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Found 28 results

  1. Minnows Fishing

    Any chance of a bot for minnows fishing? Would be a good bot to use as there is decent return rate.
  2. auto fisher pro not working !

    Just bought the fisher pro for 8 dollars ! when i turn it on it does nothing, the script tries to click on the fish with the net but does nothing ? i tried it at draynor and i have tried it at the beginning by the lumbridge sea can somebody help me with this problem !?
  3. In search of a SOLID script

    New user to this forum and tri bot as well. Looking for well respected/reliable scripts that are consistently updating and somewhat safe (free or pay to use). Open to all types of skills really. Any suggestions as to what forums I should also look at as a new botter would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  4. Location on fishing scripts

    Hi, I've been using a fishing script and banking them. Until today it worked great, it no longer recognizes my location on either of the scripts I use which are: aFisher and LITE ftwAIO Fisher. The location on aFisher comes up as -1,-1,-1 when I try to set the fishing or banking spot. I have tried redownloading tribot.
  5. 2/3 tick scripts

    make a 2/3 tick mining, fishing or woodcutting ???? woodcutting: fishing: mining:
  6. Tribot lag?

    Hi everyone, I have 16GB of ram and I have two bots running at the same time for the same skill. When they are both running, it seems laggy, and I'm not using as nearly as much 16 GBs, so I was wondering why am I lagging? https://gyazo.com/6e0a35c993acc8da8999a7e5765b5fc5 this gif gyazo, shows the bot running and lagging. This is my ram that currently being used https://gyazo.com/af561ddba57c72da80b2729ee918b57c Hope to get this resolved. Cheers, Sangdizzle9
  7. Fishing For Subs

    Hey Everyone! I recently took on a challenge that required me to get an account to level 99 fishing. Please come out and support me ^.^ Be sure to subscribe Link: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCgfZmzcKr--ZAFI09WVi1WA/live Thanks again
  8. i am about to purchase the auto fisher pro premium script but am wondering if the script features banking for f2p players and not just the noting system in f2p.
  9. Hi I just bought tri bot this weekend and have been using it quick frequently let me tell you for the most part I LOVE IT! I even bought my own proxy server from botprox.com just to keep myself from getting banned well anyway here is my story I started with one character and got him all around stats combat level 15 - and then all around skill stats and I'm talking like woodcutting fishing crafting cooking smithing mining all of the etc skills to 40+ NOW While all this was going on I was making the same people as him! They were almost indentical except different names and like -1 +1 skills so they weren't identical but anyway I mean human like kinda identical and all 5 got banned! Except the first guy! So I made 5 more and this time was more careful and setup a break manager with the break handler feature, seemed good at first until when I tried to log in at night ( night time bots ) they were already banned from the previous night -.- , now so I thought okay guess night doesn't work , I WATCHED THEM ALL NIGHT. Always watch my bots , so when I awoke I went and made 5 more now this is up to 14, had them all going doing different things and such watching all the chats and such to make sure no one talked I made sure to have my proxy on and to make sure I had break handlers on, and I even switched there routines like almost every hour to do something different These bans happend no matter what I do it seems like. The bots get me banned even if I talk back to people all day. I WAS ALWAYS USING PREMIUM SCRIPTS USUALLY - FTW NEW AIO fisher premium - banned - master chopper AIO premium - banned - A's miner premium - banned The only free scripts I used were for crafting which they would world switch and I watched all the time And the master combat bot aio , and a master walker bot ALL ACCOUNTS 14/14 banned one account had 40+ all skills , and he had 65 wc and WAS close to 50 fishing before banned I MADE THESE ACCOUNTS ALL AROUND SO THEY WOULDNT GET BANNED EVEN IF THERE LOGGED OUT LATER THEY GET BANNED PLEASE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO? What am I doing wrong. How do I avoid the ban hammer on every single account even when there doing different things and I'm using a proxy! Don't want to pay for tri bot and or scripts if I'm just going to get banned every day and not even be able to transfer the goods. I lost 10k gold bars in this ban hammer Please help
  10. All accounts banned, doing some tests before I re-open a more progressive thread. All of my member accounts got banned one at a time, and were all on the same IP. So my conclusion for this thread is, members are less likely to get mass-banned. lol
  11. How do I get the script? What does it do? This script plays the Fishing Trawler Minigame for you, a great way to get that angler outfit without much effort! Requirements 15+ fishing, higher level is recommended for higher level fish. How do I start the script? Start the script anywhere in or around fishing trawler. Features Robust scriptInformative paintThe script automatically skips all junk itemsCollects fish, angler, any useful itemAbility to leech the boat (not recommended as the mini-game is less popular now)If you have bailing buckets it will bail water out of the boat efficientlyDetects water levels before they become visibleFills holes if you have swamp pasteCustom anti-ban including random walking around the shipFast rejoining of the boatBoat detectionEmpty net detectionProfit calculation using OSBuddy pricesClimbs down ladder if you have required supplies and at top floorProggies
  12. 99 Fishing [Obtained in 12 days]

    Got 1-99 fishing in under 2 weeks on a fresh account botted more or less 24 hours a day
  13. Fishing Trawler?

  14. Monkfish Botting Script

    If someone could make a monkfish botting script, that would be awesome and i would love to buy it. Thank you! - Mike
  15. So what is this script? This script is pretty simple. Basically, it does everything in RS for you. It's designed to let you choose to bot ANY method using a task system. For you, that means you can set it up do one method after another. For example, you could make it fish shrimp at draynor until 20 fishing, then kill chickens using the bronze sword and shield in your bank while looting feathers, then once you get over 1000 feathers, it can automatically go to edgeville and fly fish until 40 fishing. All with 1 press of the start script button. But it goes beyond that. You don't just have to train an army of fishers, or an army of woodcutters. This script will allow you to train an army of fishing, woodcutting, questing, dragon killers. Not only will it train you in any stats, but it also does high end methods, such as Dragon Killing, Magic tree chopping, fishing guild fishing, etc. Lets say you don't need to train accounts. Maybe you just want to use it on your main. It's perfect for that, too. It's been long thought that botting in 1 spot was very detectable by Jagex's antibot. Evidence has suggested this. With this script, you can make it do different tasks. So maybe you want your main to fish for sharks for 1-3 hours, then cook sharks, then do BDK for 2-5 hours, then take a 6-9 hour break, then WC magics with a dragon axe. This script can make that happen. Features: Woodcutting (Banking, powerchopping, picking up nests, auto-upgrade axe, auto-buy axe from shop if needed): Lumbridge NormalsVarrock West NormalsVarrock East NormalsDraynor NormalsLumbridge OaksVarrock West OaksVarrock East OaksDraynor OaksLumbridge WillowsCatherby WillowsDraynor WillowsCatherby YewsSeers YewsLumbridge YewsSeers MagicsFishing (Banking, powerfishing, Auto-buy equipment, option to drop tuna): Lumbridge small netDraynor small net Edgeville/Barb Village Fly FishingCatherby LobstersCatherby HarpoonFishing Guild LobstersFishing Guild HarpoonMining (Banking, powermining, all ores): Lumbridge MineVarrock West MineVarrock East MineAl Kharid MineSmelting: All bars, including cannonballsAl kharid furnaceFalador FurnaceRing of Forging supportShop Buying: 100% customBuys from any shop (npc or object)Banking supportStops buying at certain stocks (custom)F2P supportBuy 1 at a time support Flax Picking: SeersQuests: Cooks Assistant (credits to gef30)Other: Custom Antiban that you decide onABCL 10Universal banking system that "remembers" your bank at all timesTravels using teleport tabs if you have themSwitches tasks based on level, time ran, or by items. So you can make it stop when you are running low on something, or make it stop when you get a certain amount of an items Future Features: AIO Combat with presets, banking, etc.Specific combat (BDK, GDK, Rock Crabs, Chaos Druids, Hill Giants)AIO MerchantingAIO FletchingAIO CraftingAIO Hunter+ More GUI: Planned Pricing: ** Need suggestions here Beta Testing: I'm currently looking for beta testers. This script should be released within the next few weeks. The more people involved, the less time it will take. Please add my skype (wastedbro) Post any suggestions or comments here.
  16. Im looking for a script that supports fishing sharks, and successfully banking them, preferably in catherby. Im looking for the most successfully, error free, premium or not

    Hey guys, before i start i wanna just say im new so dont get agro if i do something stupid. So pretty much i got tribot yesterday and none of the scrips are working.. i tried at least 5 or 6. now i can get them from the script repository but when i load them onto the client it just doesnt work? E.G. The Lumby Chicken Slaughtr. it would go to the chicken coop, open the door and just stand there. Trifisher AIO, i would go to karamja and start it. The bot would do nothing and just rotate the screen. AIO DCWoodcutter would just stand next to the trees and not cut anything..... PLEASE HELP GUYS before when i first got tribot, the client wouldnt open. i would just log in and it would close. i fixed that by deleting old java, now i am on java 8 jdk. what do i do??? please help
  18. I was wondering if there is any free osrs scripts that support fishing sharks in catherby with banking? anyone with experience know or can help?
  19. No good scripts

    I can't find a decent damn script on this webpage, at least free ones. 1. TRiFisher AIO just spins around in circles doing nothing. 2. AIO DCWoodCutter Lite, starts botting successfully but then bugs out and stops doing anything. 3.RS3 LRC Fishing doesn't even start. 4. Bat Account Creator doesn't work. Can we please gets some decent woodcutting and fishing skills.
  20. --- ! No longer supported ! -- Features: - Antiban - Fish from 3 locations - Simple GUI - Detects whirlpools - Picks up rods - Checks equipment (withdraws if necessary) Locations: - Draynor Small Net - Draynor Bait - West Guild Luring Do not use. Incomplete. - Catherby Big Net - Seers Luring Instructions: - Start with the necessary equipment in your inventory. Start from bank or fishing location. Paint: GUI: Much more to come, early stages. Repo link coming soon.
  21. Barbarian Outpost fish bot??

    anyone know of or can make a barbarian outpost fishing bot???
  22. TRiFisher AIO

    TRiFisher AIO This is a fishing script for RS3. Locations: Al KharidBarbarianCatherbyDraynorFishing GuideKaramja (Supports Stiles)Lumbridge GraveyardLumbridge RiverLumbridge SwampMort MyrePort SarimRellekka Docks (Centre)Rellekka Docks (Left)Rellekka Docks (Right)Seers VillageFeatures:CPU optimization features.Smart spot switching.Able to be started directly from the Bot Control Panel (skips GUI).Bug free.Able to restart after the 6-hour mark.On-screen GUI.Instructions: Activate/download/compile the script. Have any needed items in your inventory. (Optional) Have your character near the location. Start the script.To download: Repository: CLICK HERESource:TRiFisherAIO.zipTRiFisher AIO_1.02.zipTRiFisher AIO_1.03.zipTRiFisher AIO_1.04.zipLicense:
  23. Hey guys, I'm Karmik, and I'm working on a script for fishing at the barbarian village! This script will be free, and I will share how I am making it so others can get a grasp of how someone who hasn't seen my way of programming does. How I setup a script* Right now, I will be drawing out the banking class which will extend the Task class. So, how to bank? Next, we are going to proceed with dealing with the bank through our execute method! Firstly, I need to explain what I will be using to make sure I have total control of how the mouse clicks and the statements lead into each other. I have a Timer object called t, which checks the time it started vs the current time vs the amount to count from. To check if it's done, you call the method .isOver() and it will return whether it is done. I also have an integer variable called track which holds the number of whichever stage my sets of checks are in or being passed to. You will be shown how I use it in a moment. I also have a boolean Array (For organization purposes, and it is easy to remember, especially with comments) hasItems[] to record the True/False states of checked items within. And lastly, I have 2 integer variables called rate and allowed. rate(27) will be the amount of feathers withdrawn from the bank. allowed(2) isn't used in this script yet, but if I need it, it will be used to state how many items are supposed to be in the inventory. So, here's what the execute() method looks like; The variables before storeItems() int track = 0; int rate = 27; int allowed = 2; boolean[] hasItems = {false,false,false}; private void storeItems() {The first if statement in storeItems() The Second if statement in storeItems()
  24. http://encodedscripting.com/ Features: ABCL 10 (ABC2) - Auto Fisher Pro has an anti-ban compliance level of 10 and makes use of TRiBot's second version of anti-ban (ABC2). Minnow Fishing - Catch minnows at the fishing guild and receive up to 600 sharks per hour. Fishing Trawler - Acquire the Angler outfit for that extra experience boost or to gain access to Minnow fishing Karambwan Fishing - Start in Zanaris or at the fishing location with a filled karambwan vessel and a dramen staff equipped. Last fairy ring destination must be DKP. Barbarian Fishing - Support for both heavy rod (leaping fish) and hand fishing. Earn the fastest fishing experience in the game while also gaining strength and agility experience. Barb-tail harpoon and Dragon harpoon support - Free up an inventory space by using the Barb-tail harpoon or Dragon harpoon. - Dragon harpoon special attack supported. Shift Dropping and Mouse Keys Dropping - Drop quickly by making use of the in game shift click to drop option or emulate mouse keys and drop even faster for maximum experience per hour. Kitten Support - Raise a kitten while you fish. Progressive Mode - Designed with gold farmers in mind, progressive mode allows a fresh account to level up and switch to lobsters at 40 fishing or swordfish at 50 fishing. - Start the script with all required items for the options you have chosen (can be noted) and the bot will switch location and fish accordingly. - Progressive mode does not buy items for you. Genie Support - Solves the Genie random event and uses the lamp on fishing. Locations: Barbarian Village Burgh de Rott Catherby Draynor Fishing Guild Jatizso Karamja Land's End Lumbridge Mor Ul Rek Observatory Otto's Grotto (Baxtorian Falls) Piscarilius (Zeah) Piscatoris Fishing Colony Quidamortem Rellekka Seers' Village Shilo Village South Baxtorian Falls (Rasolo) Tree Gnome Stronghold Wilderness Resource Area Zul-Andra Purchase: 5 credits for 1 month, 3 instances. 8 credits for 1 month, 5 instances. 10 credits for 1 month, 8 instances. 15 credits for 1 month, 12 instances. 20 credits for 1 month, 25 instances. 35 credits for 1 month, 50 instances. 10 credits for 3 months, 3 instances. Note: Instances are the amount of accounts that can be ran simultaneously. Click here to purchase. Progress Reports: Script Arguments: http://fisher.encodedscripting.com/arguments Minnow Arguments: FISHING_GUILD_MINNOW_PLATFORM,MINNOW,BANK,0,0 Dynamic Signatures: http://signature.encodedscripting.com/fisher.png?username=Your%20Case%20Sensitive%20Username GUI Settings Explanations: Dropping Sleep Modifier - Slows down or speeds up mouse keys and shift dropping. Lower value = faster; higher value = slower. Slowing down dropping reduces misclicks. Shift Dropping Pattern - The order in which items are dropped when using shift dropping. Both patterns zigzag. Enable Drop Tuna - When selected, tuna will be dropped when you have a full inventory and are fishing for swordfish. Auto Detect Fishing Spots - When selected, Auto Fisher Pro will automatically know which fishing spot is which. Only affects locations that have more than one type of fishing spot. Enable ABC2 Next Target - When selected, the next fishing spot chosen may not always be the closest fishing spot to your player. Enable Reaction Times - When selected, Auto Fisher Pro will wait a reaction time before performing certain actions such as dropping or switching to a new fishing spot. Enable Tray Notifications - When selected, sends a desktop notification on level up and script end. Drop Fish Only - When selected, Auto Fisher Pro will only drop fish from the inventory rather than dropping any non-required item. Client freezing when starting the script? Add fisher.encodedscripting.com and to TRiBot's firewall always allow. Script Support: https://discord.gg/FDnMbkU