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Found 8 results

  1. It seems like this script doesn't want to work at all. • Worldhopper just selects a world, pauses, then selects another world without actually switching to it. Just keeps repeating until the script is paused. • When started, it doesn't actually go to the safe spot at all. It just seems to click randomly around the map, at random spots. Anyway way we could troubleshoot this? Or perhaps get a refund on the credits? Seems to be utterly defective -- I've been trying to get it working for about 30 minutes now to no avail.
  2. Broken Script. Combat AIO Premium -

    Bot script not doing what it stated it does, as it is a premium script there are specific rules... The script Combat AIO fighter by Wassupwassup does not support features that it states that it does in the 1st page. It states that it supports teleporting and safespot and range suport however many of these featurees are broken and have been for the past few weeks. Teleporting it just constantly clicks the magic tab without moving the mouse to the required spell, safespot it keeps runnning off the spot to agro the monsters if they are too far away or they walk away from you. Please get a fix for these. Please contact the script maker and ask him to refund our money or update the script. @FallenShadow @Mute @Usa
  3. Taverly Druid Killer - By wastedbro Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/880 Features: Prays at the altar when low on prayerABCL antiban + prays at altar at different amounts of prayer every time for even more antibanSpec attackPotion supportProtect from melee, strength, and attack prayer supportWalks to the druid spot if out of range40k+ XP/hr potentialLoots custom items. For example, you can have it loot runes (Stackable) or rare herbs for babysitting. Best setup: Dhide armor (and strength boosters), weapon you want to train with, rune defender, etc. Druids can hit with magic, so doing this with full rune is not a good idea. Go with strength boosting, magic protecting gear and use protect from melee for best results. Preview Screenshot: Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/880 Remember to check out my newest script, too! https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39652-abcl-10-wastedsmither-aio-cannonballs-all-bars-and-items-smelting-multi-location-10/ Enjoy
  4. ~Proggy Competition~ Whoever can run the script for the longest wins! Post your photos on the thread ~Prizes~ First place - 2 Auths to any of my premium scripts Second place - 1 Auth to any of my premium scripts Third place - 2m 07 Gold I am running this competition on all of my premium scripts. So if you own multiple scripts post proggies for both! Competition ends in two weeks: June 17th 2015 Tri Fire Giant Fighter Hey guys, welcome to Tri's latest and greatest gold farming script, Tri Fire Giant Fighter! If you are too exited to even read the description, you can buy it straight away from here: Description: Tri Fire Giant Fighter is basically an all-in-one Fire Giant bot. The bot will train your account by killing Fire Giant's in the Waterfall Quest Dungeon. This is a great spot to train because the only requirement needed to fight these bad boys, is Waterfall Quest. And guess what, if you haven't already completed Waterfall Quest, CLICK HERE to get a FREE bot that completes waterfall quest for you! Fire Giant Information: As well as offering a good amount of experience for killing, Fire Giant's also drop alot of valuable loot, making this a viable goldfarming location. Click Show Spoiler To Display The Fire Giants Drop Table: Features: Click Show Spoiler To Display The Features Images/Proggys: Click Show Spoiler To Display The Images/Proggys Setup Instructions: Click Show Spoiler To Display Setup Instructions Purchase Information: Price for one auth: Repository Price: On the repository you can buy one auth for the script for only $10. To purchase the script from the repository and receive it instantly, click the button below: Runescape Gold Price: If you want to pay in 07 Gold/RSGP, thats fine. The current price for one auth in 07 gold is 5mill. To purchase the script with Runescape gold, please add my skype: My skype is: Tri.Tribot One auth will give you the following: Lifetime access to the script with or without VIP! (VIP IS REQUIRED TO RUN IT ON MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS). The ability to run the script on up to any two accounts simultaneously (Multiple purchases give you the ability to run it on more accounts). Lifetime support from me (Tri), through skype, my skype is Tri.Tribot Lifetime updates for the script + you can ask for updates that you want me to add.
  5. Repository link JJ's Fighter Pro is an AIO Fighter script: it can kill any monster that you want. You can also make a list of items to loot and select the food you want to eat. You can drink potions if needed, pick up and alch certain items, use special attacks, prioritize looting, etc. This is all configurable through the GUI. You can save your settings for future usage. Anti Ban Compliance implementation ABCL 10 has been implemented. Screenshots Statistics JJ's Fighter needs an internet connection to send script statistics to my server. The data is anonymous and you can check what it sends in bot debug. Example chart from 15/10/2013 Features Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Setting loading/saving Changelog
  6. Hey, JJ's Fighter Lite is the lite version of JJ's Fighter Pro. It comes with all features except that it stops after 30 minutes. However, you can restart the script as many times as you like. Premium version thread: here Lite version on the repository: here Features Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Screenshots
  7. Combat AIO [Premium Edition] Combat AIO is TRiBot's most advanced combat script. Written by Assume, one of TRiBot's most popular scripters, Combat AIO strives to be the highest quality script available. Features: AIO Combat Customizable looting with loot over X value support! Special Weapon support of all spec weapons (if I forgot one, let me know I can add it instantly!) Static protection prayer support Complete potion support (This is automatic, you do not need to do anything to enable it!) Combat radius Saving your settings Perfect combat system custom pathing support Piety/Chivarly Flickering Banking with automatic teleport support (Just hit start and there's a good chance it'll bank without anything from you) Guthans Bones to Peaches (tabs only) Range support Telegrab Alching Save/load and share customized paths Progression mode (change attack style, etc etc) Price: $12.99 for lifetime or $2.99/month or $1.99/2weeks How to buy: Option 1: Purchase with credits through the TRiBot repository Add assume.support on Skype for support or join Discord chat Current GUI: Current Logic Builder: Bug report format: FAQ: Q: How do I get updates? A: Updates are applied automatically every time the script is ran. Q: Are there any banned locations? A: No Q: Will this script work anywhere? A: The script is designed as a general combat bot and will work in the vast majority of locations. Areas will specialized events may not work (though some will) if you have questions about a specific area ask. Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy! Terms of Service: You accept the terms of service by purchasing the service. Terms of service include, but are not limited to, the TRiBot premium script terms of service found HERE. By purchasing an authorization code you agree not to share this service among any other individuals. Purchase entails ONE user access. I may add to or edit my terms at any time, by continuing to use my service you automatically accept the updated terms.
  8. Combat AIO fighter [lite edition] Combat AIO is TRiBot's most advanced combat script. Written by Assume, one of TRiBot's most popular scripters Combat AIO strives to be the highest quality script available. Features: AIO CombatCustomizable lootingCombat radiusSaving your settingsCustom API's for eating, prayer, equipment swapping, combat, monster selection, and pathingPremium features: All lite edition featuresfull potion supportfull special attack supportcustom pathing supportbankingGuthans HOW TO INSTALL: Go to the tribot repository and install it. Bug report format: TRiBot Version: CombatAIO Version: Using Looking Glass (y/n): Operating System: Using VPS (y/n): Using tabs (y/n): Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY): GUI Setup Screenshots (Imgur ONLY): Stack Traces (Do at least 4 seperate times, Imgur ONLY): Once you have filled out the above form, type a description of the bug, and any additional information you deem necessary. If you do not follow the bug report format, your bug reportwill be ignored. How to Copy Debugs How to Print Stack Traces Progress and bug reports are appreciated, enjoy!