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Found 10 results

  1. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3174 https://github.com/jiggerjaw/TribotOpenSource About me: I've been on this forum for years under my username "jiggerjaw". I became frustrated with bans after my main account got banned because I messed up in a GUI. I started making my own scripts instead. I want to design scripts that are entirely GUI free and will automatically end after 5 hours. Every loop I run is checked against infinite loops and every script has progress checks on the main loop to make sure you're getting something done. I have multiple scripts ready to go, an ensouled head script and a tree planting script are entirely complete and have hours upon hours of successful testing. I have a clay humidifying script in the works, still need to work on it. I'd like to make these scripts premium... Hopefully the code for this potBuyer script shows everyone I'm serious about this. I'll be showing my understanding of ABC2 in the near future, didn't want it for this script cuz it significantly cuts profit and is unrealistic. It would be nice to have my other account's name switched to "ScriptsForMains" so I can keep my post count and membership time... Posted on the "Help" section and never heard back.
  2. nFiremaker is now released. Please visit https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44504-nfiremaker-abcl-10/. I figure I'd set up a development thread ready for my first script here at TRiBot, which I hope to release for free on the repository in a few days. Current features: Lane switching to locate and navigate effectively between busy lanes. Popular location presets. ABCL 10 compliant. Backlog: Prioritise which logs to burn for maximum XP efficiency. "1-99" mode - burning logs relevant to your current level. Improved GUI and paint. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Node.
  3. I'm trying to make a method that rotates the camera to a position that allows it to see an object behind obstacles. Human players do this all the time, but bots just click their targets through obstacles with x-ray vision. This method would be both an antiban and a world interaction utility. At its core, this method will use logic similar to TRiBot's Projection.getTileBoundsPoly(...) method. Instead of getting the tile's bounds at the camera's current yaw and pitch (horizontal and vertical camera rotation) it will accept a custom yaw and pitch as parameters. This will allow it to predict tile bounds at any camera position. I'm almost done with the generic Projection method. It works perfectly as long as you're using the default camera zoom (Game.getViewportScale() == 512). That's what I'm hoping I can get help on. I've spent hours trying to get this method to work properly at other zooms but with no results. I've created a script to visually display what's going on. The painted green dots represent the custom Projection and the blue rectangle represents TRiBot's. You can see that as zoom gets further away from 512 the green dots become more and more misaligned with the TRiBot projection. Code is below. https://pastebin.com/CYVi1GdR I've modeled the custom method after the vInsert Perspective class functions of the same name (no underscores): https://github.com/vInsertOfficial/vInsert/blob/master/source/org/vinsert/bot/util/Perspective.java EDIT: This has been solved. See my reply to orange451 for details. The updated code is in the pastebin above.
  4. Hey, I started working on a Pest Control on 31 August 2013. Since then I made good progress which is shown in this dev log. Eventually I released a beta version but.. university work caught up to me. I did release JJ's AIO Fighter Pro in the meantime which has consequently been updated. Now that I have graduated from university as of 28 June 2016, I will finally finish the script! Intro I started off by thinking of a proper design and so far I have the following classes: JJsPestControl: main class Boat: methods when inside the boat Combat: methods to help with combat Game: methods to help inside the game Navigation: methods to help with navigating Portal: methods to help with the portals Utils: generic methods Problems Dynamic positions The Pest Control positions are dynamic, they change based on the amount of games that are being played at the same time. Jagex generates new area's every time. So you can't stick with static coordinates when there are multiple games being played at the same time.Solution: grab the position of the Squire when you spawn inside Pest Control. Use that position to calculate the other positions. /** The most important Entity's to navigate to */ public enum Entity { VOID_KNIGHT(1, -15, 1, 1, Color.WHITE), WEST_GATE(-13, -15, 2, 2, Color.WHITE), EAST_GATE(15, -15, 2, 2, Color.WHITE), SOUTH_GATE(1, -23, 2, 2, Color.WHITE), PURPLE_PORTAL(-28, -17, 5, 5, Color.MAGENTA), BLUE_PORTAL(24, -20, 5, 5, Color.BLUE), RED_PORTAL(-11, -39, 5, 5, Color.RED), YELLOW_PORTAL(13, -38, 5, 5, Color.YELLOW); private Rectangle bounds; private Color color; private Entity(int x1, int y1, int width, int height, Color color){ this.bounds = new Rectangle(x1, y1, width, height); this.color = color; } } Dynamic ID's Jagex is constantly changing the ID's of various entities such as NPC's, Objects, etc. I want to use as less possible ID's as needed to make the script as stable as possible. Example code for entering the boat of choice /** * Finds the Squire standing near the gangplank * with the desired difficulty * @param difficulty Squire difficulty * @return Correct squire, or null */ private RSNPC getSquire(final Difficulty difficulty){ // Getting the squires RSNPC[] squires = NPCs.find(NPCs.generateFilterGroup(new Filter<RSNPC>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC npc) { return npc != null && ("Squire (" + difficulty.name + ")").equals(npc.getName()); } })); return squires.length > 0 ? squires[0] : null; } /** * Finds the gangplank needed to cross to enter the * boat for the desired difficulty * @param difficulty Game difficulty * @return Interactable plank, or null */ private RSObject getPlank(Difficulty difficulty){ // Finding the Squire RSNPC squire = getSquire(difficulty); if(squire != null){ final RSTile squireTile = squire.getPosition(); // Getting the interactable Plank objects RSObject[] planks = Objects.find(100, new Filter<RSObject>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSObject obj) { if(obj != null){ RSObjectDefinition def = obj.getDefinition(); if(def != null){ if("Gangplank".equals(def.getName())){ String[] actions = def.getActions(); for(String action : actions){ if("Cross".equals(action)){ if(obj.getPosition().distanceTo(squireTile) < 10){ return true; } } } } } } return false; } }); return planks.length > 0 ? planks[0] : null; } return null; } /** * Spam clicks to enter the boat with the * chosen difficulty * @param difficulty Desired difficulty * @return true if inside boat of chosen difficulty */ public boolean enterBoat(Difficulty difficulty){ RSObject plank = getPlank(difficulty); if(plank != null){ long t = System.currentTimeMillis(); while(Timing.timeFromMark(t) < General.random(3000, 4000)){ if(inBoat()){ break; } if(plank.click("Cross")){ General.sleep(20, 60); } General.sleep(20, 60); } } return false; } Progress videos/pictures 01/09/2013 Showing the dynamic drawing function YouTube link: 01/09/2013 Script can now kill Pests. Once I complete the navigation it can already complete games on it's own. 02/09/2013: Updated navigation drawing to transparant drawing. Currently working on methods in the Navigation class and Combat class. 03/09/2013: Made a custom method to check if the Gate is open or closed. Open means you can walk through it so it can also be destroyed. 05/09/2013: Portal open or closed? Before I can continue with the walking I will need to know what portal is open and what one is closed. I can already do this check for the gates and once I can do this for the portals I can finish the navigation system. I haven't found out the correct interface or setting yet and started a question thread: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/20015-checking-if-a-portal-is-open-or-closed/ If nobody comes up with a solution I will just do a color check. 06/09/2013: Time for navigation! Multiple solutions have been found to check if the portal is open or closed. I decided to go with interfaces. I didn't have the isHidden() implemented in my Interface Explorer. I'm going to see what new features the Interface API has received and implement them I have enough information to start on the navigation now. Ideally you want to navigate from entity to entity and perhaps stay around that entity to kill pests. So I mapped it out (thanks RuneHQ for the map..) to get a good idea of the paths. Now it's time for coding. 07/10/2013 Started working on this script again. I've now figured out all states and most methods are done aswell. I'm not done with navigation yet but once that is done the script should function pretty well already. 11/10/2013 Updated getState(), does now work more efficiently. Had to update a few methods for portal checking to make it work better. Basic navigation system is working now. It can succesfully play Pest Control now without any input from me, but I still need to update the logic. 02/11/2013 TRiLeZ has improved PathFinding and the script can pretty much rely on that. Tweaked some things, get ready for a beta version! 03/11/2013 Tweaked some more things, beta version released at https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22600-beta-jjs-pest-control/ 30/06/2016 It has been 19 months since I last worked on this script. I graduated from university two days ago, it is now time to finally finish this script. I'm surprised to see how well most of the code is still working. Entering the boat, navigation, portal detection, attacking portals is all still working pretty well! Outtro Let me know if you have any suggestions for the script. I'm trying to make it play Pest Control better than the average human player before I will release it. Might become my first premium script but we'll see about that.
  5. iClueSolver by iant06 iClueSolver is now available on the Tribot Repository! Been working on a level 1 clue solver the past week and progress has been coming along great! I thought I should post a development thread to keep you guys updated on the progress! Teleports Supported: - 100% Complete
  6. Months ago when I began using the break handler, I've noticed that one can use x amounts of breaks/durations in EACH different break setting that he/she saves. I've began using numerous and such diverse breaks and times throughout each different setting. Is it possible to add a setting to 'terminate' or command the script to stop and logout from the session in the duration/occurance column, thus making the duration -1 and then identifying the occurrence as a command to logout? Sorry if it's worded weirdly- too much- I tend to do that.. Lol. Thanks for reading and taking into consideration -Drew.
  7. xPrayer Pro I'm currently developing a premium Prayer script which supports all types of Prayer training. Currently I have these features: ABCL10 Gilded Altar usage (Someone elses Gilded Altar) 3 Different traveling methods (Walking, Teletab, Teleport spell). Asking for hosts itself. It will ask other people who's hosting a gilded altar and will automatically try to join. Normal burrying Supports all bones and you can select multiple to burry. Lights the burners Things I still want to implement: Using your own house and Gilded Altar (Still need the right construction level on one of my accounts to do this). Some screenshots of the GUI: Please, if you have any suggestions, let me know Kind regards, xCode
  8. I'm currently working on an AIO herb, heres the GUI : Features: -You will never have to restart the script to perform other tasks. -You can perform tasks such as Cleaning then mixing, then decanting in queue. -You can make potions from scratch to full. -Will complete drudic ritual for you for a true 1-99 experience. -Every single potion supported. -Ability to make different numerous potions in one go.
  9. This is a my revised and full application, as a poll. as request by FallenShadow https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/12-fallenshadow/ Snippets: Simple PIN Entry Function https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9194-simple-pin-entry-function/ How to load all files from a zip file https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9434-how-to-load-all-files-from-a-zip-file/ Withdraw any item from bank regardless of where it is https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9902-withdraw-any-item-from-bank-regardless-of-where-it-is-platinum-force/ Tutorials: [Video Tutorial] How to setup a script in Eclipse that works with TRiBot https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8986-video-tutorial-how-to-setup-a-script-in-eclipse-that-works-with-tribot/ [PFS] Creating a Clock/Timer for your script https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9005-pfs-creating-a-clocktimer-for-your-script/ Painting to the TRiBot screen for player's progress https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9018-painting-to-the-tribot-screen-for-players-progress-platinum-force/ [Video Tutorial] Creating your first GUI and getting it to work with your new script https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9390-video-tutorial-creating-your-first-gui-and-getting-it-to-work-with-your-new-script/ Randoms/updates submitted: ScapeRune Random Event Solver (Forums Post: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9626-scaperune-random-event-solver-platinum-force/) (Source code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a36aajglr1wzfhz/PFScapeRuneSolver.java) Scripts available to the public: Hunting Bot Master Script - Various Locations (This will be a premium script) (Forums post: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9391-hunting-bot-master-script-various-locations-platinum-force-premium/) [PFS] In Game Screenshots Made Simple - QuikPic V1.0 (Forums Post: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9283-pfs-in-game-screenshots-made-simple-quikpic-v10/) (Source code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mx781jxctdjq0ou/PFQuikPicV1.0.java) Ore Smelting Bot - from Bronze to Runite Ore (Forums Post: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9317-ore-smelting-bot-from-bronze-to-runite-ore-platinum-force/) (Source code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pe1zr45my8n9w3/PFSmelterV1.4.java) Platinum Force - Green Dragon Killer - Money Making (This will be a premium script) (Coming very soon) Short biography / Coding Experience: I am a very logical programmer and designer, whether I'm designing in Adobe Photoshop or creating UML diagrams. I take my time on all of my work and complete my work with passion. If something is not right I will fix it. I have been programming/coding for over 7 years, and 5 years at my best. I know JAVA, HTML, CSS 3, HTML/HTML 5, PHP, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, C++, MySQL Querying and DataBase coding, and XML. I have also designed Web Templates for years in many versions of Adobe Photoshop. Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: I deserve the Scripter badge because I know how much I can contribute to TRiBot and the development, whether its through developing scripts or helping with updates and the development of TRiBot itself. I have so many scripts I have written and yes I have released some, the others I am completing and will be released soon. Tribot has inspired my programming and has taken JAVA to another level. I will always be here to support TRiBot including all of TRiBots members. What you plan to provide the community with: I have many scripts I am working on at the moment that many members are interested in and can benefit from. I have many more tutorials to create aside from the ones I have posted already. I have many code snippets I have pulled from my projects that I would like to share with the TRiBot community once I have revised them. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? YES, I gracefully intend to. Its very important to the TRiBot community.
  10. This is a ScapeRune random event solver. By Platinum Force I hope it is helpful, the only thing that is not complete in this script is finding the id of the balloon animal we need to pop. When the animal we need to pop in shown in the interface (#237) we need to be able to get an id from that. I can't find anything helpful in any of the interfaces. Add a solution for this at line #158 of my script. /** * ScapeRune Solver - By Platinum Force (5/17/2013) * Edit the function findTargetBalloon() to find the target balloon's id * **/package scripts;import java.util.ArrayList;import java.util.LinkedHashMap;import java.util.Map;import org.tribot.api2007.*;import org.tribot.api2007.types.*;import org.tribot.script.*;@ScriptManifest (authors={"Platinum Force Scripts"}, category="Random Solvers", name="ScapeRune Solver")public class ScapeRune extends Script { public Map<String,Object> INFO = new LinkedHashMap<String,Object>(); public ArrayList<Object> BARRIER = new ArrayList<Object>(); public ArrayList<Object> BALLOON = new ArrayList<Object>(); public final RSTile BUILDING_CENTER = new RSTile(2086,4466); public String NEXT_STEP = "pullLever"; public int TARGET_BALLOON = 5320; //The balloon animal the player needs to pop (Default: first balloon) public boolean IN_SCAPERUNE = true; class Object { public int id; public String name; public String option; public RSTile location; public Object(int id, String n, String o, RSTile l){ this.id = id; this.name = n; this.option = o; this.location = l; } } @Override public void run(){ INFO.put("prisonPete", new Object(5349, "Prison Pete", "Talk-to", new RSTile(2093,4466))); INFO.put("lever", new Object(26191, "Lever", "Pull", new RSTile(2093,4466))); INFO.put("key", new Object(6966, "Prison key", "Return", null)); BARRIER.add(new Object(3645, "Energy Barrier", null, new RSTile(2098,4466))); //First BARRIER.add(new Object(3646, "Energy Barrier", null, new RSTile(2099,4466))); //Second BARRIER.add(new Object(3647, "Energy Barrier", null, new RSTile(2100,4466))); //Third BALLOON.add(new Object(5350, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Skinny balloon with bubble tail BALLOON.add(new Object(5351, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Fat balloon with horns BALLOON.add(new Object(5352, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Fat balloon with small head BALLOON.add(new Object(6200, "Ballon Animal", "Pop", null)); //Skinny balloon with straight tail Walking.control_click = true; Camera.setCameraAngle(80); while(true){ //If the player has a key, skip to step "returnKey" if(Inventory.getCount(INFO.get("key").id) > 0) NEXT_STEP = "returnKey"; switch(NEXT_STEP ){ case "pullLever":{ pullLever(); break; } case "findTargetBalloon":{ findTargetBalloon(); break; } case "popBalloon":{ popBalloon(); break; } case "returnKey":{ returnKey(); break; } case "canPlayerLeave":{ canPlayerLeave(); break; } case "leaveScapeRune":{ leaveScapeRune(); break; } } //Finish random solver if player is not in ScapeRune if(!IN_SCAPERUNE) break; } } /** STEP 1 **/ private void pullLever(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } Camera.setCameraAngle(80); Camera.turnToTile(INFO.get("lever").location); if(Math.abs(Player.getPosition().getX() - INFO.get("lever").location.getX()) >= 8) Walking.blindWalkTo(INFO.get("lever").location); RSObject[] lever = Objects.findNearest(30, INFO.get("lever").id); int cnt = 0; //This loop will check if interface 273 is visible within 4 seconds //If not, it will pull the lever again while(Interfaces.get(273) == null){ lever[0].click(INFO.get("lever").option+" "+INFO.get("lever").name); cnt = 0; while(Interfaces.get(273) == null){ cnt++; if(cnt == 40) break; sleep(100); //The first time you pull the lever Prison Pete will talk to you if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("That's right, pull it.")){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } } if(cnt < 40) break; } NEXT_STEP = "findTargetBalloon"; } /** STEP 2 **/ private void findTargetBalloon(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } while(Interfaces.get(273) == null) sleep(200); /* * * TODO : Find the id of the balloon animal in the interface window, * then store that id in the variable "TARGET_BALLOON" below * */ //TARGET_BALLOON = ???? Interfaces.get(273,4).click("Close"); NEXT_STEP = "popBalloon"; } /** STEP 3 **/ private void popBalloon(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } RSNPC[] balloon = NPCs.findNearest(TARGET_BALLOON); //If the target balloon is not visible while(balloon.length == 0 || !balloon[0].isOnScreen()){ Walking.blindWalkTo(BUILDING_CENTER); sleep(1000); balloon = NPCs.findNearest(TARGET_BALLOON); } int cnt = 0; //This loop will check if the player has found a key, within 4 seconds //If not, the player will pop another balloon while(true){ //All balloons have the same option : BALLOON.get(0) balloon[0].click(BALLOON.get(0).option+" "+BALLOON.get(0).name); cnt = 0; while(true){ //Prison Pete will notify the player once a key has been found //or will scream at the player if a key is already in the inventory if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && (NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Great, now you've") || NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Hey, bring me"))){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } cnt++; if(cnt == 40) break; sleep(100); } if(cnt < 40) break; } while(true){ if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Ooh, thanks!")){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } sleep(200); } NEXT_STEP = "canPlayerLeave"; } /** STEP 4 : Optional (If player still has not returned the key) **/ private void returnKey(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } RSItem[] key = Inventory.find(INFO.get("key").id); int cnt = 0; while(Inventory.getCount(INFO.get("key").id) > 0){ key[0].click(INFO.get("key").option+" "+INFO.get("key").name); cnt = 0; //This loop will check if the key has been returned to Prison Pete, within 4 seconds //If not, try returning the key again while(Inventory.getCount(INFO.get("key").id) > 0){ if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Ooh, thanks!")){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); break; } cnt++; if(cnt == 40) break; sleep(100); } if(cnt < 40) break; } NEXT_STEP = "canPlayerLeave"; } /** STEP 5 **/ private void canPlayerLeave(){ //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } NEXT_STEP = "leaveScapeRune"; while(true){ //The player can leave ScapeRune if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("You did it")) break; //The player found the wrong key, try again else if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null && (NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Aww, that was") || NPCChat.getMessage().startsWith("Hooray, you got"))){ NEXT_STEP = "pullLever"; break; } sleep(200); } } /** STEP 6 **/ private void leaveScapeRune(){ Walking.blindWalkTo(BARRIER.get(2).location); int chats = 2; //After completing ScapeRune the player chats with the npc //The npc talks once, then the player talks while(chats > 0){ sleep(200); if(NPCChat.getMessage() != null){ NPCChat.clickContinue(true); chats--; } } //Check if the player is still in ScapeRune if(!inScapeRune()){ IN_SCAPERUNE = false; return; } //COMPLETE!! } private boolean inScapeRune(){ if(Game.getBaseX() == 2040 && Game.getBaseY() == 4416) return true; return false; }}
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