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Found 7 results

  1. Start at edgeville. Features : -Multithreaded combat engine Greatly enhances reaction times and npc detections, virutally human-like. -Full deathwalking support for all re spawn points. -Lumbridge, Camelot, Edgeville, Falador deathwalk support -Varrock Tab support -Option to utilize varrock tab for banking -World hopping support -Will hop worlds based on player density, if situated at a re spawn point or if the current world is 385 | 386 -Banking support -Will tab/walk to bank. -Foreign NPC evasion -Will evade enemies such as skeleton, thug, etc. -Combat random & sandwich lady evasion -No more dying or relocation because of a random's rage -Junk dropping -Will drop everything except the loot, food and teleport Images : : Download : DOWNLOAD Updates : Aug 2nd, 2014 -Rewrote combat engine - Now uses a multithreaded combat engine -Optimized combat engine for aggressive mobs -Optimized combat reaction speeds -Exp Counter -Added exp counter Aug 3rd, 2014 -Clicking -Clicking accuracy for druids has increased significantly Aug 5th,2014 -DeathWalking -To those experiencing deathwalking issues from lumby, please have the "Use varrock tab" option selected in the "world hopping and banking" tab and have a varrock tab in the bank! Sept 21, 2014: Minor bug fix - Running around in circles
  2. B94WildyLooter Hey guys, this is my first script and it works quite good, please tell me if you find any bugs or have feedback. Warning Please only bot with accounts that dont have trade limits, it will be banned quickly and you wont be able to transfer your hard earned money to your main account. Description Collects all items in Edgeville Wilderness and banks them. You can set the minimal value in coins for items to be picked up. Also you can choose to only pickup specific items or to ignore specific items. Features Banking Surviving from fights by eating and running Deathwalking Add items by name instead of id Loot only items that you specify Ignore items that you specify Bank when inventory is more than specified coins Very detailed Paint Automatic screenshots when banking loot, will be stored under .tribot folder (Folder will be automatically opened when starting script) Ability to set mouse speed (~100 is recommended, higher is faster but also higher chance of ban) Repository Link https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1284 Requirements As high as possible HP for longer survival Planned Updates None, tell me what you want! Profit P2P F2P
  3. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a looting script, preferably one that operates in bounty worlds at edgeville and has the ability to skip targets, bank, and obviously pick up valuable items. Please shoot me a pm if you're able to do this. Thank you!
  4. CannonballSmither Hey, Thanks for having a look at my script! Originally i wasn't going to release this script but the only way to improve at something is to have it critiqued, so here it is! Source is at the bottom, any critiques or comments on my code are greatly appreciated. Features - ABC2 7/10 - Everything except the Reaction Times - 4 Locations - Basic paint - Very basic GUI Locations - Edgeville - Al Kharid - Falador - Port Phasmatys Paint - Removable by clicking the paint itself Source https://github.com/jroy8/TribotScripting/tree/master/src/scripts/Smither - Comments on code are appreciated. Repository Link If you find any bugs, please report them over this thread of shoot me a pm! Update Log
  5. Features: ~ Fast, Efficient Combat. ~ Advanced Antiban. ~ Good experience and GP for new accounts. ~ Stable ~ Customizable functioning. Download: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=wasted%20man%20killer&sort=default&category=all&price=any Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy Proggies:
  6. Real thread => : https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38568-abcl-10edgeville-chaos-druid-killerabcl-10/?p=465031 Please remove/lock/archive this thread. My apoglogies.
  7. Hey guys, I'm Karmik, and I'm working on a script for fishing at the barbarian village! This script will be free, and I will share how I am making it so others can get a grasp of how someone who hasn't seen my way of programming does. How I setup a script* Right now, I will be drawing out the banking class which will extend the Task class. So, how to bank? Next, we are going to proceed with dealing with the bank through our execute method! Firstly, I need to explain what I will be using to make sure I have total control of how the mouse clicks and the statements lead into each other. I have a Timer object called t, which checks the time it started vs the current time vs the amount to count from. To check if it's done, you call the method .isOver() and it will return whether it is done. I also have an integer variable called track which holds the number of whichever stage my sets of checks are in or being passed to. You will be shown how I use it in a moment. I also have a boolean Array (For organization purposes, and it is easy to remember, especially with comments) hasItems[] to record the True/False states of checked items within. And lastly, I have 2 integer variables called rate and allowed. rate(27) will be the amount of feathers withdrawn from the bank. allowed(2) isn't used in this script yet, but if I need it, it will be used to state how many items are supposed to be in the inventory. So, here's what the execute() method looks like; The variables before storeItems() int track = 0; int rate = 27; int allowed = 2; boolean[] hasItems = {false,false,false}; private void storeItems() {The first if statement in storeItems() The Second if statement in storeItems()
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