Im looking forward to heard from you guys! have a great day!
  15. Willing to pay up to 1.2m per credit, need enough credits for 1 month of VIP. Pm or reply. Thanks.
  16. Selling 68 Credits.

    Hello, i wanted to start botting and bought 100 credits for good scripts. I purchased VIP-E and a few Premium scripts. My Account got banned after 1 day, now im sitting on my credits and looking to sell them. Because i want to sell them as quick as possible im selling them for 0.80/ea. Im also accepting RS3 / 07 gold. Message me, Post here or in Skype (name: freundrs)
  17. Buying 10 credits at 800k per credit

    Title says it all. Will go first to members I deem trustworthy.
  18. hi all, ive botted in the past using this a few years back on what is now rs3. ive recently brought a lenovo ideapad 305 that has windows 10 on and for some reason i cant use a bot, the file is downloaded as a zip file, ive extracted is using winrar but there is no launch icon for the bot or nothing like it to run a bot. ive searched for various apps and cant find anything, ive searched other peoples threads and no one has a answer. ive got java installed (latest version) i have no idea what to do can anybody help me please. would be apriciated if you took the time to read my issue thank you, any help welcome.
  19. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Gold Buying Shop! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Current Pricing RS3: Around $0.16-$0.20/M RS07: Around $1.01-$1.06/M Fees are covered by me (saves you up to 5%) Payment Methods Currently paying with Bitcoin, Verified Paypal, PayPal My Cash, Skrill, Western Union, Venmo, Square Cash, Google Wallet, and RS07/RS3 GP (ask for info) Selling Form Which type of gold are you selling: How much gold are you selling: Have you added me on Skype: Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  20. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Gold Selling Shop! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Current Pricing Current Rate: $0.21-$0.23/M BTC Rate: Around $0.22/M (Depending on amount you are buying) Payment Methods Currently only accepting Bitcoin, Verified Paypal, PayPal My Cash, Skrill, Western Union, and RS07/RS3 GP (ask for info) Terms of Service 1. You will go first or we will use a middleman (your fee). 2. You will follow any and all sending procedures I tell you. 3. I am allowed to change these terms any time I want to. 4. No refunds are allowed. Order Form Which type of gold do you want: How much gold do you want: Do you agree to my Terms of Service: Have you added me on Skype: By filling out and posting the form above, and buying gold off of me, you agree that you have fully read and fully understand my Terms of Service. Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  21. Gold Dupe

    reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3bsec3/there_is_a_major_dupe_going_on/ what you guys think ?
  22. [B] Power-Leveling-Service.

    I am looking for a trusted service, for a long term. i need: 50 Def with at least 40hp 50 Mining 40 Agility 44 Runecrafting _______________________________________ i can pay with RS GP or with PayPal _______________________________________ PM me on Tribot for more information. [Please only trusted users]
  23. How To Swap Using [Changer] Friends Chat! Join The Friends Chat: "Changer" in game. To Swap Your Gp! Pm A Rank (Ranks Will Never Pm You First) Current Rates : Your 07 To Rs3 = 1:7.5, Your Rs3 To 07 = 9:1 Meet the rank in both servers, if you do not know how to swap don't be shy to ask! Rates are non negotiable Happy Swapping! Ranks Maxes Rs3/07 Per Trade: Recruit 50m/5m Corporal 100m/10m Sergeant 150m/15m Lieutenant 350m/35m Captain 750m/75m Gold 1500m/150m
  24. 500m scam

    This is why "staking for viewers " should be against the rules. ffs jagex
  25. Hey people of Tribot, there is a 1000M Rs3 drop party going down on the 29th of this month in the [Elite Duel] friends chat. They're also doing a Easter Egg giveaway for which you have to like/sub/comment on the following video. Elite Duel is basically this really big commission staking fc (Its no bannable in rs3) that host stakes in the arena for only 5% commision, pretty fun shit tbh so maybe check it out. They have a bunch of other helpful videos on there channel that teach you how the whole thing works. Anyway here is the video, best of luck everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDiT4oOGp3o <3 Salad